1024 Upgrading The Gate of Summoning! Upgrading The Lord Talent (2)

Then, “He” said.

“I can also specialize in nurturing high-quality scarlet heirs now.”

“Your Majesty, if you have a fog monster or a scarlet God Spirit that you value, as long as you capture it alive and hand it to me, I can nurture an existence similar to a clone.”

“It’s not a problem for me to create eight to ten fog monsters with high bloodlines a day.”

“As for God Spirits, I currently need three days to nurture a Low-Tier Deity Level Elementary Grade God Spirit.”

“However, when my strength advances to the Low-Tier Deity Level Elementary Grade, I can nurture a Scarlet God Spirit in a day.”

Zhou Zhou nodded. After a few seconds of silence, he said,

“In that case, leave 2,000 of your 10,000 Mist Mothers to nurture mechanical Fear Falcons, Iron-Eating Bears, and Withered Trees.”

“For the remaining 8,000 Mist Mothers, use 4,000 to nurture the Violent Storm Demon Spirit. The other 4,000 are used to nurture the Yellow Talisman Dao Soldiers.”

As such…

Tomorrow, he would be able to obtain 120 billion ‘Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier Recruitment Books’, 120 billion ‘Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier Class Change Certificate’, 120 billion ‘Violent Storm Spirit Recruitment Books’, and 120 billion ‘Violent Storm Spirit Class Change Certificate’!

If they used both the recruitment books and the Class Change Certificate…

“He” would have an additional 480 billion troops tomorrow!

In addition, “He” already had more than 120 billion troops.

“His” military strength could directly break through to 600 billion soldiers!

This army was already comparable to the people of foreign races led by Uriel!

Moreover, as “His” soldiers were all empire-level soldiers, once “His” 600 billion soldiers faced Uriel’s 500 to 600 billion soldiers, “He” would definitely obtain a crushing victory!

“Wait till tomorrow.”

“I’m not afraid of Uriel with such military strength.”

Zhou Zhou was excited, but his eyes were extremely deep.

He felt that he was getting closer and closer to the decisive battle with Uriel.

No God Spirit in the entire High Continent would be able to stop “His” development by the time “He” defeated Uriel!

At that time, as long as “He” did not provoke Divine Kingdom Lords or super empire Lords, “He” could play around in the high continent!

The High Continent was the source of the Infinite Worlds. It was a good place. Top-grade resources could be said to be everywhere.

At that time, “He” could mine it however “He” wanted.

After a while, “He” came back to his senses and began to think about what Mu Gu’s main body could nurture.

However, “He” gave up after some thought.

If Mu Gu’s main body wanted to cultivate it, he had to bring over a living sample.

For example, powerful scarlet creatures or scarlet God Spirits.

Even though Zhou Zhou had the Monster Army under his command, he did not fancy any of the fog monsters.

“Keep the cultivation spot in the Mu Gu for now.”

“I’ll use it when I have a suitable target in the future.”

Zhou Zhou thought to himself.

After that, Zhou Zhou chatted with Mu Gu about more information about the Scarlet Broodmother. After understanding more information about this Lord Talent, “He” returned to the Divine Kingdom’s main hall in satisfaction.

Not long after “He” arrived at the Divine Kingdom’s main hall, Aliya came to report that Zheng Fugui and Carol Moeli wanted to see him.

Zhou Zhou naturally agreed.

Soon, the two of them arrived in front of Zhou Zhou.

“Greetings, Your Majesty!”

Zheng Fugui and Carol Moeli said respectfully.

“Are the two of you here to talk about your improvement?”

Zhou Zhou asked with a smile.

“Exactly.” They both nodded.

“That’s exactly what I want. Tell me.”

Zhou Zhou nodded.

When Zheng Fugui heard this, he was the first to step forward.

“Your Majesty, the number of Mysterious Merchants has increased from two million to five million!”

“The number of carriages transporting goods has also increased to five million!”

“In addition, the strength of all the Mysterious Merchant has also increased to the Legendary-Tier Elementary Grade.”

“Every Mysterious Merchant’s mysterious business ring has become a dimensional ring that can accommodate a demiplane.”

“In the end, our treasure-hunting ability has also improved again. In the future, when we go out to do business, we should be able to bring back at least ten treasures at a time.”

“Not bad.”

A smile appeared on Zhou Zhou’s face again.

The Mysterious Caravan was not only an important channel for “He” to trade goods, but it was also an important high-end channel for “He” to obtain information. Its importance was not inferior to that of the Heavenly Map Army.

Now that the Mysterious Caravan had such a huge improvement, it would be very beneficial to “His” future development. “He” was naturally very satisfied.

He looked at Carol Moeli and then

Then, “His” brows twitched slightly.

“Carol Moeli, did the upgrade of your territory not increase your strength?”

At this moment, Carol Moeli still had the strength of an Elementary Grade True God-Tier in “His” perception. She was almost the same as last time, except that her aura was stronger and more stable. There was no breakthrough.

Carol Moeli smiled bitterly and said,

“Your Majesty, I’m already a Cardinal below the True God-Tier. The small increase in my territory can’t allow me to obtain a massive increase in strength for the time being.”

“Unless the level of my domain can be directly raised to the Low-Tier Deity Level Elementary Grade, then my power should be able to break through to the True God-Tier Intermediate Grade.”

“However, although my God Spirit Realm hasn’t improved, I’m more proficient in the various Divine Arts bestowed by Your Excellency. If I cast these Divine Arts now, not only will the effect be better, but the consumption in all aspects will also be greatly reduced.”

Zhou Zhou nodded thoughtfully and said, “Continue.”

Carol Moeli nodded and reported:

“Your Majesty, after the upgrade of the territory, our The Shelter of the Goddess of Life now has two billion clergymen, two billion priests, 20 nuns, and 20 billion Holy Knights of Life.”

“These clerics are enough to complete the healing mission of a super war involving hundreds of billions of troops.”

Zhou Zhou nodded.

It was a pity that Carol Moeli’s Divine Spirit Realm didn’t improve.

However, the increase in the number of clergy gave “He” some comfort.

At this moment, “He” suddenly thought of something.

“By the way, you said that you’ve become more proficient in the Divine Art? Is the Great Resurrection Spell included?” Zhou Zhou asked.

“The Divine Art that I have improved the most is the Great Resurrection Spell.”

Carol Moeli said respectfully.

“He” knew that one of the abilities that His Majesty valued the most was the Great Resurrection Spell, so it was the main goal of his focused practice. When his domain was upgraded and his Lord Talent helped him improve his abilities, he also chose the Great Resurrection Spell.

It was all for this moment!

“Can you resurrect an Intermediate True God-Tier human?” Zhou Zhou asked.

“Not before, but now, my Great Resurrection Technique can just improve a True God-Tier Intermediate Grade expert.”

Carol Moeli smiled.

He had made the right choice.


Zhou Zhou smiled when he heard that.

“He” said, “Prepare well.”

“Resurrect the mankind Buddha Lord tomorrow.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Carol Moeli said respectfully.