1027 600 Billion Total Troops! Su Yuan’s Shock!

Zhou Zhou followed the old rules and summoned 300 Galaxy ships through Wen Ya. Then, he got the 240 billion new recruits to be located in the inner world of the Galaxy. Finally, he used 100 Legendary-Tier Mist Cores to summon all the new recruits at once.

In the blink of an eye, 240 billion new recruits appeared in the internal world of every Galaxy and appeared in front of Zhou Zhou with 300 virtual screens.

The eight billion recruits in every Galaxy’s internal world also saw a huge virtual projection that looked like Zhou Zhou.

At this moment, in the virtual projection, Zhou Zhou spoke.

“All newly enlisted soldiers, welcome to the Blazing Sun Kingdom.”

“My kingdom will definitely bring you an incomparably glorious future!”

“Please believe that.”

Zhou Zhou’s tone revealed his strong confidence and affirmation.

Such a confident tone also infected all the recruits.

All the recruits roared respectfully in unison.

“To die for His Majesty!”

Zhou Zhou nodded slightly and disappeared from the virtual projection.

In front of the Gate of Summoning, Zhou Zhou then waved his hand and turned off the projection. He nodded in satisfaction.

The troops under “Him” could be considered 592,804,281,114 soldiers!

Together with the Star Alliance’s 24.1 billion recruits, they officially broke through to 600 billion recruits, reaching the level of 616.9 billion soldiers!

“That’s 600 billion soldiers!”

Zhou Zhou sighed.

“He” did not know how strong the forces of the Divine Kingdom Lords were.

However, “His” military strength had definitely crushed most of the empire-level Lords.

In the myriad worlds, this strength would probably be similar to gathering all the troops of the various races in a Small World.

It wouldn’t exceed one trillion troops with the Small World’s capacity!

Which meant that with “His” current military strength, “He” could completely carry out a world-conquest war on a fulfill world.

“Take all the Violent Storm Spirit recruits to the Forbidden Mage class change statue for the class change. As usual, the fees will be borne by our officials.”

Zhou Zhou stopped thinking and uttered to Wen Ya.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Wen Ya uttered respectfully.

The next second, 300 Galaxy ships in the sky suddenly split into two.

Half of them headed to the Blazing Sun Kingdom’s army base.

The other half flew towards Su Yuan’s Forbidden Mage Class Change Statue.

When they flew to the Class Change Statue, they happened to see Bai Yun leading the 240 billion human recruits who had just completed the Class Change Certificate with the Violent Storm Spirit to gather around the Class Change Statue.

Wen Ya and Bai Yi communicated for a while before deciding to change their professions together.

“Greetings, Forbidden Archmage—Your Excellency Su Yuan!”

One of the Blazing Sun Army’s Deputy Legion Commanders, a Mid-Tier Deity Elementary Grade Violent Storm Spirit God Spirit—who commanded all the Violent Storm Spirit soldiers, announced loudly at this moment.

The 240 billion Violent Storm Spirit recruits bowed to the Forbidden Archmage’s class change statue.

An invisible power of faith surged from every recruit of the Violent Storm Spirit silently. Then, they flew in the direction of the Forbidden Mage’s class change statue and quickly fused into their bodies.


This incomparably huge power of faith caused the entire statue to tremble and emit a shocking four-colored light.

At the same time, in the hall of the Goddess of Magic.


Su Yuan, who was having sex with the Goddess of Magic, felt an incomparably ferocious power of faith suddenly rush into the origin of “He”‘s Magic Divine Spark, making “He” suddenly become energetic.

At this moment, “He” only felt that “He” was filled with power. When “He” looked at the Goddess of Magic again, the flames in “His” eyes were like a tiger seeing a lamb.

After a long time…

“How did you suddenly become so fierce?”

The Goddess of Magic uttered lazily as she looked at Su Yuan with admiration.

“He” felt that Su Yuan was extremely fierce today. “He” was even fiercer than usual.

It was as if… “He” had suddenly taken medicine.

“Just now, I felt like there were at least 200 billion life forms with extremely high potential offering their faith to me. I even felt like I was getting closer to the path of a Master God-Tier. How could I not be fierce?” Su Yuan said.

“More than 200 billion life forms with extremely high potential?” The Goddess of Magic uttered in surprise, “Have they all become your believers?”

“No, it’s just a belief dedicated to the profession.”

“‘They’ might dedicate an extremely high level of enthusiasm to the profession I gave them, but that’s for the profession, not for me.”

“Their intrinsic beliefs still belong to that human Lord.”

Su Yuan shook his head.

“That human Lord? The human Lord who peeped at us last time? The Lord of The Blazing Sun?” The Goddess of Magic asked curiously.

Su Yuan nodded helplessly.

“Tsk tsk, as expected of the number one Lord of All Races that everyone fears. I did not think we’d be able to get involved with that guy from so far away.” The Goddess of Magic was amazed.

Su Yuan nodded in agreement. Then, he uttered excitedly,

“I hope that that fellow can come and help me a few more times. This way, I might be able to advance to the Master God-Tier level sooner.”

The Goddess of Magic nodded as well recalling the experience just now.

“I wish that guy would come more often.” “He” said, looking at him meaningfully.

“What did you say?”

Su Yuan looked at Mystra with a dangerous gaze. “Looks like I need to investigate the mysteries of magic.”

The two of them began to watch content that minors were not allowed to watch accompanied with sighs.

Just as the 240 billion soldiers of the Violent Storm Spirit were in full swing, Zhou Zhou was still standing in front of the Gate of Summoning, preparing to summon today’s Subjects.

“He” summoned all 139,500 new Subjects from the Gate of Summoning at once after spending 100 Legendary-Tier Mist Cores to accelerate.

“Greetings, my Lord!” All the new Subjects uttered respectfully in unison.

“Welcome to the Blazing Sun Kingdom.”

Zhou Zhou nodded slightly.

Then, “He” got all the Professionals to stand up and realized that he had summoned a total of 1,050 Professionals this time.

He summoned 141 more Professionals than usual.

Among them were a Legendary-Tier Elementary Grade Chef, a Legendary-Tier Magic Equipment Chef, a Legendary-Tier Array Master, a Legendary-Tier Elementary Alchemist, a Legendary-Tier Elementary Arcanist, a Legendary-Tier Elementalist, a Legendary-Tier Wind Magician, a Legendary-Tier Troll Warlock, and a Legendary-Tier Divine Artifact Forging Apprentice!

“Huh?!” Zhou Zhou looked at the Divine Artifact Forging Apprentice in surprise.

His luck was pretty good to have another Divine Artifact Forging Apprentice.

“What’s your name?” “He” asked the pretty girl with long fiery-red hair and wheat-colored skin, who had a few freckles.

“My name is Celie Orofa.” The girl’s eyes lit up. Her clear voice indicated that she was in a good mood.

“Celie… Orofa?”

Zhou Zhou raised his brows. “Who is God of Sun and Forging Orofa to you?”

“He’s my grandfather, my Lord. Do you know my grandfather?” Celie asked curiously.