More than four billion soldiers and more than 80 immortals flew out of the 18 Galaxy at the same time. What kind of visual impact was that?

To the monster faction in the fog in the distance, it was as if 18 Gates Between Worlds had suddenly opened in the distant sky, and a large number of creatures from the Other Worlds had charged out of the Gates Between Worlds, wanting to kill and plunder this world.

Not to mention the ordinary life forms who were struggling at death's door nearby and did not dare to make a sound.

Even the five billion fog monsters and hundreds of scarlet God Spirits were stunned, so much so that the temporary commander of the fog monster army immediately ordered the army to stop advancing and prepare to observe the situation.

After a full 15 minutes, more than four billion Blazing Sun Kingdom troops and more than 80 God Spirits flew out of the Galaxy.

They were all flying in the sky.

Those who could fly naturally used their own flying skills and those who were too weak to fly were using external flying equipment like the Fear Falcon's wings.

Zhou Zhou also flew out.

Then, he first took out The Pillar of The Empire Puppet and summoned the Lord of the Empire, Gerard, who was at the High-Tier Deity-level Intermediate Grade.

Then, with a thought, he summoned a High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade Purple Jade Heavenly King Snake God through his affinity with the Gu God of the Ten Thousand Gu Emperor Clan bloodline.

This Snake God had not appeared since he dealt with the Black Dragon Emperor's remnant soul last time.

When he appeared again, he looked at Zhou Zhou warmly.

Then, "He" looked at the fog monster army in the distance before "He" was deceived.

Not to mention the five billion fog monster army, the astonishing aura of the hundreds of scarlet God Spirits was clearly displayed in "His" perception.

What's going on? Is this a racial war?

Why did this kid, a Legendary-Tier human, experience such a ridiculous battle?

Previously, he had dealt with the remnant soul of a True God-Tier Black Dragon.

This time, it was not a remnant soul, but a direct racial war?

Good lad, giving me the high-end game!

The Purple Jade Heavenly King Snake God turned around and looked at Zhou Zhou resentfully.

If "He" hadn't seen that there were many powerful God Spirits in this kid's camp, "He" wouldn't have stayed here to wade in the muddy water.

[Gu God Affinity] only allowed "Him" to protect Zhou Zhou appropriately after being summoned.

There was no need for "Him" to protect him with "His" life.

As the guardian of the Ten Thousand Gu Race, if "He" really felt that the situation was not right, "He" could escape.


"Help me, Big Brother Snake."

Zhou Zhou saw the Purple Jade Heavenly King Snake God's gaze and understood its thoughts. He said awkwardly.

The Purple Jade Heavenly King Snake God did not say anything and only nodded. He turned to look at the fog monsters and the scarlet God Spirit, his gaze gradually turning cold.

Zhou Zhou took a deep breath when he saw this. Then, he formed a hand seal and chanted a spell. Then, he suddenly opened his eyes and pulled his hands to the sides.


With a tearing sound, a spatial rift actually appeared in the space behind Zhou Zhou.

Right on the heels of that, another crash sounded.

The spatial rift suddenly shattered. Then, a black demon dog that was more than 2,000 meters tall and burning with dark purple hell flames poked its head out of the shattered space and looked at the world in front of it with a ferocious and greedy expression.

It was Levis, the Mid-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade Abyssal Demon Hound God Spirit that Zhou Zhou had summoned with his talent in summoning Abyssal Guardians!

This racial talent of the First Demon that summoned the Abyss Guardian could at most summon an Abyss life form two realms higher than him to protect him!

On the surface, Zhou Zhou's current strength was at the Legendary-Tier Advance Grade, so he could only summon this Mid-Tier Deity-level Abyssal Demon Hound that was Levis.

"Greetings, Holy Son!"

After the Abyss Demon Hound Levis walked out of the spatial rift, it retracted its ferocious appearance and stood obediently beside Zhou Zhou.

"He" was clearly thousands of times larger than Zhou Zhou, but he acted like a good dog in front of Zhou Zhou.

Zhou Zhou was not surprised by this situation.

He had a large amount of Abyssal Providence, obtained the inheritance of the First Demon Deep Abyss, and was protected by the Abyss Will.

It was no exaggeration to say that if Zhou Zhou entered the Abyss now, as long as he displayed the might of his bloodline in front of the super existences in the Abyss, those super existences would probably immediately think that he had encountered the illegitimate son of the Abyss Will.

Even though the Abyss Demon Hound Levis was famous in the Abyss and was even related to one of the three giants of the Abyss, the Chaos Demon Hound, "He" had to treat a special existence like Zhou Zhou carefully.

Moreover, "He" also felt an extremely obvious fatal threat from Zhou Zhou.

It was as if the other party could easily end "His" life the moment he attacked.

Under such a situation where "He" had both background and strength, "He" was naturally extremely fawning over Zhou Zhou.

Zhou Zhou did not stand on ceremony with the Abyssal Guardian he had summoned.

"Later, I'll work with my people to deal with these fog monsters."

He pointed at the fog monster in the distance and ordered.

"Alright, Holy Son"

Levis smiled obsequiously and looked at the forces of the Monster Army in the distance. His four lackeys could not help but tremble.

"He" turned to look at Zhou Zhou and found that he was expressionless and had no intention of joking. "He" could only fly forward and stay with Haros and the other High-Tier Deity-levels, acting like an obedient and harmless dog.

Haros and the other High-Tier Deity-level God Spirits looked at the Abyssal Demon Hound with strange expressions.

However, "They" also knew that "He" had been summoned by their Lord, so they didn't say anything and let "He" stay by their side.

Sun Wukong, Yang Jian, Nezha, the God of Silver Star Knights, the Immortal Hermit of the South Pole, the God of Puppets, the High Priest of Soul Summoning…

At this moment, they also looked at Zhou Zhou in surprise.

They originally thought that they had already thought too highly of this King, they had never expected that King of the Blazing Sun's summoning would once again suppress them.

With a wave of his hand, he summoned two top-notch High-Tier Deity-level experts and a Mid-Tier Deity-level expert to fight for him.

Probably only a God Spirit with a great contract nomological path could probably only reach this standard, right?

However, at this moment,

Zhou Zhou did something that shocked everyone again.

He clasped his hands together and closed his eyes.


A mysterious purple door that was a million meters tall and 100,000 meters wide quietly appeared behind Zhou Zhou.

There were many myths and legends engraved on the surface of the mysterious door.

There were demons invading the world, abyssal demonic qi rising, God Spirits fighting each other, and even will-level existences fighting each other…

All kinds of purple engravings were engraved on the door. Just looking at them made them feel dazed. They could not help but have negative thoughts of violence, killing, jealousy, hatred, and so on.

"The Abyssal Gate?!"

Many God Spirits who saw this scene recognized the origin of this mysterious door.

It was the official means of war used by the Abyss to invade the myriad worlds—the Abyssal Gate!