1033 Ranking! Demon Flood Dragon Race! Demon Flood Dragon Sacred Sea!

The world quietened down after three palm strikes.

Ying Ning looked at the calm Zhou Manage in a daze, as if he had not done anything.

What had just happened? Where are the three True God-Tiers of the people of foreign races?

Why did they disappear after three strikes? Are you swatting a fly here?

Zheng Yuanqi, who was beside Zhou Manage, was also shocked when he saw that His Majesty had easily killed three True God-Tiers of the people of foreign races.

“He” knew that His Majesty could deal with the three True God-Tiers of the people of foreign races but “He” did not expect it to be resolved so easily.

His Majesty’s strength had increased again.

Zheng Yuanqi lamented and thought happily.

At this moment, as the person involved, Zhou Manage looked unsurprised by what he had done.

“His” strength had reached True God-Tier Intermediate Grade after “He” used “King” to increase “His” strength.

On this basis, using a ridiculously powerful Lord Law Skill like the Myriad Methods Star Palm would naturally allow “His” combat strength to reach the level of a True God-Tier Advance Grade.

In addition, the True God-Tier Divine Artifacts enhanced “His” strength, as well as other enhancements on “Him”.

Few True God-Tier cultivators were “His” match as long as the Master God-Tier did not appear.

It was naturally easy for him to defeat three True God-Tier Intermediate Grade experts with three palm strikes.

Zhou Manage looked at Ying Ning.

“This King allows you to join this King’s Blazing Sun Kingdom. As for the Chaos Humans, I will naturally take the time to make a trip to the Chaos Ruins when I feel that I have enough ability. Calm down.” “He” said.

“Thank you, Your Majesty!” Ying Ning was moved to tears.

Zhou Manage nodded, and the three of them returned to the Blazing Sun Kingdom.

On the way back, Zhou Manage also checked the spoils of war of the three True God-Tiers of the people of foreign races.

However, because they did not have any True God-Tier Divine Artifacts on them, they naturally did not drop any Master God divine artifacts. They only left 18 True God-Tier Divine Artifacts and some True God-Tier and Master God-Tier materials for Zhou Zhou.

Other than that, the most precious items were the three Master God-Tier Intermediate Grade Hero Inheritance manuals and the three Book of The God Spirit manuals dropped by the True God-Tiers of the people of foreign races.

Zhou Zhou put it away solemnly, preparing to reward the talents “He” valued or the subordinates and Subjects with Master God-Tier-level potential in the future.

Time passed quickly.

Zhou Zhou put it away solemnly, preparing to reward the talents “He” valued or the subordinates and Subjects with Master God-Tier-level potential in the future.

At this moment, Zhou Fight, who was billions of kilometers away from the Blazing Sun Kingdom, was leading his army towards the territory of a people of foreign race called the Demon Flood Dragon Sacred Sea.

The Demon Flood Dragon Sacred Sea was the territory of a race called the Demon Flood Dragon Clan.

Previously, they had also participated in preventing the humans from retreating to the Primordial World’s people of foreign races. Furthermore, they did not choose to surrender. That was why they were chosen by Zhou Fight as the targets of today’s extermination.

“The Demon Flood Dragon Race, an amphibious race.”

“This race has always had friction with the human race. They often use the river to swim to the human territory and hide in the rivers, lakes, and seas inside the human territory to stir up trouble.”

“The Demon Flood Dragon Race likes to hide under the river the most. When the humans are fishing above the river and sea, they will suddenly appear and overturn the boats before eating the humans who fall into the water.”

“Even water-elemental superhumans of the human race can’t defeat the superhumans of the Demon Flood Dragon Race underwater since it is their homeground. Therefore, the Demon Flood Dragon Race has always been the enemy of the people of foreign races that ordinary humans hate and fear the most.”

“In the Demon Flood Dragon Race’s civilization, there is currently only one unified Demon Flood Dragon Race empire on the High Continent. It’s called the Holy Flood Dragon Empire.”

“In addition to having an extraordinary body system unique to their race, the Holy Flood Dragon Empire has developed a powerful marine civilization that belongs exclusively to their race.”

“It’s called the ‘Demon Flood Dragon Sea Ship Civilization’.”

