Chapter 1028: Extremely Splendid (4)

You Yue raised the corners of his mouth. “The You family can use me, but I definitely won’t allow them to use Feng!”

Yun Feng only felt warm in her heart after hearing that. Qu Lanyi was also stunned. He had never thought that You Yue would protect Yun Feng like this. His situation in the You family was obviously not good. If he told the master of the You family that Yun Feng was that auctioneer, the master of the You family would definitely curry favor with him in every way to get close to Yun Feng. He would even seek benefits through the special relationship between You Yue and Yun Feng. If that was the case, he would definitely not let the You family succeed! However, You Yue kept his mouth shut. Qu Lanyi didn’t expect that.

“Even though I’m not Feng’s brother, in my heart, I treat her as my sister.” You Yue’s tone was firm. Yun Feng smiled and her heart was warm. The remnant soul in his body belonged to her brother, Yun Qi. Whether You Yue treated her like this because of this remnant soul or not, she remembered his kindness in her mind.

Yun Feng took a deep breath and was silent for a while. There was only a serious expression on her little face. “Brother, even though you’ve only been back to the You family for a few days, you must’ve seen something clearly. Is the You family worth your whole heart?”

You Yue was silent. He remembered those harsh and mocking words in his mind. It was naturally impossible for him not to feel uncomfortable in his mind, but the sense of belonging he had for his family was still there. You Yue’s stance and mood at this moment were extremely contradictory. How would his relationship with his family be cut off so easily? Unless he was abandoned by his family and was rejected by his family! He was completely disheartened by his family!

Seeing that You Yue was a bit conflicted, Yun Feng smiled lightly. “Brother, I’ll only say this. If you want to leave the You family, I’ll take you away.”

You Yue was stunned. He raised his head and looked at Yun Feng, looking at her clear black eyes. There was pure care and protection in them. You Yue’s breath tightened. Why, why did the sister he acknowledged treat him like this, while they, who were also of the You family’s bloodline, treated him like that? Was this their blood relation? That was too sad.

You Yue raised the corners of his mouth and then gave Yun Feng a smile. “Alright, I’ll remember what Feng said!”

Yun Feng nodded. You Yue thought of something else and said anxiously, “Feng, the You family’s ambition is greater than I thought. The You family’s master told me a lot today. He included you in everything he said. Don’t get involved with the You family, or they’ll bite you hard like a vampire! If they know that you’re an auctioneer and a pharmacist, our relationship…” You Yue’s eyes darkened. “I’m willing to cut ties with you even if you have to!”

Yun Feng smiled helplessly, while Qu Lanyi rolled his eyes. “You Yue, as Fengfeng’s second brother, can you have some brains? If you don’t want to cut off this relationship with Fengfeng, why don’t you cut off this relationship with the You family? Between the You family and Fengfeng, you already have the answer in your mind, don’t you?”

“But… That’s my family after all…”

Yun Feng smiled casually. “Bloodlines are indeed a steady bond, but this bond isn’t indestructible. Once this so-called kinship and bloodline change, this family will also change. The so-called family, the so-called bloodline, should be the strong support that you can find wherever you go. It’s the source of motivation for you to move forward no matter what difficulties you encounter. The so-called clansmen are family. They should be people who will remember you in their minds no matter where you are.”

Yun Feng’s hand slowly climbed to her chest, where a faint warmth lingered. “This is family. This is bloodline. No matter how dark a place is, they’ll become your sunlight.”

Qu Lanyi’s expression froze and he fixed his gaze on Yun Feng. There was an indescribable warmth in the gentleness on her face. You Yue asked in a daze, “Is there such a so-called family?”

Yun Feng smiled gently. “Yes. My family is like that.”

Qu Lanyi slowly lowered his handsome face. His short black hair covered his eyes and his thin lips pulled gently. A smile appeared just like that. There were a lot of complicated things inside. Qu Lanyi slowly turned around and looked into the distance with his deep eyes. Family and bloodline?

“Feng is very lucky.” You Yue mumbled. Yun Feng nodded. “Yes, I’m indeed lucky.” She was undoubtedly lucky to be able to come to this world, have such a family, and have everything she had right now. Even though she had to carry a lot of things, she was still willing to endure it.

“It’s time to send him back. I think the person who should visit is here.” Qu Lanyi turned around and his expression just then disappeared silently. Yun Feng nodded and You Yue looked at Yun Feng with concern. “Feng, I can’t help you much, but I definitely won’t let the You family ask you for anything!”

Yun Feng chuckled. “Even if they ask me, I won’t give them anything.”

After sending You Yue out of the You family’s mountain gate, it was more convenient for the two of them to contact each other with the Sound Badge. Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi left, while You Yue returned to the You family’s mountain gate alone. The two people guarding the door couldn’t help but feel stunned when they saw You Yue come back. You Yue walked in expressionlessly. The two of them finally understood after a long time.

“He came back so quickly?”

“Who knows? He might not have gone down at all and came back.”

“Even so, why do I feel that something is wrong…”

As soon as Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi returned to the hotel, the boss of the hotel immediately came to them and whispered to Yun Feng, “Miss Feng, a few people are here for you. I’ve asked them to wait in your room as you asked.”

Yun Feng thanked the hotel owner and went upstairs with Qu Lanyi. The hotel owner was delighted to hear Yun Feng’s thanks. Although Miss Feng looked young, she was as intimidating as anyone else. He felt indescribably comfortable to be thanked by her.

Yun Feng pushed the door open. The few people who seemed to have been waiting in the room for a while immediately glanced over. They were all smart and capable men. After Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi walked in, they closed the door. The few men all fixed their eyes on Yun Feng and looked at her for a long time in confusion, as if they were very uncertain that this was the auctioneer they were looking for. She looked too young and immature on the outside.