At this moment, a strange scene appeared in the center of the huge battlefield.

Zhou Zhou and Occles Zell stood opposite each other. The difference between the man and the scarlet God Spirit was less than two meters.

There was actually not a single life form within a radius of 100,000 kilometers. They all hid far away, afraid that the battle between the two of them would affect them.

At this moment, Zhou Zhou suddenly said, "Blazing Sun Kingdom's life forms, listen up. Retreat 100 million kilometers away!"

Under the influence of Decisive Mind, all the soldiers, generals, God Spirits, and even the fog monster heard Zhou Zhou's words.

The soldiers of the Sun Kingdom repelled the enemy in front of them without hesitation. Then, they covered each other and retreated back into the Galaxy, flying 100 million kilometers away at high speed.

When he saw this scene, he also woke up a little from the excitement and fanaticism of obtaining the power of a True God-Tier.

"You've also retreated 100 million kilometers away."

"He" also spoke.

"He" had almost forgotten that he had suddenly obtained the power of a True God-Tier. If he did not control it well, it would be very easy for him to injure his allies.

After hearing their commander's words, the fog monster soldiers and the scarlet God Spirits hesitated for a moment before rushing 100 million kilometers away.

However, they did not have the Galaxy. Even though they also had more than 10 High-Tier Deity-level Scarlet Boats, their speed was far inferior to the Galaxy that the Master God-Tier had personally built.

It would probably take some time for the soldiers and God Spirits of both sides to continue fighting.

After seeing his soldiers and God Spirits leave, Occles Zell snorted coldly and pulled back his High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade divine artifact, the World-Shattering Blade, to distance himself from Zhou Zhou.

"He" looked at Zhou Zhou and sensed his aura that was infinitely close to that of a True God-Tier. "He" narrowed "His" eyes slightly before sneering.

In the end, he was only infinitely close to becoming a True God-Tier.

Facing a scarlet God Spirit that had temporarily reached the level of an Elementary Grade True God-Tier, there could only be one outcome for "Him", and that was death!

The way "He" looked at Zhou Zhou was still as if he was looking at a dead person.

Zhou Zhou didn't mind. Instead, he drew his Sword Of New Dimension Creation, pulled out the blade, and stroked the silver-gray sword with his fingers.

As it was still in the state of concealing its divine artifact, Occles Zell did not notice that Zhou Zhou was holding a True God-Tier Divine Artifacts.


"He" sneered in his heart. At the same time, he began to familiarize himself with the powerful True God-Tier power he had just obtained.

As "He" also walked the path of a God Spirit with the Law of Space, "He" accepted this kind of power abnormally smoothly.

In fact, "He" felt that his comprehension of the Law of Space was advancing by leaps and bounds at this moment. He had the feeling that even if his strength regressed or even fell, he would also understand how to walk the path of a future True God-Tier.

"If I can treat my injuries from using the Soul Refinement Crystal in the future, I might be able to become a True God-Tier Scarlet and reach the level of those 'Lords'!"

Occles Zell was excited and expectant.

At this moment, "He" saw Zhou Zhou suddenly raise the divine sword in his hand and point the tip at him.

"What are you doing? Our soldiers haven't retreated 100 million kilometers away. If we fight now, the aftershock of my battle will not only affect my soldiers, but also your soldiers."

Occles Zel made up his mind.

"My soldiers have already retreated 100 million kilometers away. Only your soldiers are not 100 million kilometers away."

Zhou Zhou said calmly.


Occles Zell was about to say something when he saw Zhou Zhou swing his sword.

The terrifying aura emitted by the sword made Occles Zell's expression change drastically.

"True God-Tier Divine Artifacts?!"

"You can actually use True God-Tier Divine Artifacts?!" Occles Zell exclaimed.

This fellow had clearly only temporarily raised his strength to the High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade. This was already shocking enough.

He didn't expect this guy to be able to use True God-Tier Divine Artifacts at this stage!

Occles Zell was stunned.

There was no such thing recorded in the information they had scouted previously.

There was no time for "Him" to think too much.

