1034 Demon Flood Dragon Clan Requests For Help!

Zhou Fight flew out of the spaceship and floated above the clouds, looking down at the Demon Flood Dragon Sacred Sea.

Below him was an endless dark purple sea. It looked strangely beautiful.

Above the sea, was a large number of strange purple sea buildings built by the Demon Flood Dragon Race.

According to the information, those were marine military buildings and some resource development buildings established by the Demon Flood Dragon Race.

“He” stared at the bottom of the Demon Flood Dragon Sacred Sea. Soon, “He” could clearly see that 10,000 meters below the Demon Flood Dragon Sacred Sea, were large clusters of buildings with unique civilization styles.

They were built on the bottom of the sea, and there were many types of buildings. There were small Subject buildings and tall and majestic civilization buildings.

In these buildings, there were trillions of Demon Flood Dragon Clan members living and wandering.

Most of them were wearing armor. Even the ordinary Subjects were the same.

Not only that, Zhou Fight also discovered that the buildings around the Demon Flood Dragon Clan had also been temporarily strengthened and many war weapons had been added.

“Is this preparation for us?”

“It seems that they have a premonition that we are coming.” Zhou Fight thought to himself.

However, his expression was very calm.

So what if they had a premonition? The outcome of the war will not change.

“Bai Yun.” “He” said.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Bai Yun immediately flew in front of Zhou Fight and said respectfully.

“Let’s declare war. As usual, after dispersing the troops, we’ll give ‘Them’ one last chance to surrender.” Zhou Fight said.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Bai Yun nodded solemnly.

Then, “He” immediately flew high in the sky, high above the thousand Galaxy ships.

“All soldiers! Listen to my orders, Legion Commander! Leave Galaxy immediately and set up the Troop Arrangement here!” Bai Yun shouted.


An earth-shattering roar came from all the Galaxy.

Then, a large number of soldiers surged out of each Galaxy like a river and swiftly began to form a Troop Arrangement in the sky.

Soon, more than 60 billion soldiers stood neatly under the Troop Arrangement of all the generals and God Spirits.

The huge sky was completely blocked by the soldiers at this moment. There was no sunlight at all. They could only see the magic power light emitted by the soldiers and the divine power light emitted by the God Spirits.

Other than that, “They” had also set up more than 3,000 God Spirit-level military formations!

These military formations could be said to have everything from Low-Tier Deity Level Advance Grade to High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade.

In addition to the Small God-Sura Myriad Spirit Army Formation and Soldier God Army, there was also the High-Tier Deity Advance Grade—Supreme Fire God Army, High-Tier Deity Elementary Grade—Hellfire King Army, Mid-Tier Deity Advance Grade—Moon Worship Spirit Army, Mid-Tier Deity Intermediate Grade—Moon God Descends…

The other military formations were captured from the Fire Cry Human Race and the Moon Demon Race.

After practicing in the Time World for a period of time, the soldiers mastered all the formations of the people of foreign races and realized them on the current battlefield.

This shocking scene immediately attracted the attention of the Demon Flood Dragon Race below the Demon Flood Dragon Sacred Sea.

When the Demon Flood Dragon Race members saw these 600 billion soldiers, many of them were instantly frightened out of their wits. They hurriedly returned to report to the higher-ups of the Demon Flood Dragon Race.

Soon, some Legendary-Tier, God Spirit, and even True God-Tier experts of the Demon Flood Dragon Race appeared on the surface of the sea.

When they saw the 600 billion soldiers, the 3,000-odd spirits of the military formation that exuded the aura of God Spirits, and at least three powerhouses with the aura of True God-Tier, their faces instantly turned extremely ugly and terrified.

“Didn’t they say that the Blazing Sun Kingdom only has a hundred billion soldiers?”

“This is a f*cking hundred billion soldiers?!”

The Demon Flood Dragon Race True God—Karu cursed angrily.

“What do we do now?”

Another True God of the Demon Flood Dragon Race—Hielos—asked.

“I’ll go up and stall for a while.”

“Quickly contact the Shadow Race and tell them that the Common People’s Regal has already led an army to our Demon Flood Dragon Race’s territory.”

“As for the military strength… I’ll tell you the truth!” Karu gritted his teeth.

“He” wanted to say the number of fake soldiers and trick them into coming over.

However, “He” was also afraid that the other party would misjudge the strength of the Common People’s Regal after hearing about the number of soldiers and the number of God Spirits. Then, “He” would not bring enough troops over and would be wiped out.

Then this lie would be meaningless.

In that case, it was naturally best to tell the truth.

“But what if the other party doesn’t come over after hearing about the military strength?”

“With Common People’s Regal’s strength, I’m afraid even the Shadow Race wouldn’t dare to provoke him easily, right?” Hielos asked hesitantly.

The other party had brought such a terrifying army over. Even the Shadow Clan would probably hesitate when facing such an enemy, right?

“They will definitely come, and they’ll come with everything they have!” Karu uttered firmly. “The Common People’s Regal sees us as enemies and can’t wait to exterminate all of us. This is already something that all living beings in the supreme continent know.”

“Do you think the Shadow Clan doesn’t know?”

“‘They’ only want us to be their shield for the time being and give ‘Them’ time to prepare to deal with Common People’s Regal in the future.”

“But there’s no time to prepare them now.”

“In such a short period of time, Common People’s Regal’s strength has developed to such a terrifying extent.”

“If we give the Common People’s Regal more time to develop, let alone the Shadow Tribe.”

“Even the people of foreign race alliance led by Uriel might not be able to deal with this Common People’s Regal.”

“The Shadow Clan is running out of time.”

“As long as there’s nothing wrong with their heads, they will know that they have to get rid of the Common People’s Regal before “He” becomes stronger. Otherwise, they will definitely lose in the end!”

“Therefore, after you contact the Shadow Tribe, not only do you have to tell them the truth about Common People’s Regal’s strength, it’s even better to exaggerate the threat of Common People’s Regal and let them realize the seriousness of the problem!”

“This way, the Shadow Tribe will realize the threat of the Common People’s Regal and help us with all their might!”

“I understand!” Hielos nodded. Then, he returned to the base of the sacred sea and arrived in front of the Spatial Teleportation Array without hesitation.

“Activate the teleportation array. I want to go to the Shadow Sacred Hall.”

Hielos instructed the soldiers guarding the Spatial Teleportation Array.

“Your Excellency, the space has been sealed by an unknown force, so the Spatial Teleportation Array can’t be used for the time being.”

The soldier uttered respectfully.

Hielos frowned slightly.

This Common People’s Regal’s preparations were quite comprehensive.

“You can’t communicate?”

“Yes, Your Excellency. Our communication signals in the entire Demon Flood Dragon Sacred Sea have been blocked.”

“The other party’s technology level far exceeds ours.”

Hielos’ expression turned ugly.

Was this Common People’s Regal really a Lord who had just risen to power?

Why had they developed so quickly? Not only did they already have so many soldiers, God Spirits, and God Spirit-level military formations, but even the Machina race’s civilization system like technology had developed so well?

“Can the Myriad Water Mirror Palace be used normally?” Hielos asked.

“The Myriad Water Mirror Palace is temporarily unaffected.” The soldier replied.

“Take me there.” Hielos heaved a sigh of relief and said.

“Yes, Your Excellency. Please follow me.” Hielos nodded and followed his subordinates to the Myriad Water Mirror Palace.