1028 Demonic Kitchenware—Eight Chaos Knife! SSS-Rank Special Ability—Emperor’s Descent! The Third Lord’s Law Skill!

They are actually related?

Zhou Zhou was surprised, but he smiled on the surface. “I’ve long heard of the Heavenly God Orofa.”

“By the way, do you know Jacker?”

“That’s my junior brother.”

“Very good. “He” is also in This King’s territory. If you have time, you can work with him.”

“Very well, Your Majesty.” Celie nodded vigorously, not shy at all.

Zhou Zhou sighed inwardly.

This little girl’s personality was the complete opposite of Jacker’s. Jacker’s personality was like that of an autistic kid. This little girl was much more lively.

Then, “He” looked at the other eight Legendary-Tier Elementary Grade Subjects and

“His” gaze fell on the Magic Equipment Chef.

“He” opened the other party’s stats list and realized that the other party came from a Magic Equipment Chef Small World.

The rules of cooking in this world seemed to have changed. The dishes, cooking ability, and cooking utensils all possessed extraordinary power.

This Magic Equipment Chef was none other than the Magic Equipment Chef who had mastered a Magic Equipment known as the Eight Chaos Knife.

The mutant beside “Him” came from a Small World with technological superpowers.

The other new Subjects also had their own legendary backgrounds.

He had already reached the Legendary-Tier Elementary Grade after all.

Who doesn’t have a story on them?

Zhou Zhou exchanged a few words with the new Subjects. After welcoming them as Subjects of the Blazing Sun Kingdom, he handed them over to the officials to arrange while he walked to the Lord Shop.

When “He” arrived, “He” saw Zhou Chengmin sitting in front of the counter, using a virtual projection to look at a website.

Zhou Zhou walked closer and realized that it was a game strategy website. It was a game strategy website called “Lord’s Era”.

“Your Majesty, you’re here.”

When Zhou Chengmin saw Zhou Zhou, he came back to his senses and hurriedly stood up.

“Another game?” Zhou Zhou asked casually.

“This game is new. It’s the most popular among all the virtual reality games, be it in terms of strategies or e-sports popularity.”

“I heard that after our kingdom enters the era of mixed virtual reality, this game will also release a mixed virtual reality version. We can also synchronize accounts.”

However, Zhou Chengmin was very interested in introducing them to Zhou Zhou.

Zhou Zhou nodded.

“He” suddenly felt something and asked,

“Who is the strongest player in this game?”

“Businessman Shen.”

Zhou Chengmin said without hesitation, “That guy is in the top three of all the rankings in the game. Moreover, he’s ranked first on the level rankings, equipment rankings, and money rankings. He can be considered the number one player in the Lord’s Era.”

“Businessman Shen?”

“He should be the young man in the wheelchair when I saw the virtual gaming helmet being released.” (Chapter 809)


“My divination was really right. He has indeed become a famous player.”

“I hope he can use this game to treat his leg and his Little Sister’s illness.”

Zhou Zhou recalled the past and couldn’t help but smile in his heart.

Following that, “He” inquired Zhou Chengmin about today’s products.

When Zhou Chengmin heard this, he took out three purple boxes from under the counter.

Zhou Zhou was curious when he saw the three boxes.

“He” opened the three boxes without a word.

There were three items in the three boxes.

A Divine Artifact Forging Apprentice Class Change Certificate!

One Special Ability Origin Crystal!

It was a pitch-black kitchen knife with mysterious engravings!

Among them, the Divine Artifact Forging Apprentice Class Change Certificate could allow a Blacksmith to change his class to become an empire-level rare Lifestyle Professionals, Divine Artifact Forging Apprentice!

Special Ability Origin Crystals could help humans awaken an Enhanceable Bloodline skill. The upper limit of growth was the upper limit of their potential!

The last black kitchen knife was a special kitchenware, the Eight Chaos Knife!

[Treasure Name: Magic Kitchen Utensil- Eight Chaos Knife]

[Treasure Grade: Special]

[Treasure Effect: The Eight Chaos Knife can easily cut through the flesh and bones of all the beasts in the world without any hindrance. Moreover, it can maintain the original taste of the flesh and blood. It’s a good and rare demonic kitchenware!]

[Treasure Description: A unique product from the Demon Chef Small World. It is also the enemy of all beasts.]

