1014 The Shocked Zheng Yuanqi! The Matters Of The People Of The Foreign Race Alliance!

In the Divine Kingdom world, Cultivation Hall.

Zhou Zhou used the three Talent Crystals one by one.

Soon, “He” felt waves of heat and pain coming from various places in his body other than his heart.

“He” could sense that his divine body was being modified by his talent, transforming into a nomological divine body and giving birth to Divine Court Realm Apertures.

While enduring the pain, Zhou Zhou was also a little curious about how many Divine Court Realm Apertures he could produce.

According to the talent information, the more talented the Shepherds God Race, the more Divine Court Realm Apertures there would be.

The Yuan Cong had 1,580 Divine Court Realm Apertures. It could already be said to be an extremely talented member of the Shepherds God Race.

It was said that…

If he could reach the limit of the Shepherds God Race’s talent—3,000 Divine Court Realm Apertures!

It even had the potential to advance to the Supreme God Realm!

Zhou Zhou knew that currently, the strongest Lord of the Shepherds God Race, the Heaven Chasing Lord, this old opponent of “His”, had 3,000 Divine Court Realm Apertures. According to Yuan Cong’s understanding, other than 3,000 Divine Court Realm Apertures, the other party had also awakened the strongest Lord Talent that was most suitable for these 3,000 Divine Court Realm Apertures—Mythical-Tier, the only Lord Talent—3,000 Divine Kings!

The combination of the two made the other party the existence with the highest chance of becoming a Supreme God Realm expert in the Shepherds God Race!

Therefore, the Heaven Chasing Lord’s status was the same as the True Lord of the Original Spirit Race. They were both respected as the supreme Holy Sons of the race. Even the True God-Tier had to be extremely polite to this Heaven Chasing Lord. They even had to deliberately flatter him.

“I should be able to awaken 3,000 Divine Court Realm Apertures.”

Zhou Zhou already had a premonition about the outcome of this matter.

Time passed slowly.

In this period of time, Bai Yun had already given all the Class Change Certificates that Zhou Zhou had given “He” in the morning to the new recruits who had not joined the army. She wanted them to successfully change their professions to Extraordinary-Tier Professionals, and all the Violent Storm Spirit recruits to Forbidden Mages. Finally, she wanted them all to join the Blazing Sun Army.

At this moment, Zhou Zhou’s soldiers had officially reached more than 120 billion soldiers!

Then, “He” went to look for Zhou Zhou to ask for instructions on what to do next.

Zhou Zhou was currently undergoing the Shepherds God Race’s innate talent modification, so he naturally could not come out to meet Bai Yun.

However, “He” had already arranged for a portion of “His” will to enter Zhou Fight’s body. Therefore, after hearing the news of Bai Yun’s arrival, “He” walked out of the Divine Kingdom world to meet Bai Yun.

Zhou Zhou’s will spoke for Zhou Fight faced with Bai Yun’s question.

“It will still be yesterday’s order of action.”

“I’ll kill 30 targets of the Eye of The Heaven’s Anger first, then destroy a race that doesn’t accept the letter of surrender.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Bai Yun said respectfully.

“They” did not waste any time. They took all the soldiers and piloted 200 Galaxy towards the nearest target of the Eye of The Heaven’s Anger.

At the same time, Zhou Zhou’s second clone, Zhou Manage, had successfully taken over Zheng Yuanqi’s work.

Faced with Zhou Manage’s request, Zheng Yuanqi’s first reaction was a little stunned.

This was because “He” did not expect His Majesty to suddenly take back the job he was in charge of.

However, “He” immediately smiled in relief.

“His Majesty could be said to be peerless in conquering the people of foreign races. Many Lords of the people of foreign races could not compare to His Majesty at all. He forcefully created the title and glory of the number one Lord of the ten thousand races in the world.”

“Now, His Majesty has to start training his ability to deal with government affairs.”

“His Majesty is really becoming more and more like the perfect king of our subjects.”

Zheng Yuanqi felt emotional and happy.

Then, “He” didn’t waste any time. “He” immediately rushed the ministers who helped “He” deal with the government affairs of the territory. “He” summarized the work that should have belonged to the Lord and returned them to Zhou Manage one by one.

During this process, whether it was Zheng Yuanqi or the other ministers, they did not have any unwillingness to lose their power on their faces or hearts.

