1026 Mist Mother World! Terrifying Daily Production of Galaxy!

Time passed quickly.

The next day, Zhou Manage was the first to wake up from the Time World.

“He” looked at Zhou Fight and Zhou Zhou and shook “His” head helplessly with a smile. After complaining about “His” endless work, “He” left the Reincarnation Sacred Palace to deal with the daily government affairs.

Not long after, Zhou Fight also woke up from the Time World.

“He” did not waste any time and immediately went to find Bai Yun and prepared to deal with the fog monster of the Scarlet Broodmother.

Zhou Zhou also sensed the actions of his two clones, but “He” didn’t move. “He” only sent a portion of “His” will to Zhou Fight and took over “His” body to search for Bai Yun.

The Scarlet Broodmother.

When Zhou Zhou found Bai Yun and brought the army to the Scarlet Broodmother, Bai Yun and the rest were immediately shocked by the Scarlet Broodmother’s form.

“This… This is Lord Mu Gu?”

Bai Yun said in disbelief.

“Didn’t Legion Commander Bai Yun sense my aura?”

Mu Gu said with a deep and rough laugh.

Even though “His” form had changed, the aura of “His” life essence hadn’t changed.

“I feel it.” Bai Yun was stunned. Then, she nodded with a complicated expression. “It’s indeed you, Lord Mu Gu.”

Mu Gu smiled lightly.

“Take us into the Mist Mother World.” Zhou Zhou said.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Mu Gu said, “I will divide His Majesty’s army into 10,000 parts because I have 10,000 subordinates. Each part will have about 11 million soldiers.”

“Then, these 11 million soldiers will work together to deal with the 10 million fog monsters in each Mist Mother World.”

“Your Majesty, don’t worry about the safety of your soldiers.”

“I will suppress the combat power of the fog monsters to the lowest level and let His Majesty’s soldiers slaughter them at will. I guarantee that there won’t be any casualties.”

“Let’s do that.”

Zhou Zhou nodded.

“Alright, Your Majesty.” Mu Gu nodded and said, “Everyone, please relax. We will reach the Mist Mother World very soon…”

Tall and beautiful women holding scarlet lanterns appeared, spreading Scarlet Fog around them around the Scarlet Broodmother.

It was the Mist Mother!

Everyone looked up at the Mist Mother.

The next second, the scarlet lanterns in the hands of these mysterious and beautiful women suddenly emitted a shocking attraction.

Everyone could feel that with their own strength, they could resist this attraction and not be sucked into the lantern.

However, they listened to Mu Gu and did not resist the gravitational force.

The next second, everyone, including Zhou Zhou, Bai Yun, all the soldiers, God Spirits, Galaxy, and soldiers were sucked into the scarlet lanterns of these beautiful women.

Mist Mother World.

This was a scarlet world shrouded in Scarlet Fog.

A huge scarlet sun stood high in the sky, its scarlet light illuminating everything.

Everything was also scarlet in color. They looked evil and ferocious, emitting a dense scarlet fog.

Yellow Talisman Dao Soldiers with bloodshot eyes wandered on the bloody ground, accompanied by strange and hoarse screams or whispers.

Zhou Zhou, Bai Yun, and more than 10 million soldiers saw this scene when they arrived.

“This seems to be the Ranchland Plane from before?”

Bai Yun said uncertainly.

“More or less.” Zhou Zhou nodded and said with a smile, “Back then, Mu Gu only had one Ranchland Plane. There are already 10,000 Ranchland Planes like this now.”

“And in the future, ‘He’ will have even more Ranchland Planes, Thousand Crimson Worlds, Thousand Crimson Worlds, and even Thousand Crimson Worlds!”

Bai Yun nodded in shock.

At this moment, Mu Gu’s voice sounded in Zhou Zhou and Bai Yun’s ears.

“Your Majesty, Legion Commander Bai Yun.”

“I have already gathered the 10 million Yellow Talisman Dao Soldiers in this Mist Mother World within a radius of 10 million kilometers and ordered the Mist Mother to suppress their strength to 1%.”

