1016 Missing Bloodline! Haros Became A True God-Tier!

“The bloodlines of the Original Spirit Race, Shepherds God Race, Chaos Gods Race, and Chaos Human Race can actually produce such a miraculous change when they are gathered together.”

“But what do I think the missing bloodline is?”

“Bloodline of the Myriad Spirit Race? Titan Race bloodline? Creation Elf bloodline? Or some other top-notch bloodline?” Zhou Zhou pondered carefully.

What “He” was thinking of was considered a top-notch bloodline.

However, after thinking for a while, “He” still couldn’t determine which was which, so in the end, “He” decided to ask Bodhi Supreme.

This concerned “His” future after all, “He” had to take it seriously.

Then, “He” took out the Bodhi Supreme and asked it this question.

Then, Bodhi Supreme gave “He” an answer that “He” had never thought of.

No, it was not really an answer.

“I don’t know.”

Bodhi Supreme said solemnly. Its tone was no longer as lazy as before.

“You don’t know?” Zhou Zhou was stunned.

Didn’t this guy claim to be omniscient?

“I really don’t know about this.” Bodhi Supreme also saw Zhou Zhou’s expression and said helplessly, ” Even though I claim to be omniscient, that’s because my knowledge comes from the Supreme Will.”

“I basically know 99% of what the Supreme Will knows.”

“Because with the Supreme Will’s omniscient and omnipotent power, I naturally dare to boldly say that I know everything.”

“But if there’s something that even the Supreme Will doesn’t know, I naturally won’t be able to answer you.”

“Tsk tsk, Zhou Zhou.”

“In the Endless Heavens, there are very few things that even the Supreme Will doesn’t know. What you encountered is also magical.”

Zhou Zhou: “…”

What could “He” say?

“Looks like I can only rely on myself.”

“He” thought helplessly.

Then, “He” sensed the level of his bloodline.

He realized that his Chaotic Human Race bloodline had already jumped from a High-Tier Deity-level Elementary Grade bloodline to a High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade bloodline. He was only a step away from advancing to a True God-Tier bloodline.

“According to the records of my Chaos Human bloodline,

the True God-Tier Chaos Human bloodline will be a bottleneck for any Chaos Human.”

“I’m no exception.”

“I’m afraid I won’t be able to advance to the True God-Tier Elementary Grade Chaos Human Bloodline in a short period of time.”

“There should be three standard ways to break through the bottleneck and advance to the True God-Tier Elementary Grade Chaos Human bloodline.”

“The first method is to devour a large number of bloodlines and rely on the quantitative advantage to achieve a qualitative change. You can forcefully break through the bottleneck and advance to the True God-Tier Elementary Grade Chaos Human Bloodline.”

“The second method is to devour a large number of Chaos Beasts, which is the Chaos Gods Race, to advance to the True God-Tier Elementary Grade of the Chaos Human Race.”

“The flesh of Chaos Beasts is a great tonic for the Chaos Humans.”

“That’s what the Chaos Humans did in the Chaos Era.”

“The third method is to find the missing part of my bloodline that I sense.”

“As long as I find that mysterious bloodline and let my inner world advance to the perfect world realm, my bloodline can advance to the True God-Tier Elementary Grade.”

“For now, I don’t want to fall out with the Chaos Gods Race right now. Moreover, even if I were to eat all those newbies from the Chaos Gods Race, it probably wouldn’t be enough for me to advance to the True God-Tier Elementary Grade of the Chaos Human Race.”

“If we go to the Chaos Gods Race’s base camp to look for those Chaos Gods Race beings, that would be courting death. As one of the top three bloodlines in the Endless Heavens, the Chaos Gods Race’s base camp would definitely have several Chief Gods overseeing it. Furthermore, they would also have extremely rare Supreme God Realm trump cards on them.”

“I won’t be able to find it.”

“I don’t have any clue about that missing bloodline either.”

“From the looks of it, I think I only have the first path to take.”