At this moment, Zhou Zhou's performance in controlling the True God-Tier Divine Artifacts undoubtedly proved that "He" already had the ability to officially fight him.

He had to treat "Him" as an opponent of the same level. Otherwise, he would definitely be the one to suffer in the end.

"No wonder you dared to fight me alone."

"So you're still hiding such a method."

"The Lord of All Races has underestimated you."


"It should be that the myriad races' civilization and even our Scarlet Fog faction have underestimated you, a human Lord."

A shocking killing intent erupted in Occles Zell's eyes.

At this moment, Zhou Zhou's threat was thousands of times greater than Xu An's!

If Xu An grew up, he might become a General under the Supreme Will in the future!

Then, with King of the Blazing Sun's current performance, he could actually be considered a reserve general!

To put it simply, the former was only a genius, while the latter was already a true expert after the genius had grown up!

"You have the nerve to tell me this?"

Zhou Zhou sneered and slashed at Occles Zell's head.

Occles Zell immediately raised the World-Shattering Saber to block it.


The two weapons collided.

The sound of swords colliding suddenly sounded in the world, and the sound spread to a radius of a million kilometers. In this range, all the living beings who had yet to escape heard the sound of the weapon colliding and could not help but be shocked.

The ground within a radius of 4,000 to 5,000 kilometers of the two divine artifacts seemed to have been bombarded by super weapons. It was as if an earthquake had passed. The forest was completely destroyed, the mountains collapsed, the lakes dried up, and the earthquake cracked…

In this area, it was actually completely destroyed with a single strike!

At the same time, the moment Zhou Zhou and Occles Zell exchanged blows, Occles Zell's World-Shattering Saber immediately let out a painful cry. An extremely minute crack even appeared on the blade.

The moment Zhou Zhou and Occles Zell exchanged blows, Occles Zell's World-Shattering Saber immediately let out a painful cry. An extremely minute crack even appeared on the blade.

The difference between the two divine artifacts was obvious!

Occles Zell's expression changed slightly, and he immediately retreated 40,000 to 50,000 kilometers. Then, he looked at the small crack on the surface of the World-Shattering Saber in his hand with a pained expression.

This High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade divine artifact, the World Shattering Saber, could be said to be top-notch even among many top-notch High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade divine artifacts. It was even said that it was forged from the fragments of a True God-Tier weapon, so its sturdiness was needless to say.

He did not expect that it would actually crack with a single touch when fighting against true True God-Tier Divine Artifacts.

"He" looked at the King of the Blazing Sun with a slightly solemn expression. At the same time, "He" was thinking of a countermeasure.

"King of the Blazing Sun uses the body of a High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade God Spirit to control True God-Tier Divine Artifacts. This process will definitely consume a lot of energy. It definitely won't last long."

"This period of time is when he's at his strongest. I can't fight 'Him' head-on."

"I'll swim around and consume 'He' first. When his divine power is exhausted, I'll be able to control 'Him' at will."

Occles Zell made up his mind and immediately began to use the divine artifact law attached to the World-Shattering Saber and the spatial law technique he had mastered to attack.

The Law of Space was not only powerful in terms of attack, but also extremely powerful in terms of the Book of Concealment and Teleportation Technique.

Among the many nomological laws, only a few nomological laws could surpass the spatial nomological laws in terms of concealment and teleportation.

"He" teleported in front of Zhou Zhou and slashed at him with the World-Shattering Saber in "His" hand, bringing with it a powerful and terrifying spatial fluctuation.

Zhou Zhou swung his sword back fearlessly. Halfway through, he saw Occles Zell disappear along with the monster and the saber.

"He" seemed to sense something and suddenly turned his head. He saw Occles Zell appear in the air thousands of kilometers away. He began to brew a spatial law technique and slashed again. In the blink of an eye, he appeared behind Zhou Zhou, wanting to launch a surprise attack from behind.

Zhou Zhou suddenly turned around and slashed out. Ten thousand swords turned into immortals, raising a smoke wave of 50,000 kilometers.