Occles Zell wanted to use the same trick again, but he didn't expect the sword aura to cover such a radiance. Furthermore, it seemed to have some predictions. Even though "He" had already used Spatial Teleportation to dodge in advance, "He" had already attacked the place where "He" would appear after teleporting in advance and directly destroyed the right side of "His" body.

"He" did not hesitate to consume "His" divine power to construct "His" obliterated right half of "His" body. Then, "He" escaped into space again and disappeared. "He" would wait for an opportunity to launch another sneak attack…

After fighting for more than two hours, even though Zhou Zhou was not injured with the Eternal Fallen Styx Divine Armor,

Occles Zell could sense that the strange divine power in the King of the Blazing Sun's body had clearly decreased significantly. It was only about 20 to 30% left, and the might of the sword energy it emitted had decreased by 40 to 50%.

"It looks like the xenogeneic divine power in your body is about to be exhausted."

Occles Zell saw that his plan had worked. He calmly walked out of the small spatial world he had temporarily created and looked at Zhou Zhou maliciously.

He was a top-notch High-Tier Deity-level Scarlet God Spirit, a junior valued by many Lords of Scarlet. After using his trump card that would cause endless trouble in the future, he was actually chased by a Legendary-Tier Lord of the human race?

Thinking of this, "He" was filled with anger.

Fortunately, the other party's apocalypse was approaching.

Otherwise, "He" really didn't know how to return to meet those adults.

"So this is the way you came up with to defeat me."

Zhou Zhou shook his head. "A dignified High-Tier Deity-level actually thought of such a clumsy and embarrassing method…"

"It's not important." A sinister smile appeared on Occles Zell's lips. "It's enough to kill you."

As soon as he finished speaking,

"He" once again hid in space and activated this assassination mode on Zhou Zhou…

More than an hour later,

Occles Zell calculated that there should be very few people of foreign races in Zhou Zhou's body who could use True God-Tier artifacts.

Having reached this conclusion, "He" teleported in front of Zhou Zhou without any hesitation and slashed at Zhou Zhou's temple with all his might.


The next second, Zhou Zhou's head was directly cut in half. Then, the aura on "He"'s body gradually returned to silence. The Sword Of New Dimension Creation in "His" hand and the Eternal Fallen Styx Divine Armor on "Him" also automatically left Zhou Zhou's corpse and floated in the air because "He" had lost its owner.

Occles Zell's eyes lit up when he saw this. He immediately reached out and grabbed the two divine artifacts. He carefully held them in his hands and observed them carefully.

Occles Zell's eyes lit up when he saw this. He immediately reached out and grabbed the two divine artifacts. He carefully held them in his hands and observed them carefully.

"The True God-Tier Intermediate Grade divine artifact—Sword Of New Dimension Creation…"

"There are actually two True God-Tier Divine Artifacts!"

Occles Zell's eyes turned red.

He never expected the King of the Blazing Sun to be so rich.

However, on second thought, now that the two True God-Tier Divine Artifacts were in his hands and the wealth had been transferred to him, "He" immediately became extremely excited.

"A True God-Tier is possible! A True God-Tier is possible!"

"He" danced excitedly like a lunatic.

Then, "He" suddenly came back to his senses and hurriedly waved his right hand. He moved Zhou Zhou's corpse in front of him and seriously examined it. After confirming that it was really the corpse of the human King of the Blazing Sun, a smile appeared on "His" face.

"Even though I suffered heavy losses in this battle and even lost my future potential because of the Soul Refinement Crystal,

it's fine as long as we can take down King of the Blazing Sun."

"Send it back to His Majesty and let His Majesty offer it to the Lord of the Forbidden Source. When they are satisfied, they will definitely reward me with a reward for recovering from my injuries or even going further."

A smile appeared on Occles Zell's face, as if he could imagine himself receiving rewards in the future and becoming a True God-Tier or even a Master God-Tier.

Then, he stopped thinking about it. First, he led the Scarlet Lord's alliance to defeat the army of the Blazing Sun Kingdom. Then, he swept through the Blazing Sun Kingdom and obtained many treasures that "He" couldn't remember clearly.

"He" was very greedy and chose to put all these treasures into his waist bag. He only left a few other treasures for the other Scarlet Lord factions who participated in this battle.

Then, "He" rushed back to the empire with the King of the Blazing Sun's corpse and met His Majesty. "He" also offered the King of the Blazing Sun's corpse to the King of the Archmage Scarlet Empire.

As expected, the king praised "He" greatly and rewarded "Him" with many treasures. However, he could not do anything about the injuries "He" had caused after using the Soul Refining Crystal.

Therefore, His Majesty was very generous and decided to bring "He" to the master of the Archmage Scarlet Empire, one of the many lords under the Crimson Overlord, the Forbidden Source, to beg this terrifying existence to treat "His" injuries.

Occles Zell was very happy and excited, but he was also a little puzzled.

His Majesty had never bought any trusted aides to meet the Lord of the Forbidden Source. Even though he had killed the King of the Blazing Sun and made a great contribution, would he really let His Majesty bring him to meet that Lord?

"He" vaguely felt that something was amiss.

However, he did not know what was wrong.

Therefore, "He" arrived in front of the palace of the Forbidden Source in a daze.

Then, "He" was shocked and pleasantly surprised.


"He" discovered that the legendary Forbidden Source was indeed as great and mysterious as he had imagined.

"He" stood there like the source of all taboo knowledge. He was an omnipotent and omniscient taboo True Lord!

"Greetings, Lord Forbidden Source!"

Occles Zell said respectfully.

"I already know why you're here," the Forbidden Source said. Every word that landed in "His" heart seemed to awaken countless taboo knowledge in "His" heart, causing "He" to lower "His" head even more. "I already know about the matter regarding King of the Blazing Sun. You should take the credit."He"

"In order to reward you and treat your injuries, I've decided… to transform you into a taboo divine body!"

"You don't need your divine body and soul anymore."

"Give up your life in front of me."

"I will give you a new life."

"When the time comes, with your taboo divine body, it's not difficult for you to become a Master God-Tier, let alone become a True God-Tier."

The Forbidden Source's voice rumbled.

Occles Zell was a little hesitant when he heard the first half of the sentence.

But when "He" heard that this taboo divine body could become a True God-Tier or even a Master God-Tier, "He"'s eyes immediately lit up.

"He" could even feel that His Majesty was looking at him enviously and even respectfully.

"Your Holiness, is what you said true?"

"He" could not help but ask.

"Why would I lie to you?"

The Forbidden Source said unhappily. Then, it urged, "If you want to give up your life, quickly give up. Otherwise, if you delay me a little longer, I might change my mind."

"Okay, okay." Occles Zell only hesitated for a second before his eyes became firm.

"He" had to become a True God-Tier, or even a Master God-Tier.

For this reason, "He" was willing to take any risk!

"He" no longer hesitated. He immediately took out his World-Shattering Saber and shattered his Divine Spark.

Before he died, "He", who was filled with anticipation, suddenly saw the appearance of the Forbidden Source. At some point in time, it had quietly transformed into Zhou Zhou…

"His" eyes turned blank.

Before he died, he heard the last sentence of surprise.

"This Nine-Headed Nightmare Demon God's Dream Creation and Weaving Nightmare Realm Technique are actually so effective at the True God-Tier level."

"I've underestimated my inheritance…"

Occles Zell did not say anything and gradually lost his breath.