Zhou Zhou gazed at it for a while. He originally wanted to give it to the Magic Equipment Chef.

However, after thinking about it, he still chose to stay.

In the future, he could cut meat and cook for Li Ya.

“How many Mist Cores do these three goods cost?”

Zhou Zhou asked.

“Divine Artifact Forging Apprentice Class Change Certificate, worth 500 Legendary-Tier Mist Cores.”

“Special Ability Origin Crystal, valued 200 Legendary-Tier Mist Cores.”

“Eight Chaos Knife, worth 200,000 Legendary-Tier Mist Cores.”

Zhou Chengmin smiled.


“This Eight Chaos Knife is actually so expensive?!”

Zhou Zhou was shocked.

200,000 Legendary-Tier Mist Cores!

“He” had been buying goods from the Lord Shop for so long, but this was the first time he had encountered such an expensive item.

“This Eight Chaos Knife is a unique creation of laws. It has absolute cutting rules against the flesh and blood of beasts. Even a Master God-Tier divine beast can be cut by this Eight Chaos Knife.”

“In the myriad worlds, I’m afraid only that the Magic Equipment Chef Small World can produce a unique kitchenware with such an effect.”

“Your Majesty, do you think it’s worth this price?”

Zhou Chengmin smiled.

“It can even cut the flesh of a Master God-Tier beast…”

Zhou Zhou’s expression turned serious.

Such absolute rules could already be regarded a Master God-Tier divine artifact.

There was indeed no problem with the price of the Eight Chaos Knife.

“I’ll buy it!”

Zhou Zhou did not hesitate this time and said directly.

“Thank you for your patronage, Your Majesty!”

“Your Majesty, just transfer the money.”

Zhou Chengmin smiled.

Zhou Zhou did not waste any time. He scanned the other party’s QR code and transferred 200,700 Legendary-Tier Mist Cores to him. Then, he successfully obtained these three items.

Following that, Zhou Zhou returned to the Divine Kingdom’s main hall and passed over all the goods to his main body. Then, he went to meet up with Bai Yun.

Bai Yun stood respectfully in front of His Highness in the Divine Kingdom’s main hall.

After Zhou Zhou’s main body obtained the three items, he conveniently threw the “Divine Artifact Forging Apprentice Class Change Certificate” into the military merit exchange system. He also restricted Blacksmiths with high military contributions to be able to spend military merits to exchange for it.

Then, “He” played with the Eight Chaos Knife for a while before throwing it into his King’s Treasury.

In the end, “He” received out the Special Ability Origin Crystal.

“Special Ability Origin Crystal…” A strange expression appeared on Zhou Zhou’s face. “I’m a God Spirit, but I’m actually going to awaken my special ability?”

“He” played with the black crystal nonchalantly for a while. He casually touched the Special Ability Origin Crystal with his spiritual power and activated the power within, fusing it into his divine body.

Then, “He” circulated the divine power in his body. In the blink of an eye, he completely digested this Special Ability Origin Crystal and successfully awakened his special ability.

“My genetic energy is…”

“SSS-Rank Special Ability—Emperor’s Descent.”

Zhou Zhou muttered to himself, “In the domain that I descend into, the living beings in the domain will naturally change their minds at the last minute and become my obedient subjects.”

“It’s equivalent to my territory wherever I go.”

“If you stay in my domain for too long, this kind of mental change will become a permanent change. You will really become a subject who is loyal to me, even if you leave the Emperor’s Descent Domain.”

“After upgrading this domain, it will upgrade the range of the Emperor’s Descent Domain.”

“And I’m currently a Low-Tier Deity Level Intermediate Grade God Spirit.”

“If I come to a plane, I can use Emperor’s Descent to directly replace the plane’s will and replace the heaven’s will with my own heart to become the lord of the plane and command the entire plane.”

“And on a supercontinent like the High Continent…”

“It can directly rule an area of 10 million square kilometers.”

“It’s equivalent to the total area of a Legendary-Tier territory.”

“Emperor’s Descent… Ten Thousand Spirit Saint…”

Zhou Zhou’s eyes lit up as countless nomological inspirations surged in his mind.

“I know what my third Lord Law Skill looks like…”

After saying this, Zhou Zhou closed his eyes and fell into a deep state of enlightenment.