1017 Blazing Sun True God-Tier—Haros!

“True God-Tier Blazing Sun greets Your Majesty!”

Haros knelt respectfully in the void and looked at Zhou Zhou gratefully.

He had been stuck at the High-Tier Deity-level Elementary Grade for tens of thousands of years and hadn’t even reached the High-Tier Deity-level Intermediate Grade.

Didn’t “He” join the Elven Empire and become the Elven Empire’s Worshiped God Spirit because “He” wanted to use the Elven Empire’s resources to advance to a higher level?

At that time, “He” didn’t even dare to think about becoming a True God-Tier. He only wanted to become a High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade, or even a High-Tier Deity-level Intermediate Grade.

In the end, after staying for a long time, not only did he not obtain any advancement, he even put himself in danger several times because he was fighting for the Elven Empire and almost died.

From then on…

“He” had given up. “He” had been doing badly in the Elven Empire every day. Even if the Elven Empire reduced “His” resources as a Worshiped God Spirit, “He” did not care anymore.

Until His Majesty arrived, not only did His Majesty allow him to quickly advance to the High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade, but he also generously rewarded him with a Master God-level Book of The God Spirit when he faced the bottleneck of the True God-Tier. Not only would he be able to advance to the True God-Tier, but he would also have a chance to become a Master God-Tier.

Such a great favor was like being reborn!

How could Haros not be grateful to Zhou Zhou?

Bai He and Patriarch Lu looked at Haros’ expression, then looked at each other and couldn’t help but click their tongues in wonder.

Was this the charm of the Common People’s Regal?

Even a True God-Tier would be willing to follow this Speaker of the human race so loyally if he had the supreme power to destroy and create a world.

At the same time, Zhou Zhou was a little stunned as he looked at the other party’s suddenly expanding and purer line of faith. A smile slowly appeared on his face.

He had actually become his Holy Spirit-Tier Believer.

It was worth it to give him a Master God-Tier Book of The God Spirit.

“He” recalled what the other party had just said. “He” stroked “His” chin and suddenly asked,

“True God-Tier Blazing Sun?”

“Have you completely inherited the path of the Blazing Sun God?”

“Yes, Your Majesty,” Haros said respectfully. “Blazing Sun’s path overlaps with mine extremely much. Furthermore, my nomological path has many flaws. These flaws will prevent me from advancing to a higher level.

“However, God Lord Blazing Sun’s nomological path has almost no flaws. It’s a path that can truly unblock Master God-Tier’s nomological path.”

“Therefore, I simply abandoned my nomological path and completely accepted Blazing Sun’s nomological path.”

“That’s why I successfully became a True God-Tier.”

Zhou Zhou acknowledged.

“He” already had the Original Sin and the Demon-Hunting True God—Gealt, the Heavenly Dragon God—Kika, the True God Sheng Huo, and the Blazing Sun True God—Haros now.

This could even surpass the requirements for the Empire to advance to become a True God-Tier in the Divine Kingdom.

He wondered what the Elven Empire, which had put in so much effort and sacrificed so many benefits to seek the protection of the True God-Tier, would think.

“You’ve just become a True God-Tier and don’t have any True God-Tier Divine Artifacts on you yet.”

Zhou Zhou took out a Spatial Ring and handed it to the other party. “There are six True God-Tier Divine Artifacts inside. They are all True God-Tier Divine Artifacts that are extremely compatible with your Blazing Sun Laws. One of them is a reward for advancing to the True God-Tier. The remaining five True God-Tier Divine Artifacts are temporarily lent to you.”

“In the future, if you immediately make great contributions, such as killing a True God-Tier of the same level, you can use military merits to take one away and make it your personal True God-Tier Divine Artifacts.”

As soon as these words were spoken, Bai He and Patriarch Lu could not help but click their tongues.

Those were six True God-Tier Divine Artifacts. Moreover, they were True God-Tier Divine Artifacts that were compatible with the laws that the other party cultivated. One could imagine how precious they were.

However, Zhou Zhou handed it over to the other party without hesitation.

This was really generous.

The two of them looked at Zhou Zhou.

Now, Zhou Zhou and “His” Blazing Sun Kingdom had long been exposed to all races.

Some matters regarding the Blazing Sun Kingdom had already spread like wildfire.

