Chapter 1021: Popular (2)

“Level 3 of the King Level, you’re quite capable. However, you’re already so capable. The Zhao family is just so-so,” said Qu Lanyi in disdain. Yun Feng chuckled. She wasn’t worried about Zhao Jianren in her mind. She was a bit worried about You Yue. She certainly knew what kind of attitude the You family would have towards her. You Yue might be caught in the middle.

“Are you worried about You Yue?” asked Qu Lanyi. Yun Feng nodded. “In such a situation, we all know what the You family chose to do. It’s just that it’ll be hard on my brother. He just returned to the You family and such a thing happened. I’ve made a lot of mistakes.”

“Humph! I thought it was something else. Do you think the You family would treat him like their own son without such a thing? Fengfeng, when he was sent out of the Central Region back then, didn’t you think of another meaning?”

Yun Feng suddenly frowned. “That shouldn’t be the case. No matter what, a family wouldn’t abandon their bloodline like this!”

The corners of Qu Lanyi’s mouth curled up slightly and he looked ahead with his black eyes. “The Yun family is certainly different from other families. You’ll never understand the darkness in this aspect in the Yun family. The You family sent their bloodline out of the Central Region. To put it nicely, they let them train themselves. To put it bluntly, they were all abandoned.”

Yun Feng’s face suddenly darkened. If a family could bear to abandon their bloodline, the leader of this family would truly be ruthless!

“You Yue was sent out a hundred years ago. At that time, the You family might have been forced to do that, but now that they’ve reached such a status, have they ever cared about the bloodlines that were sent out of the Outland? When You Yue came back, the people of the You family didn’t care about him, but you. A so-called genius has appeared in the You family right now. I don’t know how talented he can be, but the You family’s focus is all on him. Apart from such a genius, the other members of the You family aren’t interested in him anymore.”

“They’ve already benefited once, so they certainly want to benefit again.” Yun Feng sneered. She understood the You family’s mind a bit. Qu Lanyi also sneered. “So, these so-called large families are truly admirable. The Yun family is an exception.”

“You’re quite relaxed. You’re even in the mood to chat behind!” Seeing that Qu Lanyi and Yun Feng were chatting behind, Zhao Jianren couldn’t help but feel enraged! These two people didn’t take him seriously at all. He was here for revenge this time! They didn’t take him seriously!

Zhao Jianren suddenly stopped. At this moment, he was on a towering platform. There was a mountain a thousand feet of height on it and a cliff below. The second level of the mountain where the You family was located was already far away from sight and became extremely small.

Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi then stood on the platform. Zhao Jianren held a longsword in his hand and looked at Yun Feng with fire in his eyes. “I’ll give you a chance. If you’re willing to cripple yourself, the Zhao family will let you go this time!”

Qu Lanyi burst into laughter after hearing that. “You’re a bitch, and your brother is a bitch. The Zhao family indeed has a group of bitches.”

“What did you say?” Blue veins immediately appeared on Zhao Jianren’s forehead. Yun Feng smiled lightly. “Zhao Jianren, you said that I crippled Zhao Jianzhong. I knew what I was doing back then. His spine is just broken. With the Zhao family’s strength, can’t you hire a pharmacist to treat him?”

“You attacked my brother because you don’t respect the Zhao family at all! How can we let go of this matter just because he can be treated?”

“That bastard provoked us again and again. That bastard attacked us first. Bitch Zhao, do you think we had to stand there and let him beat us up?”

“I don’t care who attacked first! I only know that you hurt my brother. The Zhao family won’t let you go easily! Tell me. Are you going to cripple yourself, or should I do it?”

Yun Feng’s black eyes turned cold. Cripple herself? What a joke! Zhao Jianzhong was indeed a bastard. As a cripple, he deserved his name! “You’re going to do it? Let’s see if you have the ability!”

“Hahahaha, just be stubborn. I’ll take revenge on my brother right now!” The longsword in Zhao Jianren’s hand buzzed and a powerful fighting energy burst out. Yun Feng narrowed her black eyes. It seemed to be a weapon at the King Level. Yun Feng flipped her hand and held the Lord Level wand in her hand!

Seeing the weapon in Yun Feng’s hand, Zhao Jianren couldn’t help but laugh crazily. “Hahahaha, a Lord-Level weapon! I thought it would be a high-level weapon, but it turns out to be such a crappy weapon! It seems that I’ll do it for you this time!”

Qu Lanyi stepped aside casually with cunningness flashing in his black eyes. “You underestimated Fengfeng. You’ll suffer.” He was just a Grade-3 Lord Level expert. Fengfeng was more than enough to deal with him. It was time for her to practice. He could just be a bystander.

The longsword in Zhao Jianren’s hand had already slashed horizontally. For warriors, attacks at the King Level weren’t just limited to a contest of pure strength anymore. Once they reached the King Level, their fighting energy could also be used outside of their bodies. The most obvious thing was that their fighting energy could merge with their weapons, increasing their power!

Yun Feng flipped the wand in her hand and bright red fire elements with an extremely high temperature quickly gathered around the wand, jumping constantly. In an instant, these fire elements gathered into a small ball, expanding bigger and bigger in front of Yun Feng!

The wand in Yun Feng’s hand was given to her by her master. Even though it was a Lord-Level wand, its precise control of elements was very strong. Yun Feng said to herself that even a King-Level or even an Emperor-Level wand wouldn’t be able to do this! With the support of the wand, Yun Feng could be said to know the withdrawal and release of elements by heart and she could do it easily!

The scorching energy emitted by the huge fireball made the air slightly distorted. Zhao Jianren didn’t care when he saw this. How powerful could a Lord-Level wand be?

“Fireball!” Yun Feng shouted in a low voice. The huge fireball was already ready to be launched towards Zhao Jianren! Zhao Jianren burst into laughter as the longsword in his hand danced wildly. “You think you can beat me with a piece of crap at the Lord Level? In your dream!”

The huge fireball didn’t get close to Zhao Jianren. The longsword in Zhao Jianren’s hand cut the fireball into countless small fire elements. Seeing that the huge fireball was instantly cut into pieces by him, Zhao Jianren’s heart couldn’t help but swell. “The fireball is just so-so. How can it be as powerful as my longsword? Today, I’ll make you give the Zhao family an explanation obediently!”