“Collecting a large number of bloodlines to achieve a qualitative change in quantity? It’s not impossible.”

Zhou Zhou was deep in thought.

In any case, “He” was engaged in racial-level wars every day. Furthermore, “His” territory was constantly expanding. Every day, a large number of bloodlines allowed “Him” to devour and evolve.

Sooner or later, “His” energy would undergo a qualitative change, allowing his bloodline to advance to the True God-Tier Elementary Grade Chaos Human bloodline.

It might be slow but it was steady.

Zhou Zhou loved stability.

“Let’s do it.”

Zhou Zhou made up his mind.

At this moment, “He” suddenly sensed something and looked into the distance.

“His” gaze seemed to pass through the Divine Kingdom world and see the vast starry sky outside the Divine Kingdom.

At an unknown distance from “His” Divine Kingdom star, a huge Divine Kingdom star with a diameter of about a million light-years slowly appeared. It emitted scorching golden flames and was like a smaller sun.

When this Divine Kingdom star first appeared, it was still transparent. However, not long after, it began to quickly solidify, turning into a real star that stood in the starry sky.

Its golden flames illuminated the myriad worlds and began to spread the inheritance of its master.

“Another True God-Tier God Spirit has been born.”

Zhou Zhou said softly when he saw this.

Then, “He” revealed a smile.

This was likely to be from the aura emitted by this Divine Kingdom star, which should be the Divine Kingdom star after Haros became a True God-Tier.

“His” divine body instantly vanished on the spot.

The next second, “He” appeared in the sky above the Blazing Sun Kingdom.

“He” looked up.

At this moment, the sky above the Blazing Sun Kingdom had already turned into a golden fire cloud formed by golden flames, emitting a domineering and blazing power of the Laws of Fire.

“He” looked at Haros’ residence.

He realized that Haros had not come out yet. It seemed that he was still in the process of breaking through.

Zhou Zhou was not in a hurry. He simply sat on a cloud and casually set up the Nine Worlds Divine Demon Dreamfall Array. Then, he quietly waited for the enemy to arrive.

During this process, Patriarch Lu and Bai He also came over.

“They” looked at the True God-Tier phenomenon in the sky and then looked at Zhou Zhou with a complicated expression.

“Another True Deity-level has been born here?” Patriarch Lu said.

“He” said the word “again” in a very complicated tone.

Bai He’s expression was the same.

No matter how they thought about it, they could not understand why a True Deity-level that only appeared once every 10,000 years in the outside world could emerge so easily in this person’s territory. Furthermore, they were born one after another.

Humanity had spent countless resources and countless years to give birth to True God-Tiers like Patriarch Lu and Bai He.

But what about this person?

They could not figure it out.

Thankfully, Zhou Zhou was on “Their” side. Otherwise, “They” would probably not be able to eat or sleep in peace.

Zhou Zhou smiled.

“If the two of you come to my territory in the future and are really Worshiped God, you’ll know.” “He” said casually.

Bai He and Patriarch Lu began to ponder seriously. However, after thinking for a long time, they eventually sighed.

“We’re not Geralt. We can’t bypass the Supreme Agreement and join your territory.” Bai He said.

Patriarch Lu nodded as well.

Zhou Zhou nodded.

That was why “He” had never mentioned such matters in front of the two of them.

In the time that followed…

Zhou Zhou and the other two were protecting Haros.

In the end, “They” waited for a long time. When the golden flames in the sky were about to dissipate, and Haros was about to complete his advancement process, they did not see an enemy coming.

“There are actually no hostile God Spirits coming to stop us?”

Bai He was stunned.

“It’s hard to imagine.”

Patriarch Lu also shook his head. Then, he smiled and made a guess. “Could it be that he knows that it’s useless even if he comes, so he simply doesn’t see and doesn’t feel annoyed?”

“Possibly.” Bai He nodded.

At this moment, a figure that looked like a Blazing Sun flew towards them at high speed.

It was Haros, who had already become a True Deity-level God Spirit!