As the higher-ups of the territory, almost all of them were Zhou Zhou’s fanatic believers. With their loyalty and faith in Zhou Zhou, they naturally wouldn’t have such disloyal psychological reactions.

After handing all the administrative documents that belonged to the Lord to Zhou Manage, all the ministers, including Zheng Yuanqi, heaved a sigh of relief.

Frankly speaking, as the Blazing Sun Kingdom’s territory grew larger and larger, it now had the territories of two races. Under such circumstances, the number of government affairs that Zheng Yuanqi and the others dealt with every day had already reached an extremely terrifying number, and this number was still increasing.

Even if they kept expanding the number of officials at all levels, they could not deal with the rapidly increasing number of government affairs.

Among these government affairs, at least a quarter of them belonged to Lords.

Now that His Majesty was willing to take over this part of the government affairs, the burden on their shoulders would be much easier.

However, they also knew that this was His Majesty’s first time officially handling these government affairs, and they were extremely huge and complicated. He would definitely not be proficient in handling them for the first time, and there was a high chance that he would make a mistake.

Therefore, they were already prepared to assist His Majesty in handling government affairs at any time.

Even though doing so might make His Majesty feel uncomfortable, for the sake of the territory and for His Majesty’s growth, this was something they felt that they had to do.

However, when Zhou Manage sat down and picked up the administrative documents to deal with the administrative matters one by one, the expression on their faces changed from relief to apprehension, then gradually to surprise. In the end, they widened their mouths in shock.

This was because when His Majesty was handling government affairs, he was indeed a little unskilled at the beginning. He looked completely like a newbie handling government affairs, and he even had a curious expression on his face.

However, as time passed, Zhou Manage’s speed of handling government affairs became faster and faster. In less than half an hour, he had already handled more than 1,000 government documents, and his efficiency was yet increasing.


Zheng Yuanqi and the rest were dumbfounded.

They looked at each other in a daze.

Even if His Majesty was a God Spirit, the efficiency of analyzing the content was much higher than “Them”, so it shouldn’t be so fast, right?

Dealing with government affairs mainly relied on experience, not analytical ability after all.

They suddenly thought of something.

Could His Majesty be just making up a story?

“They” hurriedly picked up the documents that Zhou Manage had just dealt with and opened them one by one.

When “They” first read the instructions written by Zhou Manage, “They” immediately widened their eyes.

As they read deeper, their eyes grew bigger and bigger. In the end, their eyes even lit up, and they became obsessed.

“Can the conflict between the people of foreign races be dealt with like this?”

“There’s actually such a loophole in the promotion of officials. I actually didn’t notice it before.”

“So the intention of giving in to the people here is actually so deep!”

“The wise and far-sighted thoughts of a king!”

“This is the sage’s plan!”

“No, I have to record it down. This people of foreign race dispute was handled too well!”

Zheng Yuanqi and the other officials went crazy.

They held the administrative documents that Zhou Manage had handled as if they were holding the Holy Record in their hearts.

They only woke up after knowing that Zhou Manage’s voice had repeated in their ears several times.

“What are you doing?”

Zhou Manage looked at them. “Distribute these administrative documents and execute them.”

“Aye, aye!”

They reacted and hurriedly said.

Then, he left with these administrative documents as if he was holding a treasure.

Zhou Manage smiled and shook his head.

Then, he continued to deal with the mountain of government affairs.

In Zheng Yuanqi’s eyes, these government affairs needed a day to be dealt with.

But to Zhou Manage, two hours was about it.

After “He” familiarized “Him” with the emperor’s legacy in “His” mind, half an hour was enough!

A moment later…

“He” saw an administrative document personally written by Zheng Yuanqi and raised his eyebrows slightly.

“He” opened it and took a look.

The document reads as follows.

[Your Majesty, up until now, a total of 15,366 races have sent envoys to our Blazing Sun Kingdom.

Among them, there had been 104 envoys from the people of foreign races. They were the people of foreign races who had stopped the humans from retreating to the Primordial World some time ago. Then, they were beaten back by us and sent a letter of surrender.

“‘They’ have already accepted the letter of surrender and are willing to turn into our subsidiary race.”

“As for the remaining 15,262 envoys of the people of foreign races, they heard of our reputation and want to form an alliance with us.

“We have already checked the racial information of 1,672 people of foreign races and confirmed that 519 of them are worth to ally with.

Are we going to formalize an alliance with them?]

Zhou Manage fell into deep thought.