There was naturally no need to mention True God-Tier Advance Grade God Spirits, Origin Crystals, and Lord Talent Crystal Fragments.

Zhou Zhou looked at the hero skill.

[Hero Skill: One Thought Universe]

[Level: True God-Tier Advance Grade]

[Skill Effect: A hero who has mastered the Hero Skill— One Thought Universe can obtain the ability to perform Spatial Teleportation in the entire world by analyzing the spatial laws of the current world.

The hero can teleport the entire army under his command to any location in the current world with a thought after activating this hero skill.]

[Hint One: Hero Skill—One Thought Universe's teleportation range and the number of life forms it carries depends on the extent of the hero's control over this hero skill and the hero's own strength. The higher the level of control a hero has over a hero's skill, the deeper the analysis of the spatial laws of the current world. The stronger they are, the more they can teleport to a further place and carry more life forms. On the other hand, the closer they teleport, the fewer lives they can bring.]

[Hint Two: This Hero Skill is essentially a Half-Growth Skill. The upper limit of growth is True God-Tier Advance Grade. Any Hero with a Hero's Fate Level True God-Tier and above can learn it.]

"A top-notch hero skill!"

Zhou Zhou's eyes lit up when he saw the effect of this hero skill.

Teleportation itself was very practical.

Not to mention the two top-grade effects of teleportation in the world and group teleportation.

With the enhancement of these two effects, the effect of this Law Skill—One Thought Universe could be said to be at a strategic level!

Billions of soldiers could be teleported anywhere with a thought!

One could think of many great uses just by imagining it.

"Bai Yun, Wu Xin, Feng Luo, Luo Sheng… Currently, I have many heroes under me who have the True God-Tier Hero Fate Level. They can all learn this hero skill."

Zhou Zhou nodded in satisfaction.

After obtaining the True God-Tier-level Secret Manual of the Hero Inheritance, he naturally would not be stingy. Instead, he would directly distribute them to his subordinates, allowing their strength and potential to grow fully.

A hero skill of this level, would have been difficult to choose heroes with sufficient qualification to learn it if it was any other Lord faction, even if it was an empire-level Lord faction.

However, there were many qualified to learn in their Blazing Sun Kingdom.

Zhou Zhou put it away and looked at the next two hero skills.

[Hero Skill: World Lock]

[Level: True God-Tier Advance Grade]

[Skill Effect: Heroes who have mastered the Hero Skill—World Lock can perform a super large-scale spatial seal. It could even seal the entire world, preventing any life form in this world from escaping the range of the world at its best and can even freeze the space of the entire world.]

[Prompt: This hero skill is essentially a half-growth skill. The upper limit of growth is the True God-Tier Advance Grade. Any hero with the True God-Tier and above Fate Level can learn it.]

[Hero Skill: Ten Thousand Tide Heaven-Shattering Slash]

[Level: True God-Tier Advance Grade]

[Skill Effect: A hero who has mastered the 'Hero Skill—Ten Thousand Tide Heaven-Shattering Slash' can trigger endless spatial tides in the depths of the interlayer of space and transform them into a terrifying tide of energy that can destroy the enemy and their faction.]

[Prompt: This hero skill is essentially a half-growth skill. The upper limit of growth is the True God-Tier Advance Grade. Any hero with the True God-Tier and above Fate Level can learn it.]

Zhou Zhou looked at the two Lords thoughtfully.

Of these two hero skills, one was the world lock with the main spatial seal ability, and the other was the Ten Thousand Tide Heaven-Shattering Slash with the main strangulation ability.

The first hero skill, One Thought Universe, was focused on teleportation.

"Teleportation, sealing, strangulation."

"These are the three great nomological paths of the Law of Space!"

"If I can completely grasp the three great principles of the Law of Space and fuse them into a complete world of the Law of Space, I can become a Space Master God-Tier God Spirit."

"Good God."

"These nine hero skills directly provide me with three future paths towards Space Master God-Tier God Spirits."

Zhou Zhou muttered.

From the perspective of the God Spirits who purely walked the path of the Laws,

Legendary-Tier Advance Grade was the easiest to break through to Low-Tier Deity Level Elementary Grade.

He only needed to accumulate enough promotion energy and comprehend a complete Low-Tier Deity Level Elementary Grade Law Skill.

Zhou Zhou walked the path of a Lord's Law. The situation was special, so he only needed to comprehend an Extraordinary-Tier Lord's Law Skill to advance to a God Spirit.

As for the Mid-Tier Deity-level and High-Tier Deity-level, there were not many changes.

It was just to continue accumulating promotion energy and use the Law Skill as the foundation to increase his Law comprehension of the Law path where the Law Skill was.

If he accumulated enough nomological comprehension of promotion energy and Law Skills, he could naturally continuously increase his nomological realm.

The situation changed when a High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade advanced to the True God-Tier Elementary Grade.

When it came to the big leaps of promotional energy, High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade God Spirits' comprehension of their own nomological path needed to be raised to an extremely high level.

Specific manifestations at this level are:

God Spirits' law comprehension gradually formed a system of its own and formed a law seed.

The law seed would be rooted in his Divine Spark and branded in his divine power, allowing every divine power to have its own law mark.

At this moment, not only would the Divine Spark jump to the True God-Tier Divine Spark, it would also use this Divine Spark as the foundation to make the True God-Tier Divine Spark become the seed of the Middle World. It could also be said to be the origin of one Middle World.

At this time, if a True God-Tier God Spirit wanted to continue improving, he would need to use this world's origin as the foundation and focus on improving his law comprehension on this path of laws. They would use the law comprehension to water the world's origin and let the world's origin grow continuously until it formed a complete Middle World.

At this moment, he would have perfected the True God-Tier realm and would be promoted to a Master God-Tier with this plan!

There were several conditions to advance to the Master God-Tier.

And one of the most important two was to comprehend a complete law!

Any Master God-Tier would have comprehended at least one complete law!

That was why Zhou Zhou felt that these three nine hero skills would directly give him three future Master God-Tiers of the Law of Space.

Zhou Zhou solemnly put away the nine sets of Law Skills.

He was prepared to see who was prepared to walk the path of the Law of Space and give the other party these three Hero Skills.

Even though a Master God-Tier subordinate was very, very far away from him,

Zhou Zhou was not in a hurry. He could slowly nurture them.

As for himself, he naturally did not need it.

With a ruling Lord Law Skill like the King around, if his subordinates knew how to use it, it meant that he could use it too.

Learn it himself? No need at all!

Then, he looked at the divine artifacts that dropped.

It had to be said that Occles Zell was indeed worth being targeted by the Eye of The Heaven's Anger.

This was because there were a total of eight divine artifacts that "He" had dropped before the loots were enhanced by the King of Loots.

Among them, were four High-Tier Deity-level divine artifacts, one Mid-Tier Deity-level divine artifact, and three Low-Tier Deity divine artifacts.

This was the first time Zhou Zhou had seen such a rich foundation.