Meatball went into Yun Feng's bracelet by itself. In Na Xie's words, it needed to replenish energy, and a large amount of energy at that. The fate of the Ultimate Crystal Beast was worrying.

The three of them found a random place to settle down in this small city and didn't go to a lively place. After all, the three of them were quite famous. They were pointed at wherever they went. This was all thanks to that Mr. Know-it-all. The three of them sat on a high ground and looked down at the small city. Yun Feng, on the other hand, took out the Finger Spiritual Jade and saw that the little dot of light was still moving constantly. It stopped for a moment and then moved in another direction, constantly changing back and forth, which showed how vigilant that Mr. Know-it-all was.

"What's this?" Ao Jin looked at the Finger Spiritual Jade in Yun Feng's hand and the flashing light spot that kept moving on it curiously. Yun Feng chuckled. "This is the Finger Spiritual Jade. As long as someone's aura is recorded in it and he appears near me, he'll be exposed on the Finger Spiritual Jade no matter how he hides himself."

"This thing is quite novel! Whoever they are, they'll be revealed around you!"

"Not necessarily. Even though the Finger Spiritual Jade has never been wrong, there will always be mistakes."

Er Lei looked at the constantly moving light and electricity on the side and smiled in disdain. "Coward, loser!"

"People who sell information for a living certainly have to be more careful. After all, they know too much, including some things they shouldn't know." Yun Feng looked at the light spot on the jade pendant. Ao Jin was deep in thought. "We can get a lot of information from him."

"Hm, that's indeed the case. Perhaps this know-it-all will give us a surprise."

"He's so vigilant. How can we get close to him?" Er Lei looked at the moving dot on the Finger Spiritual Jade and raised his brows. Yun Feng burst into laughter. "Even the most vigilant person will relax sometimes. Just follow him. With the Finger Spiritual Jade, I'll be able to catch up with him no matter where he goes!"

Just like that, more than two months passed. Yun Feng also realized that this know-it-all was unusually vigilant. He first roamed around the city for a few days and finally left this small city, constantly changing his direction. After a month, he started to approach this small city again and finally returned to the city. Then, he never moved again. It seemed that he was completely relieved.

They followed him from afar along the way. Yun Feng and the others also sighed. If it weren't for the Finger Spiritual Jade, they would probably have lost him long ago. The movement speed of this man who knew everything was very strange. Yun Feng thought of Luo Teng's speed, which was much faster than hers.

After waiting quietly for half a month, nothing happened. Yun Feng was sure that he had already relaxed. After all, he could get rid of the three of them with his speed. He didn't know that Yun Feng had a heaven-defying thing like the Finger Spiritual Jade in her hand.

After two months, Yun Feng decided to take action. She came to a remote corner of the small city with Ao Jin and Er Lei. There was a very inconspicuous small house here. The three of them walked to the front of the house and looked at each other. Er Lei kicked and Yun Feng and Ao Jin blocked the door of the house. Yun Feng extended her foot in the air and saw a black shadow flying past her foot. Ao Jin extended his hand and carried the figure back to the house.

"It's you! Didn't I get rid of you?" The figure that kept struggling in Ao Jin's hand stopped immediately after seeing Yun Feng. Ao Jin let go of him and he landed on the ground. He had a short body, short limbs and a very wretched face. There were also a few long whiskers on his cheeks, which made him look a bit like a rat.

"You still want to hide? We won't do anything to you. We just want to ask you something. If you answer the questions well, we'll forgive you for slandering us." Yun Feng said indifferently. The know-it-all rolled his eyes. Yun Feng sneered. "You want to escape? Sure. Do you believe that I can find you no matter where you run?"

The know-it-all trembled and knew that Yun Feng wasn't lying. He thought he got rid of them, but he was caught by these three people. Even if he could escape, he would face the same result. These three people seemed to have some special means… He shouldn't fight them head-on.

"What do you want to ask? If it involves some secrets, I'll charge you."

"You're f*cking charging?" Er Lei roared in disbelief. The know-it-all patted himself with both hands and his expression became much calmer and stable. "You must know that it's not easy to be in our line of work. Is it easy to make a living these days? People like us, who are fighting on the front line, can't give away the information we got from the dangers for nothing. However… I can give you a discount. Regular customers are the most important."

Yun Feng was completely speechless.

As expected of a know-it-all. He had to be capable to survive in the Endless Ocean by selling information. Most of the information he had wasn't something ordinary people could hear. Without a certain economic foundation, one wouldn't be able to access any information in the hands of a know-it-all.

Yun Feng knew that people like the know-it-all certainly wouldn't be polite to guests. It wasn't that they had never seen powerhouses. Most of the people who asked them for information were probably peerless powerhouses. There might also be people who were much stronger than her. Otherwise, the know-it-all wouldn't have been so calm and dealt with them very naturally. He didn't show any fear at the first moment and was naturally ruthless.

"Your price." Yun Feng said. She knew that it was useless to use force with such a person.

The know-it-all chuckled. "You know the rules best. You know how to talk business."

"F*ck, cut the crap!" Er Lei roared unhappily on the side. The know-it-all didn't care about this and was still smiling sneakily. "The price depends on the level of information you want. The price of information of different levels is certainly different. It depends on your choice."

"What information do you have?" Yun Feng raised her brows. What she wanted to know wasn't ordinary. The know-it-all chuckled. "Down to the trivial matters that happen to every member of the Sea Clan, up to the secrets of all the senior members of the Sea Clan in the Endless Ocean. Of course, there's also some special information. I wonder if you can afford it."

"You're selling your information repeatedly?" Yun Feng raised her brows. The know-it-all immediately shook his head. "Of course not. This violates my professional ethics! All the information is unique. If you buy it, it'll be gone!"