The group continued moving forward. The further they went, the clearer the sounds of fighting became. It sounded like there were a lot of people participating in the battle and the battle was also unusually fierce. Yun Feng held her breath and focused, striding forward. After walking for another distance, a vast battlefield appeared in front of the three of them. Countless corpses were lying on the ground with the red blood that kept flowing out.

Apart from this pile of corpses, there were even more people continuing to fight on the corpses. The battle was fierce. Many members of the Sea Clan kept falling and turning into corpses, but even more members of the Sea Clan were aroused and threw themselves into the battle. Yun Feng looked at the scale of the battle and understood. There should be a battle between two groups of the Sea Clan. It was best for the three of them not to be involved.

"Pa!" A corpse flew over from somewhere and landed in front of Yun Feng's feet. A few drops of fresh blood spurted on the back of Yun Feng's feet. Yun Feng's black eyes darkened and she stepped over, ignoring them.

"Pa!" Another corpse flew over and landed in front of Ao Jin's feet this time. Ao Jin didn't even look at it. He stepped on it and continued to ignore it.

"Pa!" Another corpse flew over and landed at Er Lei's feet. Er Lei stepped on it quite hard. The lightning element burnt a small part of the corpse and he continued to ignore it.

"Clap, clap, clap!" Bodies kept flying over. The three of them stepped forward calmly and ignored them.

"Those three over there, stop!" A furious roar came. Yun Feng and the others stopped. Yun Feng turned around and looked at the two groups of Sea Clan members, who had stopped fighting at some point. She raised her brows and asked, "Are you talking to us?"

"Yes! The three of you!" A member of the Sea Clan, whose face was covered in blood, pulled out his arm and pointed at Yun Feng and the others with his sharp finger. "This is where we fight. You should go around it!"

Ao Jin raised his brows with glittering golden eyes. "Go around?"

"You three are outsiders, right? Hm! No wonder you don't know the rules of the North Sea, but it doesn't matter. I'll teach you today!" The two groups of Sea Clan members, who were sworn enemies just then, were now on the same side. The remaining dozens of people instantly surrounded Yun Feng and the others.

"We're just passing by," said Er Lei with a cold face. There was only faint thunder in his hand. Yun Feng looked at the two groups of Sea Clan members, who were obviously fanatical and had already become enraged. It would be best if they could get away safely. If not, it seemed that a fierce battle was inevitable.

"You're just passing by? Those who are passing by must know the rules! According to the rules of the North Sea, nobody is allowed to step into the place of battle. Once they do, it'll be a provocation!" The enthusiasm in the eyes of the two groups of members of the Sea Clan hadn't faded yet. They looked at Yun Feng and the others. "Since outsiders don't understand this rule, we won't hold it against you. If the three of you kowtow and apologize, we'll let you go!"

Yun Feng frowned. The three of them had only entered by mistake, but those people didn't let them go. The Sea Clan living in the North Sea was truly famous for their bad temper. Kowtow and apologize? Not to mention Yun Feng, there was ancient demon dragon blood in Er Lei's body and Ao Jin was the Young Master of the Dragons. How would they kowtow and apologize to him?

"F*ck, say that again if you have the guts!" Er Lei roared with a gloomy face. The two groups of members of the Sea Clan, who were fighting excitedly, were immediately enraged. "Outsiders, you're not convinced?"

"Of course I'm not convinced!" The thunder in Er Lei's hand became louder and louder. "Hahaha, if you're not convinced, come out and fight! Useless!"

"What the f*ck are you talking about?" Er Lei roared and was about to swing the thunderbolt in his hand, when Yun Feng shouted coldly, "Stop!" Er Lei put away the lightning element angrily. After all, he was Yun Feng's contracted Magic Beast. He had to listen to Yun Feng's command.

Ao Jin's face darkened. "Get out of the way. Don't force us to attack you." Killing intent had already surged out of his golden eyes. The Sea Clan noticed that Ao Jin's eyes were unusually bright and they all shouted, "Golden eyes? Noble bloodline? Do you really think you're so great? Let me tell you, don't talk nonsense about bloodline here!"

"Are you done? For the last time, we're just passing by. We didn't mean to offend you." Yun Feng said in a deep voice as she glanced at the members of the Sea Clan in front of her with her black eyes. This was the last time. Her friendliness was limited. She had done her best!

"Swish!" A stream of fighting energy came from afar and went straight to Yun Feng's side, wanting to cut Yun Feng's body from the middle! Ao Jin's golden eyes darkened as he raised his hand and slashed. A dragon breath jumped out and shattered the fighting energy! The suppressed thunder in Er Lei's hand was suddenly released, turning the Sea Clan member who attacked just then into a burnt corpse in an instant!

"Kill!" The two groups of Sea Clan members, who were originally opposing each other, became allies at this moment. Dozens of Sea Clan members surrounded the three of them. Yun Feng knew that she didn't have to hold back this time. She would kill as many as possible!

"I'll blast you to death!" Er Lei roared as the tiny white snakes on his body darted out crazily and the sound of thunder resounded in this sea area. Ao Jin's Golden Dragon aura was like fierce giant dragons. These Sea Clan members couldn't resist at all! Even though there were dozens of them, they weren't worth mentioning in front of Er Lei and Ao Jin!

Until now, Yun Feng was the only one who didn't do anything. Naturally, the Sea Clan thought that Yun Feng was the weakest one who needed protection. After all, Yun Feng looked weak and was a woman, so people would certainly think that she was weak. The Sea Clan immediately changed their direction. Someone took the lead and shouted, "Kill that woman!"

"Right! That woman is the weakest among the three of them. Kill her first!"

Ao Jin and Er Lei both looked a bit weird after hearing that, while Yun Feng stood there quietly with a cold smile on her red lips. She watched a dozen members of the Sea Clan nearby change their direction of attack at the last moment and pounce on her together. Yun Feng sneered and suddenly opened her slender hand. In front of her hand, a member of the Sea Clan was pouncing on her with a crazy laugh!

"Whoosh…" A ball of scorching fire darted out of Yun Feng's hand and instantly enveloped the prey that came first!

"Argh!" There was a scream. The Sea Clan member in the fire twisted crazily and the screams kept coming, but the fire bit him firmly and didn't let go! There was a cruel smile in her clear black eyes. The fire suddenly rose and the Sea Clan member wrapped inside had already gone silent. He turned into a burnt corpse and fell on the ground.