The other members of the Sea Clan, who rushed over with the burnt corpse, were immediately dumbfounded. They looked at the burnt corpse on the ground and then at Yun Feng, who was calm. Even a fool knew who among the three of them was the strongest! Yun Feng sneered with a hint of killing intent in her black eyes. The members of the Sea Clan didn't dare to stay any longer. They all made the same move and retreated!

The dozens of members of the Sea Clan who were fighting with Ao Jin and Er Lei didn't have any fighting spirit at all when they saw this collapse and run away. They immediately found an opportunity and ran away. After a while, only Yun Feng and the others were left in this chaotic scene, as well as a lot of corpses on the ground that were flowing with blood.

"Gasp…" Someone gasped. Yun Feng and the others glanced over. They were still angry that they were inexplicably involved in the fight just then. The three of them didn't look good. They only saw a figure hiding in a corner timidly. It was obvious that it was another passerby.

"I'm just passing by… I'm just passing by…" The figure looked at the three of them carefully and then at the corpses under their feet. He gasped again and ran crazily! Yun Feng couldn't help but smile helplessly when she saw this. She looked at the corpses under her feet. People would definitely think that the three of them did this.

"F*ck, this is ridiculous!" Er Lei roared angrily. Ao Jin walked over and looked at Yun Feng with concern. "Kid, are you alright?"

"I'm fine." Yun Feng shook her head with a smile. The two groups of Sea Clan members fighting just then were only at the early stage of the God Level. They were probably just some small tribes on the edge. They weren't a threat to the three of them at all. "Let's go. My nose is full of the smell of blood," said Ao Jin. The three of them immediately set off and left this area, continuing to go deeper into the North Sea.

Because there were too many conflicts in the North Sea, most members of the Sea Clan didn't live next to each other unless they had a very good relationship. There would be a huge battle if there was any conflict! The races in the North Sea was very scattered. Usually, each race had their own territory. Outsiders had to be extremely careful when they entered here. There were certainly so-called public areas between countless territories. In the public areas, all races had to abide by the rules here. No private fights were allowed in the so-called public areas. Once anyone fought, someone would deal with them.

After traveling for a few days, Yun Feng and the others came to the first public area in the North Sea. After arriving at the public area, Yun Feng obviously felt that the atmosphere here was much calmer and quieter, far away from the smell of bloody battles. The members of the Sea Clan who were active here wouldn't fight even if there were conflicts. They would agree to settle them outside of this area. Yun Feng thought to herself that it seemed that this area was special in the North Sea.

There was another thing that made Yun Feng feel obviously different, which was the influence of the three of them. After they entered this place, every member of the Sea Clan seemed to turn around and look at the three of them inexplicably with an extremely complicated gaze. Some of them were excited, some respectful, and some were terrified and afraid, which made Yun Feng and the others confused.

Were they attracted by their appearance? Yun Feng and Ao Jin were both handsome and beautiful, but Er Lei was far from that. It was pure nonsense that his messy image could attract people's attention.

Apart from their appearance, what else could there be? The three of them had just arrived. Nobody would know them. They had just arrived. Why did these people who turned around and looked at them seem to be very familiar with them? Yun Feng and the others' doubts were soon explained. This public area was a small city. There was a noticeboard in all the lively places in the small city. The things important or new that happened in the North Sea would be posted on it. Yun Feng walked to the noticeboard and someone immediately noticed her!

"Argh!" With a cry, the group of people in front of Yun Feng quickly walked away. Yun Feng was suspicious and continued walking forward. "Argh!" Another group of people was scared away. Ao Jin and Er Lei were also extremely confused. It wasn't until the three of them walked to the noticeboard and saw something stuck on it that they realized something. When they turned around again and saw the other members of the Sea Clan pointing at them, they felt quite complicated.

The cowardly figure Yun Feng and the others met that day was a famous loudmouth in the North Sea. Most of the news came from his mouth. There was nothing he didn't know. He could be said to be a know-it-all in the North Sea. He described what happened that day vividly. Yun Feng and the others' appearances were also written in detail without any mistake. In this know-it-all's description, Yun Feng and the others became a powerful group that slaughtered two large teams of Sea Clan members. The three of them stepped on the corpses on the ground. The scene could be imagined. No wonder those Sea Clan members were so respectful of them.

"Hm, that's good too, in case anyone takes the initiative to cause trouble!" said Ao Jin. He had golden eyes, golden hair and handsome facial features. He was originally a handsome man, but the fierce expression on his face made him look a bit more ferocious, not to mention Er Lei next to him.

Know-it-all… Yun Feng thought of the cowering figure she saw that day and her red lips curled up slightly. She glanced at the many members of the Sea Clan watching on the side. "Uncle Flirtatious, Er Lei, let's go!" Yun Feng shouted. The three of them left the noticeboard. Er Lei said fiercely, "That know-it-all is so mean!"

As soon as she said that, Yun Feng suddenly saw a familiar figure! Before Yun Feng did anything, that figure saw Yun Feng first and then turned around to run!

"Isn't that the know-it-all?" Ao Jin's golden eyes glittered and he had already chased after him crazily. Er Lei also chased after him with a curse. After the three of them chased after him, the figure had already disappeared. Ao Jin and Er Lei looked around and scolded angrily, "Why did that bastard run so quickly?"

Yun Feng, on the other hand, put on a smile with her red lips. She twisted her wrist and the Finger Spiritual Jade appeared! Looking at the flashing lightning that was constantly moving on it, Yun Feng smiled deeply. There had never been anyone who could escape from her hand!

"Don't worry. Let him run. Let's find a place to rest first. There are a lot of things we need to know about the North Sea." Yun Feng chuckled with a very relaxed tone. Er Lei and Ao Jin immediately understood what Yun Feng meant. Ao Jin chuckled and rubbed Yun Feng's head with his big hand. Looking at Yun Feng's empty shoulder, Ao Jin couldn't help but heave a sigh of relief.