One of the things was:

All the officials, soldiers, grassroots Subjects, and even former surrendered soldiers of the Blazing Sun Kingdom were extremely difficult to instigate an Incite Defection!

When the Common People’s Regal and the Blazing Sun Kingdom had just started, the myriad races had sent spies, spies, and other secret intelligence personnel to infiltrate the Blazing Sun Kingdom to investigate and gather information. They even wanted to corrupt the Blazing Sun Kingdom from within and cause it to collapse.

However, to their disbelief:

Regardless of how many secret intelligence personnel “They” had sent out, “They” immediately lost all news not long after “They” joined the Blazing Sun Kingdom. Even if “They” sent back information, it was only fake information.

Some intelligence agents would even pass on fake information, causing them to suffer heavy losses because of fake information.

Obviously, their plan to send their clansmen to infiltrate the Blazing Sun Kingdom had failed.

Not only did they fail, they had even lost the intelligence personnel they had painstakingly nurtured.

After this matter was verified many times and confirmed that the Blazing Sun Kingdom indeed had a mysterious magic that could make the enemy change sides, the myriad races rarely sent intelligence personnel to the Blazing Sun Kingdom.

Hence, not long after, there were rumors that the Blazing Sun Kingdom had the Lord Talent to change the loyalty of the Subjects in the territory.

Patriarch Lu and the others had naturally heard of this matter and had their own guesses.

However, when they saw the scene in front of them, a new idea appeared in their minds.

“Even if Zhou Zhou doesn’t have the Lord Talent to change the loyalty of the Subjects, with ‘His’ generosity, it’s probably very simple for a Subject or even a God Spirit to be dead loyal to him, right?”

The two deities thought to themselves.

At the same time, Haros took the Spatial Ring from Zhou Zhou. When “He” saw the six Elementary Grade True God-Tier divine artifacts inside, “He” immediately trembled with excitement.

With these six True God-Tier Divine Artifacts, in addition, “He” had the Master God-Tier legacy of Blazing Sun!

The current him was enough to crush any True God-Tier Elementary Grade enemy without True God-Tier Divine Artifacts.

Even if it was a True God-Tier Intermediate Grade enemy, as long as it was not a top-notch True God-Tier Intermediate Grade expert, “He” had the confidence to win.

As for True God-Tier Advance Grade enemies, Haros was also confident that he could escape safely from them!

Giving these six True God-Tier Divine Artifacts to “He” was equivalent to turning a tiger into a winged flying tiger!

It was not an exaggeration to say that he was like a tiger with wings!

After chatting for a while, Bai He asked.

“Zhou Zhou, the humans of the Primordial World have roughly been settled down. We have time now, so Patriarch Lu and I plan to hunt the True God-Tiers of the people of foreign races.”

“What are your plans?”

“I intend to continue cultivating to increase my strength.”

Without hesitation, Zhou Zhou voiced his thoughts.

“His” current power was only at the Low-Tier Deity Level Intermediate Grade. Even if “He” could rely on the Law Skill King to advance to the True God-Tier Intermediate Grade, it would only be in a temporary state.

In any case, “His” two clones were already in control outside. Be it government affairs or military affairs, they wouldn’t be delayed because “He” was absent. Therefore, “He” naturally had to focus on improving “His” strength.

After “He” finished speaking, “He” asked.

“Do you have a target?”

“We plan to go to the territory of the Rakshasa race and kill the True God-Tier of the Blood Sea, Yin Luo.”

“This fellow doesn’t interact with the other True God-Tier of the Rakshasa race all year round. However, “He” participated in the battle to stop the humans from retreating to the Primordial World. Therefore, we plan to attack “Him” first.” Patriarch Lu said.

“Are you confident?” Zhou Zhou asked.

“If it was before, we definitely wouldn’t be confident.” Patriarch Lu and Bai He smiled. Then, Bai He uttered with a smile, “But now, we have a full set of True God-Tier Divine Artifacts that we borrowed from you. We can still offer it a try.”

Zhou Zhou nodded, then gazed at Haros. “Haros, in that case, accompany me.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Haros immediately uttered excitedly.

“He” had just grasped the power of a True God-Tier and was worried that “He” wouldn’t be able to find an enemy to practice the power “He” had just obtained. This was an opportunity “He” needed.