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Even if a summoner had entered the Lord Level and their physique had been improved, they were still weak compared to warriors. Yao Man’s weakness was close combat! Using pure strength to win at close range was her only breakthrough at the moment!

After making up her mind, Yun Feng’s trajectory suddenly changed. She kept dodging Yao Man’s attacks and approached her at the same time! Yao Man also noticed what Yun Feng was thinking and burst into laughter! “You think the same move will still work? Impossible!”

The attacks of the lightning elements came fiercely and forced Yun Feng to keep retreating. There was a smile at the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth as she suddenly raised the wand in her hand. Huge bright fire elements jumped out of the wand and turned into a ferocious fire wolf!

“She can even simulate elements!”

“Seriously? U e was bone-piercing coldness in the depths of her black eyes. Qian Shaoyao couldn’t help but shiver. “Xia Qing… Something happened to her…”

Yun Feng’s expression suddenly changed. Little Fire, who was fighting with the Electric Python in the sky, heard this and a burst of anger surged in its wolf eyes. It turned around and ran straight over. Lan Yi couldn’t help but shout loudly when he saw this, “Brother Fire!”

The two Magic Beasts immediately gave up fighting with the Electric Python. Little Fire dashed to Qian Shaoyao. “What did you say? Something happened to that girl?”

Qian Shaoyao was shocked by the Fire Cloud Wolf that suddenly rushed over and was so scared that she fell silent. Seeing that Qian Shaoyao didn’t say anything, Little Fire immediately jumped up and disappeared. Yun Feng was about to leave when Yao Man, who was suddenly ignored on the ring, suddenly shouted, “Yun Feng! What do you mean?”

This sudden scene attracted the attention of many people. Mo Changge, who was standing far away and hearing Yao Man’s shout, suddenly brightened. Yun Feng? Yun Feng! His gaze suddenly drifted to the slim girl. Even though she had changed, Mo Changge had never forgotten her face! It was really her!

Yun Feng couldn’t care less about Yao Man right now, and couldn’t be bothered with her at all. Mu Canghai immediately approached her, and Yun Feng only said in a low voice, “Go to Qingqing immediately. I’ll be there soon.” Mu Canghai nodded and disappeared quickly. Yun Feng’s heart raced. Qingqing would be fine. With Qu Lanyi here, how could anything happen to Qingqing?

Lan Yi followed Yun Feng with a solemn look. Xia Qing was the only disciple Yun Feng had taken in at the moment and she was also someone Yun Feng valued very much. Master must be extremely concerned in her mind. Yun Feng was indeed extremely worried, but Yao Man on the ring wouldn’t let her go.

“Yun Feng! You can’t leave until you finish fighting with me! The winner must be decided between you and me!” Yao Man waved her hand and the Electric Python on the side attacked. The crowd immediately panicked and dodged around. Lan Yi’s face darkened. He revealed his griffin form and grabbed the Electric Python fiercely!

The crowd immediately screamed. Qian Shaoyao had already turned pale from fear. Looking at the Electric Python and the giant griffin in the sky, Qian Shaoyao only felt that her heart was about to stop beating! Cold light flashed in Yun Feng’s eyes. The wand disappeared and was replaced by a longsword! The longsword appeared and buzzed!

“That’s a Monarch Level weapon?” Mo Changge was stunned when he saw the longsword in Yun Feng’s hand. If he was right, that should be a weapon used by warriors! How could Yun Feng, as a summoner, control a weapon used by warriors? It was even at the Monarch Level!

The longsword in Yun Feng’s hand buzzed. It hadn’t appeared for a long time and seemed a bit dissatisfied. Yun Feng held the longsword tightly and flew up, targeting Yao Man, who kept stopping her from leaving the ring! Yun Feng’s body was like the wind. She exerted strength in her hand and the longsword let out a loud hiss!

Yao Man’s pupils shrank. She didn’t expect Yun Feng to pounce on her so quickly. She waved the wand in her hand abruptly and a beam of lightning element shot out. Yun Feng swept her longsword and the lightning element was shattered in midair! Yao Man was shocked. That was the lightning element of the Lord Level. She shattered it so easily!