After being enhanced by the title of the King of Loots and the strongest Lord, these eight divine artifacts directly tripled and became 24 divine artifacts.

Among them, Zhou Zhou only took a glance at the 12 High-Tier Deity-level and Low-Tier Deity-level divine artifacts before throwing them into his King's Treasure Box.

Then, he focused on the 12 True God-Tier Divine Artifacts.

The first thing he saw was a large saber.

It was more than two meters long and its entire body was dark. The blade was rugged and looked cold, mysterious, and domineering.

It was as if he could see a complete world being destroyed under its blade.

[Divine artifact name: Universe Destroying Blade]

[Divine artifact Grade: True God-Tier Advance Grade]

[Divine Artifact Law One: The Universe Destroying Blade was originally just an ordinary wooden blade. After an unknown expert borrowed it to destroy a Middle World, it absorbed the power of destruction born from an entire Middle World and advanced to a top-notch True God-Tier Advance Grade divine artifact. It has the power to destroy all living beings!

[Divine Artifact Law Two: Universe Fall: Activate the source of destruction of the Universe Destroying Blade and slash at any existence that can destroy the world. It can kill existences below True God-Tier Advance Grade. It can even destroy a complete Middle World.

After using it, one needs to absorb the destructive power of the destroyed life form or thing to recover the full power of the Universe Destroying Blade. It can even advance to a higher level and increase the power of the Universe Destroying Blade.]

[Divine Artifact Law Three—Extermination Origin: The Universe Destroying Blade contains the complete origin of the Extermination Law. The owner of the divine artifact can enter it with his soul and comprehend the mysteries of the Extermination Law at any time.]

[Prompt: It can be bound to the soul.]

Zhou Zhou clicked his tongue.

The predecessor of this top-notch True God-Tier Divine Artifacts was actually an ordinary wooden saber?

Just because it was used by an unknown expert to destroy a Middle World, it absorbed all the foundations of the Middle World and actually became a top-notch True God-Tier Divine Artifacts…

Just thinking about it made him feel ridiculous.

This was equivalent to an ordinary transmigrator discovering that he had actually become the Jade Emperor himself after transmigrating.

He picked up this True God-Tier Divine Artifacts. First, he made it recognize his soul as its master, then he activated the King again. When he reached a realm infinitely close to the High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade, he would then inject the Chaotic Sacred Power into it.

The surface of the Universe Destroying Blade gradually emitted a gray light.

It looked ordinary, but Zhou Zhou suddenly felt fear in his heart.

"This is…"

"The power of the Law of Extermination!"

"All living beings and things can be destroyed!" Zhou Zhou pondered.

This Law of Extermination should be a branch of the Law of Destruction. It specialized in destroying matter and killing life forms.

Perhaps the overall extermination attribute was not as strong as the complete Law of Destruction.

However, in terms of destroying matter and killing life forms, it was definitely not inferior to the Law of Destruction.

"You can be my weapon in the future."

Zhou Zhou chuckled and shrunk it to the size of a palm before hanging it on his waist.

As such…

"He" had the incomplete Sword of Xuan Yuan, the Regal Sage Dao Sword, the Dimensional Blade, and the Universe Destroying Blade at his waist.

He could use whichever one he wanted.

There was no hurry to retire the Dimensional Blade.

Even though it was a True God-Tier Intermediate Grade divine artifact and was inferior to the Universe Destroying Blade,

Zhou Zhou himself had an extremely high Sword Dao realm. In terms of combat strength, his combat strength when using the Dimensional Blade was not inferior to the Universe Destroying Blade.

He would keep it by his side as a spare.

The second True God-Tier Advance Grade divine artifact, the Heaven and Earth Concentric Armor, was an even stronger defensive equipment than the Eternal Fallen Styx Divine Armor.

However, Zhou Zhou's strength was too low and he could not control too many True God-Tier Divine Artifacts. He had to make a choice. Otherwise, his Chaotic Sacred Power would not be enough. Therefore, he could only store it in his King's Treasure Vault first and change with the Eternal Fallen Styx Divine Armor when his strength was enough in the future.

