Even though Geralt was only a High-Tier Deity-level and was temporarily unable to activate the full power of the Crown Of Original Sin, an Advance Grade True God-Tier divine artifact, but while "He" was just approaching the Crown Of Original Sin, "He" could feel the demon bloodline in "His" body surging with excitement and roaring wildly…

"He" could sense it.

Now, with the enhancement of the Crown Of Original Sin, "His" comprehension of some of the Original Sin laws was at least ten times stronger!

Originally, the nomological path that "He" walked was the path of the Original Sin.

With the enhancement of this True God-Tier Divine Artifacts, "He" was even more exaggerated than adding wings to a tiger!

"He" was even confident that it wouldn't take long for "He" to comprehend the laws at the True God-Tier level and officially enter the True God-Tier level!

"He" thought for a moment and told him about his confidence in breaking through to the True God-Tier realm in a short period of time.

Zhou Zhou's eyes widened.

Geralt could break through to the True God-Tier Realm?!

Could it be that the human race was about to welcome a sixth True God-Tier?!

"How long will it take for His Holiness to become a True God-Tier?!"

Zhou Zhou immediately asked.

"I'm still lacking some law comprehension in the aspect of the Rage laws."

"I've already reached the limit of the other Original Sin laws."

"With this Crown Of Original Sin, I can complete the nomological comprehension that I lack in a hundred years." Geralt said with certainty.

"I heard that during the process of transforming into a True God-Tier, the Supreme Will will send down the power of laws to temper itself. Once it can't survive this process, there's a risk of death."

"Has His Holiness made preparations in this regard?" Zhou Zhou asked.

"I made some preparations." Geralt said.

However, Zhou Zhou could see a hint of insincerity on the other party's face.

Zhou Zhou had a guess.

From the looks of it, even if His Holiness had made some preparations, these preparations were probably not enough for "He" to have sufficient confidence that "He" could safely survive the process of tempering "His" divine body with the power of laws.

Zhou Zhou thought for a moment and took out three items from his King's Treasure Box.

The first item was an illusory white transparent fruit.

The second item was a black tree root.

The third item was an emerald green potion.

Geralt stared at the three items that Zhou Zhou had taken out with his mouth agape.

Even though "He" couldn't tell what the three items were, the True God-Tier aura on them clearly told them that they were all True God-Tier items.

"This is the Hazy Sacred Fruit. It comes from the Hazy Domain in the abyss where the Nightmare Snake is located. Its effect is to turn one's divine body into nothingness. It has a miraculous effect when resisting the invasion of the nomological power of a True God-Tier."

"This is the Root of Nizberg, a part of a True God-Tier World Tree root in the abyss. It's one of the main materials for creating True God-Tier Divine Artifacts. It's also very effective in channeling and absorbing the power of laws."

"This potion is called the Grace of the Goddess of Life. It's an Elementary Grade True God-Tier potion. It can instantly heal any injuries below the True God-Tier. It's also extremely effective for injuries above the True God-Tier. It just requires a certain amount of healing time."

"Your Excellency, with these three items, it should be able to increase the success rate of tempering the divine body through the Power of Law, right?"

"Oh yes."

"In my territory, there's a special building that can allow the consciousness of a life form to enter the illusory past. Furthermore, the ratio of time flow in the past to the real world has reached 1,000:1!"

"Sir, why don't you bring the Crown Of Original Sin in and comprehend the Original Sin Laws?"

"This should reduce the time by at least a thousand times."

After Zhou Zhou finished speaking, he looked up at Geralt and asked.

Geralt: "…"

"He" looked at Zhou Zhou's generous move. There was only one question left in "His" mind.

Was this King of the Blazing Sun really not a Divine Kingdom king in disguise?

Geralt left.

"He" took the True God-Tier Divine Artifacts and treasures that Zhou Zhou had given "Him" and headed for the Reincarnation Sacred Palace. "He" was prepared to enter it to comprehend the Original Sin laws until "He" became a True God-Tier!

"I hope that another True God-Tier will appear in the human race."

"It'll give me more time to develop."

Zhou Zhou thought to himself.

Even though "He" was already very strong, for the time being, "He" didn't want to face the civilization behind the Lords of all races.

The longer he developed, the more beneficial it was for him!

Zhou Zhou opened his profession interface and realized that he already had four combat professions.

Martial Artist! The Lord Of The End! Qi Practitioner! Demon Hunter!

"Currently, I can take on seven combat professions."

"There are still three professions left."

Zhou Zhou shook his head and did not mind.

Top-notch professions could be obtained but not sought after.

He just had to take it slow.

Time passed slowly.

In the blink of an eye, the first half of the night passed.

They waited until past three in the morning.

They waited until past three in the morning.

The power of the fog monsters…

It's coming!

About a billion kilometers away from the Blazing Sun Kingdom.

Legendary-Tier Scarlet Territory—in the sky above the Demon Flame Sacred Mountain.

More than four billion Blazing Sun Kingdom troops were waiting in 10 Galaxy spaceships that had entered the interlayer of space.

In addition, the 76 God Spirits and the 12 local God Spirits belonging to the Blazing Sun Kingdom were waiting alone on the Galaxy.

All the living beings and immortals looked at the scene in the distance.

The army of fog monsters that was like a scarlet tide surged over from afar.

The ground trembled!

All living beings were silent!

The immortals looked over.

The longitudinal battlefront alone was more than ten million kilometers away.

The horizontal battlefront was also more than a million kilometers away.

Densely packed fog monsters that emitted a terrifying might filled the area.

Wherever it passed, there were no living beings, and not even a blade of grass grew.

Even the astronomical phenomenon followed in their footsteps and turned into a scarlet astronomical phenomenon.

Any life form would be shocked by this scene and subconsciously hold their breaths.

Even the immortals behind Zhou Zhou fell silent for a moment when they saw this.

"It's been a long time since I've seen such a scene!"

When Sun Wukong saw this scene, his eyes shone with golden light. He stroked the Jingu Staff in his hand and muttered.

Yang Jian, Nezha, the Gale Archmage, the God of War, the God of Silver Star Knights, the Immortal Hermit of the South Pole, the God of Puppets, the High Priest Soul Summoner, the Great Emperor of the East Mountain, the Goddess of the Holy Land…

The immortals and gods stood up one after another and looked at these fog monsters, especially the scarlet God Spirits among them. Their eyes were filled with fighting spirit, and none of them wanted to retreat.

"Let's fight! King of the Blazing Sun!"

Nezha, who had already used Three Heads and Six Arms, looked at Zhou Zhou with shining eyes.

"Wen Ya, leave the interlayer of space and open all the doors of the Galaxy!"

Zhou Zhou said in a low voice.

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

Wen Ya's voice resounded throughout the Galaxy.

Then, a total of 18 Galaxies appeared from space and floated above Demon Flame Sacred Mountain. Then, there was a buzzing sound. Then, the immortals saw all the hatches open at the same time.

"All soldiers, immortals, listen to my orders!"

"Leave the Galaxy!"

"Fight all the invading Scarlet Legion!"

Zhou Zhou ordered.


The immortals and soldiers roared.

Then, they rushed out of the spaceship.