"Ahhh, d*mn it!!!"

Occles Zel's face was red with incompetence and anger.

If "He" hadn't walked the path of spatial laws and was abnormally sensitive to spatial fluctuations, and if "He" hadn't been good at life-saving and escape Law Skills like teleportation, "He" might have really fallen into the other party's trap.

Furthermore, the other party did not succeed in assassinating him. Instead, he killed a Mid-Tier Deity-level from his side, took the corpse, and left. Then, as if nothing had happened, he turned around and went to assassinate another scarlet God Spirit…

'What's this?'

This was a complete disregard!

How could "He" survive in front of the other scarlet God Spirits after "He" returned in the future?

Perhaps this matter would even be compiled into myths and legends in the future and circulate in the myriad worlds for countless years.

Then "He" would be humiliated in history books.

"Kill! Gather all your strength and kill this human God Spirit!"

Occles Zel roared.

At this moment, in order to protect his reputation, the thought of killing Xu An was even on par with the extermination of the King of the Blazing Sun.

"Yes! Commander!"

The surrounding scarlet God Spirits hurriedly said and immediately flew in Xu An's direction.

When Occles Zell saw this scene, while he was furious, he could not help but feel a little terrified.

Based on this kid's attainments in stealth assassination, "He" knew that the other party's nomological comprehension in this aspect had definitely reached the level of a top High-Tier Deity-level.

Otherwise, it was impossible for "Him" not to notice.

And a mere Low-Level Deity at such a young age actually had a law comprehension that surpassed his strength by so much. This could only prove that the other party was a super genius!

"This human's potential comprehension has definitely reached the True God-Tier. He might even be at the Master God-Tier level!"

"We have to kill him. Otherwise, the future Supreme Will will definitely have another valiant general under his command!"

Occles Zel made up his mind.

It was different from the Lords under the Supreme Will who hid their ambitions and did their own things.

The fog monsters under the Crimson Overlord were all created by the Crimson Overlord, so almost all of them were very loyal to it. There were even many fog monsters with Holy Spirit-level faith.

Apart from a few Lords, most of the Lords of the myriad races did not have much faith in the Supreme Will.

Most of the Lords of the myriad races had the same goal.

Survive and obtain greater strength and power!

As for faith?

Many Lords did not have this word in their dictionaries.

It was the same for Zhou Zhou.

He mostly treated himself as a worker or collaborator of the Supreme Will. By borrowing "His" strength, he could help "He" deal with the Crimson Overlord's faction while improving himself.

Speaking of which, Occles Zell swept his gaze across the battlefield and looked at the local God Spirits of the Blazing Sun Kingdom recorded in the intelligence.

The more he looked at it, the more shocked "He" was.

This was because "He" had discovered that there was no lack of geniuses like Xu An among the native God Spirits of the Blazing Sun Kingdom who could fight above their level at the God Spirit level!

"Could this Blazing Sun Kingdom be a Lord faction personally established by the Supreme Will?"

"Otherwise, why would there be so many geniuses?"

At the same time that his expression wasn't too good, he became even more determined to destroy the King of the Blazing Sun.

When he saw Sun Wukong, Yang Jian, the God Spirit of the Holy Land, and the others, he frowned slightly.

"These seem to be the God Spirits of the human race and a few God Spirits of the people of foreign races who are on good terms with the human race."

"What price did the Blazing Sun Kingdom pay to actually invite so many God Spirits to help!?"

Occles Zell was confused and angry.

Without the help of these human God Spirits, "They" would definitely be able to defeat the Blazing Sun Kingdom and eliminate the King of the Blazing Sun with their overwhelming number of God Spirits.

Even if they could do such a thing, they would probably have to pay a huge price.

On the battlefield, after the Lords used Incite Defection and obtained 1.6 billion fog monster soldiers, the military strength of both sides reversed.

Zhou Zhou's military strength directly increased to 6.4 billion!

The total military strength of the allied army of the fog monster faction had plummeted from 5 billion to about 3.4 billion!

A wave of Incite Defection directly widened the gap by nearly half.

Coupled with the internal strife of the allied army of the fog monster faction, the Blazing Sun Kingdom, which had just started the war, directly obtained an extremely obvious battlefield advantage.

As for the battle between the God Spirits on both sides, the Blazing Sun Kingdom's situation was also very good.

There were more than a hundred scarlet God Spirits in the allied army of the fog monster faction, and among these scarlet God Spirits, the ratio of Mid-Tier Deity-level and High-Tier Deity-level God Spirits was very high.

On the other hand, not only was the Blazing Sun Kingdom at a disadvantage in terms of the number of God Spirits, but they only had more than 80 God Spirits. Moreover, these God Spirits were generally lower-middle-level God Spirits. Compared to the scarlet God Spirits, the difference in strength was not small.

Fortunately, they were all wearing divine artifacts. With the enhancement of the divine artifacts, they forcefully turned the disadvantageous situation into an advantageous situation.

Facing this scene, Occles Zell's eyes widened.

"Where did these God Spirits get so many divine artifacts? Did they pick up a Divine Kingdom-level treasure?"

"He" roared in disbelief.

Then, "He" immediately took out a flesh communication device and prepared to send this news to the other scarlet factions.

However, "He" paused slightly and had the thought of hiding this news.

After all, as long as he won, it was very likely that the divine artifacts worn by these enemy God Spirits would belong to them. And if this news was spread, it was uncertain if these divine artifacts would belong to "Him".

"He" suddenly thought of something and a helpless expression appeared on "His" face. "He" still sent the news honestly.

With so many Scarlet Lord forces participating in this war, it was impossible to hide the news.

But in the next moment, "His" expression immediately changed.

This was because "His" flesh and blood communication device emitted a vibration and low hum. It was actually telling "He" that the intelligence transmission had failed.

"What happened?"

"He" suddenly looked up at the sky before his pupils constricted slightly.

At some point in time, a huge scarlet light barrier that covered an area of 50,000 kilometers appeared above them, enveloping all the soldiers, generals, God Spirits, supplies, and war machines of both sides.

A purple-black illusory creature with pitch-black wings and nine heads stood on the scarlet light barrier like a nine-headed Demon Horse.

"A Nine-Headed Nightmare Realm Demon God?!"

Occles Zell's pupils constricted.

"He" was extremely knowledgeable and could tell the origin of this illusory creature at a glance.

Then, "He" carefully sensed the aura of the huge array formation before his expression suddenly changed.

"A True God-Tier array?! And it's a top-notch True God-Tier array?!"

"He" suddenly looked at Zhou Zhou in the distance.

Even though there was a huge difference between the two sides, he could still see Zhou Zhou thousands of kilometers away at a glance. He was floating in the sky behind the army, holding an illusory heart that seemed to reflect countless dream worlds in his right hand.

It was the Nine Headed Nightmare Realm Demon God's Heart, a True God-Tier Advance Grade divine artifact!