“This should make it easier for our soldiers to kill these fog monsters.”

Zhou Zhou nodded and looked at Bai Yun. “Go.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Bai Yun said respectfully.

Then, he immediately flew to the front of the army and ordered the entire army to attack the wandering Yellow Talisman Dao Soldiers and fog monsters.

Zhou Zhou stood not far away and watched this scene quietly.

Half an hour later, 100 billion fog monsters were successfully wiped out by the billion-strong army of the Blazing Sun Kingdom.

Zhou Zhou also successfully obtained all the spoils of war.

However, “He” did not pay attention to the other Loots. “He” only paid attention to the 480 billion recruitment books and Class Change Certificates.

“It’s really 480 billion copies…”

Zhou Zhou looked at the recruitment books and Class Change Certificates and felt like he was dreaming.

Next, he only needed to use these books and he would be able to obtain 480 billion recruits?

The soldiers he had now added up to only 130 billion!

“He” took a deep breath and calmed his agitated emotions. Then, he handed the 240 billion Class Change Certificates to Bai Yun and asked “Him” to find someone to change his class.

“Your Majesty, are they all going to be changed by humans?” Bai Yun asked.

“Prioritize the human race.”

“If the human race doesn’t have enough people to change their jobs, let the Fire Cry Human Race or the Moon Demon Race do it.” Zhou Zhou asked.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Bai Yun said respectfully and turned to leave.

Zhou Zhou took the 240 billion recruitment books and came to the Gate of Summoning.

After “He” arrived, he did not immediately summon her. Instead, he suddenly said, “Wen Ya, how’s the production of the Galaxy in the territory? How many Galaxies can be produced every day?”

“Your Majesty, currently, we have already laid down more than 50,000 Galaxy spaceship manufacturing bases in the entire human territory. Moreover, we are also laying down the Galaxy spaceship manufacturing bases in the newly obtained territory of the Fire Cry Human Race and the Moon Demon race. We expect to build a million Galaxy spaceship manufacturing bases in all the current territories.”

“This way, with sufficient manufacturing materials, we can produce 100,000 Galaxy ships every day. Our current production is 5,000 ships per day.” Wen Ya said respectfully.

Zhou The King was shocked.

How long had it been since “He” had asked about such matters? Why were there more than 50,000 manufacturing bases on the Galaxy?

“Your Majesty, have you forgotten your Legendary-Tier Lord Talent—Super Construction Engineering IX?”

“What’s more, we now have sufficient manpower, material resources, and financial resources. We don’t lack in any aspect. Naturally, we can easily create more than 50,000 Galaxy spaceship manufacturing bases.”

Zhou Zhou came to a realization. “He” had almost forgotten that he had the Lord Talent.

“Where are the materials for the Galaxy?” Zhou Zhou asked.

He remembered that the materials used to make the Galaxy were very scarce.

Back then, when the leaders of the various human factions wanted to produce Galaxy on “His” behalf, each faction leader could merely produce 20 Galaxy materials at most.

“The Ultimate Overlord has been providing support for the production materials of the Galaxy.”

“The Ultimate Lord said to us.”

“The materials of the Galaxy are considered rare in the human race, but in the eyes of the big shots of the Machina race, they can merely be considered low-end materials.”

“As long as there are enough Mist Core or Divine Crystals, ‘He’ can buy any spaceship manufacturing materials indefinitely from the Machina race.” Wen Ya said respectfully.

“How many Galaxy ships do we have?”

Zhou The King inquired the question he was most concerned about.

“We have produced a total of 21,560 Galaxy ships.”

“20,000 of them are currently unoccupied, and the rest of the Galaxy is in service.”

Wen Ya trailed off.

Zhou The King heaved a sigh of relief.

Great, “He” would be able to rest with more than 600 billion soldiers.

Moreover, in the near future, he would not have to worry about the troops not having a place to stay.

Thinking of this, “He” no longer hesitated. “He” directly threw all 240 billion recruitment books into the Gate of Summoning.