1020 Mythical-Tier—The Only Lord Talent—Ten Thousand Spirit Saint!

“Well done.”

“We’ll continue tomorrow.”

Zhou Zhou smiled at Bai Yun after reading the war report.

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

A look of joy appeared on Bai Yun’s face, and she replied even more firmly before she took her leave.

After Bai Yun left, Zhou Zhou was not in a hurry to upgrade his territory or Lord Talent. Instead, he opened the faction points ranking.

[First place: Human—Lord of The Blazing Sun—5,359,000,000 faction points!]

[Second place: Original Spirit Race—True Lord—4,215,000,000 faction points!]

[Third place: Shepherds God Race—Heaven Chasing Lord—3,992,000,000 faction points!]

[Fourth place: Myriad Spirit Race—Spiritual Venerable Lord—3,089,000,000 faction points!]

[Fourth place: Chaos Gods Race—Great One Lord—3.321 billion faction points!]

Zhou Zhou nodded slightly.

“Finally, there’s a gap of one billion faction points.”

“However, it’s still not enough to reach my 10 billion faction points.”

“Looks like I have to continue to work harder from tomorrow onwards.”

“He” thought to himself.

Thankfully, “He” didn’t have much else here. The Eye of The Heaven’s Anger had enough targets.

“I wonder what will happen if I kill all the targets of the Eye of The Heaven’s Anger?”

This thought suddenly appeared in Zhou Zhou’s mind.

Actually, the Illusory Life Race had already given this answer.

The event ended early, and the event prize fell into the hands of the Illusory Life Race without any suspense.

Even though the Illusory Life Race suffered because of this, it had nothing to do with Zhou Zhou.

As the Lord of all races, Zhou Zhou had the protection of the supreme agreement. Before leaving the High Continent, he was basically not afraid of the experts of all races coveting the treasures he had.

“Then perhaps I can give it a try myself. After killing all the targets of the Eye of The Heaven’s Anger, I can end this event early.”

Zhou Zhou’s heart pounded at the thought of this.

If that was the case, then the final reward for this event was almost guaranteed to go to “Him”.

However, “He” then pondered of a new problem.

To “him” and the territory forces who were developing extremely quickly, every day of development was enough to cause changes in his territory.

If he ended his current activities early, wouldn’t it be equivalent to shortening his development time and entering the era of ten thousand worlds in advance?

This was actually not very beneficial to him. At most, he would get the event’s final reward in advance.

However, to the Lord of All Races who came from top-notch bloodlines, it could allow them to obtain the help of the races behind them in advance.

“Now that I think about it… If I really speed up the end of the activity, it seems like I’m doing the enemy a favor?”

Zhou Zhou muttered in his heart.

Never mind.

Let’s do it step by step.

He would kill as many as he could.

He had to eat his fill first!

Then, “He” stopped thinking about it. Instead, “He” took out one billion Green Bronze-Tier Lord Talent Crystal Fragments and fused them into a Mythical-Tier Lord Talent Origin Divine Crystals. Then, “He” silently used them in “His” mind.

A text notification appeared.

[As you have three Legendary-Tier Lord Talents, Incite Defection, Master Thief’s Robbery Gloves, and Super Construction Engineering IX, please choose one to advance.]

After reading it, “He” did not hesitate and directly chose to upgrade the Lord Talent, Incite Defection.

The Lord Talent, Master Thief’s Robbery Gloves was completely enough at this stage for him.

As for Super Construction Engineering IX, there was a need to upgrade it as “His” territory expanded. In the future, if he had excess Lord Talent Crystal Fragments, he could upgrade it to the Mythical-Tier.Unique Level.

But now, it was better to choose Incite Defection.

[Lord Talent has been chosen!]

[Upgrading in progress…]

The next second, he felt an extremely strong warm feeling appear between his eyebrows again.

Zhou Zhou was still looking forward to it even though “He” had experienced it before.

After a long time, the warmth faded.

A new text notification appeared.

[Lord Talent upgrade successful!]

[Congratulations, your Legendary-Tier Lord Talent, Incite Defection, has been upgraded to Mythical-Tier. Your only Lord Talent, Ten Thousand Spirit Saint!]

[You have leveled up to Mythical-Tier. The only Lord Talent effect is as follows:]

[Ten Thousand Spirit Saint:]

[Specific Talent Effect One: You are a Sage in the eyes of all living beings. The moment all living beings see you, they will yearn to become your followers. There is a high chance that they will join your camp and submit to you.]

[Specific Talent Effect Two: When you combat head-on with the enemy’s Lord faction, as long as there is no absolutely irresistible difference in strength, you can trigger the Ten Thousand Spirit Saint talent and incite 50% of the enemies in the enemy’s Lord faction to become your loyal subordinates.]

[Moreover, among the enemies who were incited by Incite Defection, there would be a Spellcaster who grasped Incite Surrender 100%.]

[Send this Spellcaster into the enemy camp for Incite Surrender. There is a 10% chance that all the members of the enemy Lord’s camp will be Incite Surrendered as your loyal subordinates!]

[Lord Talent Notification One: The minimum number of enemies for Incite Defection is one unit, and the maximum number is unlimited!]

[Lord Talent Notification Two: You can trigger the Ten Thousand Spirit Saint’s Lord Talent on any enemy faction!]

[Lord Talent Notification Three: This talent can only be activated once a day!]

[Lord Talent Notification Four: Enemies affected by the Ten Thousand Spirit Saint have a minimum basic loyalty of 90 points.]

[Lord Talent Notification Five: This talent cannot be used twice against the same enemy lord faction!]

[Lord Talent Notification Six: The target of this talent will no longer be limited to a single army-level faction or a single lord-level faction. Instead, it will treat all the enemies you are enemies with as one. From there, the Ten Thousand Spirit Saint’s Lord Talent will be activated.]

“Is this the Mythical-Tier, the only Lord Talent, the Ten Thousand Spirit Saint?”

After Zhou Zhou saw the specific effect of this Lord Talent, his eyes immediately lit up.

“His” gaze landed on the last Lord Talent Notification.

“The enemies against me are no longer limited to a single army-level faction or a single lord-level faction. Instead, they will treat all the enemies against me as a single entity and trigger the Ten Thousand Spirit Saint’s Lord Talent on the whole…”

After reading it, Zhou Zhou immediately chuckled heartily.

It was not in vain that “He” had made such a huge decision. “He” had spent a billion Green Bronze-Tier Lord Talent Crystal Fragments to raise Incite Defection to the Mythical-Tier’s only level!

It had really removed the biggest drawback of the Incite Defection!

From then on…

In the future, “He” would no longer have to worry. In the face of an enemy army of ten billion, something as embarrassing as Incite Defection only resulting in an army of billions or even hundreds of millions had happened.

“He” could directly instigate Incite Defection on the ten-billion-strong army as a whole. “He” could directly possess half of “His” military strength!

Furthermore, the limitless effects of “His” Incite Defection were enough to satisfy “Him.”


“Does that mean I can attack Uriel now?”

Zhou Zhou pondered of this question and began to think seriously.