The third resurrection from the end.

After Zhou Zhou regained consciousness, he immediately sensed the changes in his body.

However, the situation was not good for him.

His cultivation realm was still stuck at the Legendary-Tier Advance Grade due to his Law Skills. His strength did not increase.

His soul realm only increased by one level, but there was no qualitative change.

Zhou Zhou indeed felt that he had improved in a certain aspect.

This improvement was hidden in the deepest part of his consciousness. Every time his consciousness was destroyed and revived, it was greatly tempered. After the improvement of the power of the Final Nirvana, it was greatly strengthened.

However, Zhou Zhou didn't notice the huge improvement in his consciousness…

If it was an ordinary Lord, at this moment, even with the enhancement of the power of Final Nirvana, he probably wouldn't be able to realize what his improvement was.

But Zhou Zhou was not.

All kinds of bloodlines, treasures, titles, race divine artifacts, and Lord Talents were augmented with astonishing comprehension. At this moment, it was displayed.

After he realized that he had indeed obtained some kind of mysterious improvement, almost before his consciousness disappeared the next time, he realized what aspect of his improvement was.

"It's willpower!"

"It's a will that I barely condensed after my consciousness underwent the refinement of the extreme resurrection process and 32 breakthroughs of the power of the Final Nirvana!"

Zhou Zhou's eyes lit up.

When he realized this, *

It was as if something had been awakened from the deepest part of his consciousness.

At this moment, Zhou Zhou's consciousness emitted a faint white light, making him look like a god!

A supreme pressure emitted from his will.

If a life form saw Zhou Zhou at this moment, even if the other party was a True God-Tier, Zhou Zhou's figure would leave an indelible mark in the depths of the other party's heart like a belief.

At the same time, the Eye of Deep Abyss looked at Zhou Zhou calmly again.

An incomparably huge willpower impact landed on Zhou Zhou's will body.

In the end, the willpower that could easily destroy Zhou Zhou's consciousness seemed to be like a breeze. It only made Zhou Zhou frown slightly. Then, as if nothing had happened, he chuckled softly.

"I see."

"This is the will condensation method that I couldn't completely memorize when I absorbed the First Demon bloodline."

"And now, I've completely remembered it. With the help of the revival effect, I've directly stepped into the door of condensing willpower and entered the stage of 'Will-Like Light'."

"The me I am now have a

will-like light. When the light shines on my body, I will not be destroyed."

"As long as my heart doesn't age, I will never age. As long as my heart doesn't die, I will never die!"

"Even if my body and soul are destroyed."

"I can exist in this world."

"However, I will lose my cultivation realm and become an existence similar to the world's will."


"With only one eye, you can't hurt me anymore."

"Am I right, Deep Abyss?"

Zhou Zhou looked into Deep Abyss' eyes and said with a faint smile.

Deep Abyss looked at him silently.

After a long time, it made that strange sound again.

However, Zhou Zhou, who had already entered the threshold of condensing willpower and had entered the stage of willpower being like light, could magically understand it.

This was because the Deep Abyss spoke a language at the level of will.

Only those who had achieved something in terms of willpower could understand.

If one did not achieve anything at the level of willpower, even True God-Tier and Master God-Tier would not be able to understand what the Deep Abyss was saying.

For example, the Extreme World Honored Dragon just now…

And what Deep Abyss had just said was…

"I… am not convinced."

"I have no resentment for losing to the Abyss Will."

"But why did I… lose to an ant like you?!"

The Deep Abyss roared.

"Everything has its cause and effect."

"You really don't understand?"

Zhou Zhou said calmly.

Speaking of which, the Deep Abyss was indeed miserable.

"His" achievements in willpower should far exceed his own. "He" might even have reached a higher level of willpower.

However, "He" had long been dismembered by the Abyss Will. The real Deep Abyss had long been killed. What Zhou Zhou was looking at was only the remnant will of the Deep Abyss bloodline on one of its arms.

If not for that, how could Zhou Zhou, who had just stepped into the stage of Will Like Light, withstand the attack of the Deep Abyss's willpower?

If it was the Deep Abyss's main body, it would probably possess him completely with a look.

After Zhou Zhou finished speaking, the Deep Abyss suddenly fell silent.

After a long while, "He" calmly said,

"You're right."

"If I hadn't been so anxious back then to replace the Abyss Will, I might have…"

Before it could finish speaking, it suddenly stopped.

Zhou Zhou also sensed something and looked up at the sky.

A pitch-black pupil had appeared in the sky.

"He" was the source of all negative emotions, the end of evil, and also the source of filth!

It occupied that place, as if it was the center of this world.

"Abyss Will…"

Zhou Zhou muttered.

The Abyss Will glanced at Zhou Zhou, and Zhou Zhou felt a tremble that came from the depths of his soul and even the depths of his will. It was as if the other party was an existence that he could never touch.

Zhou Zhou realized that the difference between his own will and the other party's will was as great as the difference between an ordinary life form and a God Spirit.

Before Zhou Zhou could think further…

The Abyss Will's gaze landed on the Eye of Deep Abyss.

It was just a glance.

The Eye of Deep Abyss was like crushed gravel. It disintegrated into countless dark purple light spots and dissipated in the air.

Then, the Abyss Will glanced at Zhou Zhou again.

He did not know if it was an illusion but Zhou Zhou seemed to see admiration in its eye. At the same time, he sent a message to himself before gradually dissipating.

After Zhou Zhou learned of this information, his expression changed.

At this moment…

He suddenly felt a huge force coming from the pitch-black void in all directions. It surged into his body crazily and swallowed him in the blink of an eye.

At the same time, in the outside world.

Two Geralts were standing in front of Zhou Zhou.

One of them was maintaining the secret formation of the Abyssal Dragons, while the other Geralt kept taking out buckets of the secret medicine of the Abyssal Dragons from his spatial treasures and pouring them into the bathtub where Zhou Zhou was.

The two Geralts looked at the rapidly fading liquid of the Dragon of Abyss secret medicine in the bathtub. Their eyes were red, and they felt as if their hearts were bleeding.

So many Dragons of the Abyss class change secret medicines that had already cost "He" more than half of his wealth.

If "He" didn't think that Zhou Zhou was suitable to inherit the Demon Hunter profession and could become a pillar of humanity in the future, "He" wouldn't have spent so much effort and resources to help Zhou Zhou.

Even so, looking at Zhou Zhou, who was constantly absorbing the power of the secret medicine, "He" was already starting to regret it.

At this rate, if "He" ran out of secret medicine, Zhou Zhou's job transition ceremony might not be completed.

Then "He" would really suffer a double loss.

"What the hell are you doing!"

"What kind of demon bloodline can consume so many Abyssal Dragon Secret Potions?!"

Geralt roared in his heart, hoping to wake Zhou Zhou up.

At this moment…

An illusory, pitch-black pupil gradually appeared above Zhou Zhou's body. The pitch-black light shone on Zhou Zhou's body, making him look like a sleeping Demon God.

"The Abyss Will!?" Geralt cried out.