Chapter 1016: The Troublemaker Is Here (2)

After coming out of the Spatial Teleportation Array, Yun Feng looked around Yue City and looked at the mountains of all sizes in front of her. She couldn’t help but exclaim in her mind. “Let’s go to the tavern first and ask for some information. Let’s find out the exact situation here first.”

Yun Feng agreed with Qu Lanyi’s suggestion. The three of them prepared to go to a nearby tavern. Since You Yue hadn’t broken through to the Lord Level yet, he was greatly restrained when he flew in the sky. Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi accompanied You Yue around the mountain road. On the way, they saw a few people flying in the sky. These people even turned around and smiled mockingly with a bragging look.

Yun Feng didn’t care about it at all. You Yue indeed felt a bit sorry. He hadn’t reached the Lord Level yet and he should be mocked by these people at the Lord Level, but Feng was already at Grade 5 of the King Level. She shouldn’t be mocked like this at all!

“Feng, don’t worry about me. Just go up with Qu Lanyi,” said You Yue. Yun Feng, however, smiled. “Brother, do you think I care about what other people think? These people are short-sighted. That’s all they can do.” Yun Feng glanced at the few people who flew up just then and curled her lips mockingly. Qu Lanyi also sneered. “If you mock others today, you’ll be mocked tomorrow.”

Seeing that the two of them had the same attitude, You Yue didn’t say anything else. The three of them finally came to a tavern after circling the mountain road for a long time. You Yue was a bit out of breath. After all, it wasn’t easy to walk on this mountain road. After walking for a while, Qu Lanyi and Yun Feng were fine. Both of them were breathing calmly and didn’t feel tired at all. The three of them were about to walk to the tavern when a few roguish young men flew up from the mountain on the side and landed in front of Yun Feng and the others.

“Guys, you must be tired after climbing such a long mountain path, right?” One of the young men smiled at Yun Feng with a frivolous tone as he looked at Yun Feng with evil intentions in his eyes. “Do you want me to treat you to a few drinks?”

Yun Feng glanced over coldly and didn’t seem to care about these people. They followed behind her and sneered from time to time, deliberately letting them hear. The three of them didn’t care along the way. They didn’t expect this group of people to keep pestering them.

You Yue pulled Yun Feng to her side. “Get out of our way! We don’t need it!”

The few young men burst into laughter. The expression of the young man who spoke just then suddenly became fierce. “Bah! A Lord dares to whisper to me! Do you know who I am?” After saying that, the young man suddenly rose into the sky and looked at You Yue from above. “How is it? Are you envious of me?”

“This is the second young master of the Zhao family. He’s giving you face by inviting you in for a drink! Don’t be ignorant!”

“The Zhao family?” Yun Feng raised her brows and glanced at the young man standing in the air. The young man burst into laughter. “You really don’t know the Zhao family of Yue City?”

“The Zhao family is a famous family in Yue City. The Zhao family is…”

“One of the four families?” Yun Feng asked coldly. The young man and his lackeys in the sky were immediately a bit embarrassed. “Although the Zhao family can’t be ranked first, they can still be in the top ten no matter what!”

Qu Lanyi chuckled. “This monkey has become the king. He really thinks he’s capable.”

“Kid! What did you say? You said the Zhao family is a monkey!” The young man in the sky shouted angrily. Qu Lanyi raised his head lazily and glanced at them. “You’re jumping up and down. If you’re not monkeys, what are you?”

“Don’t be so shameless! How can you judge the Zhao family? Apologize quickly!” The lackey shouted. “Otherwise, you’ll have to bear the consequences!”

The few roguish young men waited for Yun Feng and the others to apologize, but they didn’t expect Yun Feng and the others to ignore them at all. They turned around and walked past them straight to the tavern. The commotion outside had already shocked some people in the tavern. People who were watching the drama leaned against the window and looked out, unable to help but discuss.

“Second Young Master Zhao is here to cause trouble again. Is he looking for trouble for no reason?”

“Why do you care? He’s famous for causing trouble in Yue City. It’s really a lot of trouble if he comes to you.”

“Exactly. The Zhao family is still protecting him. To put it bluntly, they’re all retarded.”

The Second Young Master of the Zhao family certainly knew that there were a lot of people watching with glittering eyes. He thought that Yun Feng and the others would definitely apologize and he had already been prepared to act like a magnanimous person who didn’t care about the past. He didn’t expect these three people to directly ignore him. He was like a clown who was talking about himself! He glanced into the tavern and saw many slightly mocking gazes as expected. The Second Young Master of the Zhao family immediately lost his face.

In the Zhao family, he was a little tyrant. His father and brother doted on him and he had everything he wanted. Apart from those few people who couldn’t be provoked, who else in Yue City dared to treat him like this? These three people didn’t take him seriously at all!

A fierce glint flashed through the eyes of the Second Young Master of the Zhao family as he made a hand gesture. Those few lackeys immediately jumped up from the spot and three to four people pounced on the backs of Yun Feng and the others. The Second Young Master of the Zhao family stood in the air and watched coldly. You three people don’t know what’s good for you. I’m going to teach you a lesson!

The moment the three or four people behind her moved, Yun Feng had already expected it. She suddenly jumped from the spot and soared into the sky! The few people who missed couldn’t help but feel stunned. Then, Qu Lanyi suddenly slashed his hand and an invisible force swept across them. The few of them immediately crawled to the ground in a sorry state!

The second young master of the Zhao family, who was waiting in the air to watch the drama, was obviously stunned. Before he could react, he only felt a gust of wind next to him and a person stood in front of him. The second young master of the Zhao family couldn’t help but widen his mouth when he saw Yun Feng’s beautiful face. “You, you, you…”

Yun Feng stood in the air and stared at him coldly with her black eyes. “You’ve been standing in the air for too long. It’s time to go down.”

The second young master of the Zhao family widened his eyes. Yun Feng had already attacked! She slashed her hand down from the sky and exerted her strength, hitting the spine of the second young master of the Zhao family directly! Yun Feng was at grade 5 of the King Level, while the second young master of the Zhao family was only at grade 1 of the King Level. The difference between the two of them could be said to be too great!


With a scream, the second young master of the Zhao family had already fallen from the sky in a sorry state. He only felt like his spine was cut off. A piercing pain came from his spine. The second young master of the Zhao family was in so much pain that his facial features were twisted!