Zhou Zhou's territory had already developed to a level of wealth that far exceeded the current stage in terms of war resources and the number of soldiers.

But in terms of war machinery, his progress was rather slow.

Even though his territory had many abilities and items related to assisted development and creation such as the Heart of the Craftsman, his territory was developing too quickly. Even if the craftsmen in his territory were like Luban and Tesla, they could not catch up to the development speed of his territory.

Currently, the item with the highest achievement in war machinery in his territory was a super weapon that was being developed.

This superweapon, which was regarded as a nuclear peace envoy on the Cerulean Planet, should be comparable to a Low-Level Deity's attack once it was developed and used in war.

There was no need to think about the power of a True God-Tier.

The destructive power of a casual strike from a True God-Tier could reach more than 10,000 kilometers.

Earth's diameter was only a little more than 10,000 kilometers.

If a True God-Tier were to be placed on Earth, "He" could easily split the Earth in half with a casual strike. Super weapons wouldn't be able to catch up even if they developed for another hundred years.

In another thousand years, a few more technological revolutions might be possible.

However, Zhou Zhou had already arranged for these researchers who studied super weapons to enter the Time World and use the extremely high time flow difference to conduct weapons research. The results should be visible after a while.

"He" looked at the dimensional cannons for a few seconds before looking at the Violent Storm Spirit's camp again.

Just for a moment, hundreds of millions of Violent Storm Spirit soldiers had already been injured or even killed by the 100,000 Spatial Rift Dimensional Cannons.

The clergymen in the distance could only feel anxious when they saw this scene.

Zhou Zhou did not hesitate when he saw this. He injected a little Chaotic Sacred Power into the Demon Abyss Spiderweb again and strengthened the spatial stability of the area where the Violent Storm Spirit soldiers were.

After a while, the invisible spatial cannonballs that were shot out by the Spatial Rift Dimensional Cannons could not even cause any spatial ripples after landing on the position of the Violent Storm Spirit, let alone harm the soldiers.

When the clergy saw this, their expressions immediately became excited. Then, they hurriedly rushed over to treat the soldiers' injuries and revive them.

When Zhou Zhou saw this scene, he fell into deep thought.

"This cannon should be a God Spirit-level war machine, but in terms of power, it should only be at the Legendary-Tier level."

"However, in terms of the range of influence, due to the spatial characteristics, it can compare to the attack range of a Low-Tier Deity Level. A Spatial Rift Dimensional Cannon can radiate a hundred kilometers of space."

"Especially when 100,000 cannons are fired at the same time. In a war, the killing range is comparable to a million Legendary-Tier experts."

Zhou Zhou nodded slightly.

This kind of cannon looked like nothing if used alone.

However, once the numbers were accumulated, there would be more than ten thousand or even a hundred thousand of them. Their lethality on the battlefield could be said to be destructive to ordinary life forms!

It could be seen from the fact that more than a hundred million Violent Storm Spirits were injured or even died in such a short period of time.

Zhou Zhou narrowed his eyes slightly.

It seemed that even if he used Incite Defection, there would be heavy casualties in this battle. He would probably have to invest all the Faith Divine Crystals he had saved in this battle.

At the same time, when he saw this scene, he immediately ordered all the dimensional cannons to attack the Yellow Gold-Tier God Attendants with a dark expression.

However, as soon as "He" fired the cannonballs, Zhou Zhou, who was in control of the overall situation with the help of the Demon Abyss Spiderweb, immediately knew the movements of these cannonballs. He directly strengthened the spatial strength of the area where the Yellow Gold-Tier God Attendant was, causing these spatial rift dimensional bullets to fall and disappear without making a splash.

When Occles Zell saw this scene, his expression immediately became even uglier.

However, even though "He" knew that it was useless, "He" did not plan to stop. Instead, "He" planned to continue using this method to exhaust Zhou Zhou's energy.

"He" didn't believe it.

The King of the Blazing Sun could always use such methods.

When he was unable to use these methods, it would be the end of the King of the Blazing Sun and "His" kingdom.

On the other side, Zhou Zhou continued to use the Demon Abyss Spider Web calmly to protect his soldiers from the other party's 100,000 Spatial Rift Dimensional Cannons.

As for his consumption…

Zhou Zhou looked at the High-Tier Deity-level and even True God-Tier supplements in his King's Treasure Box.

Any of these supplements could replenish most of the Chaotic Sacred Power he had consumed.

In terms of consumption?

"He" was really not afraid of dragging it out!

Seconds ticked by.

In the blink of an eye.

Four hours passed.

It was already noon the next day. Without the enhancement of the Scarlet Fog at night, the strength of the fog monster faction, which was already at a disadvantage, decreased greatly again.

Coupled with the energy in their bodies, their injuries, and the consumption of items, their combat strength had almost doubled compared to when they had just fought!

On the other hand, the soldiers of the Blazing Sun Kingdom

As the day descended, the enemy's strength decreased greatly. They did not need to continue maintaining the black membrane of the Dark Walker, so they immediately felt much more relaxed.

Coupled with various external injuries recovery potions, mental recovery potions, combat enhancement potions, and various other potions to increase their combat strength, they poured them into their bodies as if they were free. Their combat strength had almost always maintained their peak state.

Seeing them taking potions so crazily that some soldiers even had the time to change into brand new armor and weapons, the fog monster soldiers' already red eyes turned even redder.

It was a red color of envy and jealousy!

Why are you so rich!!!

The fog monster soldiers were furious.

With this comparison, they were simply like militias that had run out of a poor ditch!

Pitiful and poor!

At this moment, Occles Zell felt that he was about to go crazy.

"He" had been waiting eagerly for the other party to use up all his methods. In the end, when the sky was bright and the sun was already shining on his head, most of his soldiers were almost slaughtered by the other party. The scarlet God Spirits had begun to suffer casualties, but the other party still had the strength to control such a large-scale killing method at the True God-Tier??

Why are you so persistent!!!

Occles Zell was very puzzled.

If not for the supreme agreement, True God-Tier definitely could not easily participate in the battle between the Lords of the myriad races.

"He" almost suspected that the living being in the spaceship was not the Lord of The Blazing Sun, but a True God-Tier!

At this moment…

This sudden piece of news completely made "He" fall silent.


"The Spatial Rift Dimensional Bomb… has been used up."

A Legendary-Tier fog monster general in charge of guarding the ammunition depot flew to "He"'s side and said respectfully and fearfully.