“Under the Demon Flood Dragon Sea Ship Civilization, their naval military strength can be ranked in the top 1,000 among all the people of foreign races with empire-level Lords.” Zhou Fight was deep in thought.

Currently, “His” territory has developed in all aspects except for the development in the oceans.

The Blazing Sun Kingdom had risen from the desert territory and had never come into contact with that.

Even though “He” later took over the territories of the three human empires, most of these territories were land territories. Only a very small portion was inland lakes. There was no chance of developing the military strength of the sea.

“His” Blazing Sun Kingdom’s only fleet in the ocean was inherited from the three former human empires.

There were only more than a million Kingdom-level warships, and they were extremely ordinary. Even among the Kingdom-level Lord factions, they could only be considered ordinary, let alone among the Kingdom-level Lord factions.

It could be seen that the Yellow Emperor and company didn’t want to invest too much effort in this aspect back then.

“If it was an ordinary Kingdom-level Lord faction, they probably wouldn’t even have the intention to attack such an enemy.”

“The environment on the battlefield is too disadvantaged after all. It’s completely unsuitable for our army to fight.”

“The army under my command has no expertise in fighting on the sea. With the same number of soldiers, it will probably be very difficult for my soldiers to gain an superiority in war. Instead, we will suffer heavy losses.”

“Nonetheless… I have too many soldiers!” Zhou Fight chuckled.

“He” now had a total of 600 billion troops under “Him”!

What kind of concept was this?

According to the intelligence of the Heavenly Map Army, there were only about six billion Demon Flood Dragon Race soldiers left.

This was because they only fought underwater. When Zhou Zhou’s soldiers stopped them back then, they could not cause too many casualties.

Otherwise, this number would only increase.

Zhou Zhou had more than 100 times more soldiers than them. Furthermore, they were all elites of the empire-level soldier type.

With so many soldiers, it would not be long before the sea level of the Demon Flood Dragon Sacred Sea rose by a few centimeters if every soldier spat into the sea.

If they were to cast spells on their Demon Flood Dragon Sacred Sea, they would only need a short day to blast the entire Demon Flood Dragon Sacred Sea into a depression without a single drop of water.

“The Demon Flood Dragon Clan is nothing to worry about.”

“Let’s hope that ‘They’ know their salt.” Zhou Fight considered to himself.

Otherwise, “He” could only avenge the humans who had died in the Demon Flood Dragon Race’s mouths in the past.

“I’m such a saint, so nice to even enemies.” Zhou Fight thought.

That’s not right. This is clearly instructions from the main body, I’m just carrying out the main body’s orders.

“I’m actually just a ruthless tool of genocide.” Zhou Fight could not help but laugh.

Then, with a thought, a list appeared in front of “Him”.

It was the faction points ranking.

[First place: Human—Lord of The Blazing Sun—7.79 billion faction points!]

[Second place: Original Spirit Race—True Lord—5,196,000,000 faction points!]

[Third place: Shepherds God Race—Heaven Chasing Lord—4,255,000,000 faction points!]

[Fourth place: Myriad Spirit Race—Spiritual Venerable Lord—4,112,000,000 faction points!]

[Fourth place: Chaos Gods Race—Great One Lord—4,028,000,000 faction points!]

“Finally, there’s a gap.” A smile appeared on Zhou Zhou’s face.

Due to the increase in strength, they had many targets for destroying through the Eye of The Heaven’s Anger today. In the past, they could only eliminate about 30 Eye of The Heaven’s Anger targets in a morning.

Today, it had doubled to 60!

And because of that, they had obtained a total of 2,350,000,000 faction points from the target of the Eye of The Heaven’s Anger.

“I still can’t be careless.”

“Continue with my original goal and increase the gap between me and the second place to more than a billion faction points!”

Zhou Fight considered to himself.

Today was the 17th day of the King of Ten Thousand Kings’ event.

The event was more than half way through. The remaining 13 days weren’t long, but it wasn’t short either. It should allow “Him” to widen the gap between “Him” and the Original Spirit Race by ten billion points.

At this moment, “He” felt the Galaxy Leader stop.

“Your Majesty, we’ve arrived at our destination—The Demon Flood Dragon Sacred Sea.” Wen Ya’s soft tone sounded.

Zhou Fight nodded. Then, he stood up and moved towards the door of the spaceship.