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Chapter 852: You Can Only Choose One Person (3)

Yun Sheng and Yun Jing were both stunned after hearing that. Then, they looked delighted. Yun Sheng looked at Mu Xiaojin in delight. “Xiaojin, that’s great. Feng…” Yun Sheng suddenly stopped talking. At this moment, Mu Xiaojin was standing there with a frozen expression, like a stone statue. Yun Sheng couldn’t help but feel anxious. “Xiaojin, Xiaojin!”

Seeing Mu Xiaojin like this, Little Qingchen was also anxious. He struggled in Yun Feng’s arms and wanted to hug his mother. “Mother, Mother!”

Yun Sheng quickly took Yun Qingchen from Yun Feng’s arms, but Yun Qingchen still wanted to hold her mother and called her mother again and again. However, Mu Xiaojin just stood there and didn’t respond at all. Yun Feng sighed helplessly in her mind and slowly walked to Mu Xiaojin. She held Mu Xiaojin in her arms gently and noticed that Mu Xiaojin’s body was trembling and tight. The muscles all over her body were tight and stiff as stones.

Yun Feng said softly, “Xiaojin, Mu Canghai will be back. Your brother will be back soon.”

Mu Xiaojin didn’t move or say anything. Yun Sheng looked at his wife lovingly. Yun Jing also heaved a sigh. This child had suffered these years. Mu Xiaojin was held in Yun Feng’s arms gently. Nobody could see her expression. Yun Feng didn’t know either, but she knew clearly that a scorching temperature was slowly falling on her neck. It was Mu Xiaojin’s tears.

Mu Xiaojin finally recovered from the initial stiffness. It would certainly take some time for Mu Canghai to be resurrected. Yun Sheng, Yun Jing and Mu Xiaojin didn’t disturb Yun Feng anymore. Even Little Qingchen seemed to know that the matter was important and surprisingly didn’t pester Yun Feng.

The matter of resurrecting Mu Canghai was carried out in Yun Feng’s yard of the Mu family. Nobody was allowed to step into this place anymore. No matter how anxious they were in their minds, they could only endure it at this moment. Yaoyao, who had been staying in the Mu family, came close to Yun Feng affectionately when she saw her come back. Yaoyao didn’t go to the pharmaceutical school, but stayed in the Mu family. She got along quite well with Little Qingchen, perhaps because they were both children. Yun Feng touched Yaoyao’s ear fin, hinting that Yaoyao had something to do. Yaoyao immediately retreated to the side obediently, even though she still wanted to stick to Yun Feng.

“Senior Yao Guang.” Yun Feng closed her eyes and called out in her mind. Yao Guang’s eyes glittered in the Dragon Palace when he heard Yun Feng’s voice. Then, a beam of white light surrounded Yao Guang and then disappeared. Yao Guang then disappeared from the Dragon Palace and appeared in front of Yun Feng.

His body wrapped in a black robe floated in the air. His young face and those strange gray eyes too. “Are you ready?” A hoarse voice sounded. Yaoyao suddenly let out a low roar. She was completely on guard and her little face was also a bit ferocious. When Lan Yi saw this, he immediately held Yaoyao in his arms to calm her down. The last time Yao Guang appeared in the Dragon Palace, he also met Yaoyao, but Yaoyao didn’t have this reaction.

Yao Guang’s gaze drifted over and landed on Yaoyao. He suddenly realized something. “Hm! I see…”

Yun Feng wasn’t nervous. What did Yao Guang mean? Yao Guang ignored Yaoyao. “When will it begin?”

Yun Feng took out the whisker from You Yan, which was the Spirit Gathering Grass, and the Fusion Fluid she got from You Yan. “If possible, Senior Yao Guang, please begin now.”

Yao Guang’s eyes glittered when he saw the Spirit Gathering Grass and the Fusion Fluid. He had never thought that this little girl would be able to find these two things. It was actually quite harsh to search for these two things in five years. You Yan came and went like a ghost. If it weren’t that Yun Feng was lucky, and Si Wen hadn’t helped her gather information, and she hadn’t met it in the place where Yaoyao was imprisoned, five years would’ve been far from enough.

“You’re quite capable, kid,” said Yao Guang. “Are you resurrecting a member of the Yun family?”

Yun Feng froze for a second and then shook her head. “No.”

Yao Guang raised his brows. “No?”

“My brother passed away many years ago. He didn’t leave anything behind.” There was a lot of bitterness in Yun Feng’s voice when she said this. Even though she transmigrated and became Yun Feng, the Yun family had already been regarded as her root. The second son of the Yun family, Yun Qi, who had passed away a long time ago, was murdered by someone when Yun Feng was seven. His body hadn’t been found yet. Thinking of her brother, Yun Qi, who died like this, Yun Feng didn’t feel good in her mind. Even though she didn’t remember much about her brother, Yun Feng knew that Yun Qi was protecting her sister like Yun Sheng. Her big brother was gentle and protective of her, while her second brother was thinking of ways to make her happy.

The remaining memories were already blurry, but Yun Feng could still piece together the facial features that had already disappeared. Yun Jing and Yun Sheng had never taken the initiative to mention Yun Qi. This was the eternal pain in the hearts of the Yun family and they didn’t want to touch it.

Qu Lanyi looked at Yun Feng’s painful face and held her hand with a warm hand. “Senior, can we begin?”

Yao Guang looked at Yun Feng’s expression. This was the first time he had seen this girl like this. A thought flashed through his mind and Yao Guang smiled. “Kid, it’s your choice whether you want to resurrect the member of the Yun family or someone else.”

Yun Feng froze and suddenly raised her head. Qu Lanyi also looked at Yao Guang in shock. Little Fire and Lan Yi were both shocked. “Lord Yao Guang!” Lan Yi called out. Yao Guang stared at Yun Feng with a weird smile. Yun Feng slowly said, “You mean… you can resurrect my brother?”

Yao Guang laughed and swayed in the air. “You only have one chance.”

Qu Lanyi’s face suddenly darkened. This old man was indeed up to no good! “Senior, forgive me for talking too much. How can it be so easy to resurrect someone who’s already dead? There’s nothing left. How can you resurrect them?”

Yao Guang was disdainful. “How much do you know?”

Yun Feng lowered her head slightly and could hear her heartbeat clearly. Revive Yun Qi, revive her second brother… Yun Feng knew that this was a crazy thought. How could her brother, who didn’t have any remains left, be revived? However, Yao Guang said it was fine! The enthusiasm in Yun Feng’s heart was instantly ignited. Even if there was only a chance, even if she knew it was impossible to succeed, even if this was all a lie, she was still willing to try!

Yun Feng clenched her fists so hard that Qu Lanyi’s hands hurt. Qu Lanyi couldn’t help but look at Yun Feng with heartache. This was such a difficult decision. This old man made Yun Feng make such a choice with bad intentions!