The third True God-Tier Intermediate Grade divine artifact, World-Stepping Boots, was a divine artifact that could both attack and defend.

However, Zhou Zhou temporarily kept it in his King's Treasure Vault for the same reason.

The fourth divine artifact, the Sacred Heart Orb, was a True God-Tier Divine Artifacts that protected the soul.

Zhou Zhou had already cultivated Will-like Light and had no need for such divine artifacts, so he directly placed them in his Treasure Vault as well.

Then, Zhou Zhou looked at the Divine Spark Fragments of the three True God-Tier Advance Grades.

Infinite Teleportation!

Spatial Seal!

Dimensional Slash!

The first two were the True God-Tier versions of Spatial Teleportation and Spatial Strangulation!

As for the Dimensional Slash, it was the strongest single-target attack Law Skill of the Space Law!

It was said that with a single strike, the universe would be destroyed! Literally!

As for the final True God-Tier Advance Grade "Hero Inheritance Secret Manual" and "Book of The God Spirit", they were the legacy of a hero and True God called [True God-Tier Universe].

Zhou Zhou stored them away so that he could use them to reward his subordinates in the future.

However, when he saw the Book of The God Spirit, Zhou Zhou recalled the Book of The God Spirit that he had obtained from the Master God-Tier Advance Grade, Juggernaut Of The Abyss.

"His" expression was slightly gloomy.

After the Abyss Will defeated Deep Abyss's bloodline will, it sent a message to "Him".

He said that as long as "He" walked the path of the Juggernaut Of The Abyss, he would stand up and support him when the Lords of all races competed for the Lord of All Races in the future.

The Abyss Will would also spend resources to nurture him so that Zhou Zhou could successfully advance to the True God-Tier or even the Master God-Tier realm in the future.

"He" even said that as long as what he did satisfied "Him", he could give the position of the Abyss Will to Zhou Zhou in the future.

After that, the other party left without listening to Zhou Zhou's reply.

Perhaps the Abyss Will felt that it was impossible for Zhou Zhou, a Lord of the human race, to reject the Juggernaut Of The Abyss God Spirit who was at Master God-Tier Advance Grade.

However, Zhou Zhou actually rejected it in his heart.

The Juggernaut Of The Abyss sounded nice, but even if he grew to the Master God-Tier Advance Grade, he would still be weaker than the Supreme God Realm, and would also be controlled by the Abyss Will.

If he decided to take this path, he would definitely be restrained by the Abyss Will in the future.

The Juggernaut Of The Abyss's God Spirit path originated from the Abyss and from the Abyss Will after all. It was simply too easy for him to set up some back doors that he could control on this God Spirit path.

He stopped thinking about it.

Zhou Zhou looked at the surrounding battlefield.

At this moment, even though Occles Zell was dead and the morale of the allied forces of the Scarlet Army had plummeted, the main force of the troops and God Spirits were still here after all. The soldiers and God Spirits of the Blazing Sun Kingdom could not take them down for a while.

"I'll use you guys to test my Universe Destroying Blade."

With a thought from Zhou Zhou, the complete Universe Destroying Blade appeared in "His" right hand.

"His" body suddenly disappeared from the spot. In the next moment, "He" had already teleported in front of a High-Tier Deity-level Elementary Grade scarlet God Spirit.

When "He" saw Zhou Zhou appear in front of "Him", this High-Tier Deity-level Elementary Grade Scarlet God Spirit was immediately shocked.

Even a semi True God-Tier Elementary Grade existence was not his match. How could he fight him?

Without thinking, "He" waved the Mid-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade divine artifact in his hand, the Blood God Wood, and smashed it at Zhou Zhou with all his might. Then, he wanted to escape.

Unexpectedly, Zhou Zhou's casual slash actually directly cut off this Mid-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade divine artifact and cut off the other party's head without losing momentum.

High-Tier Deity-Level Elementary Grade Scarlet God Spirit—Aloy didn't even have time to escape before he was killed by Zhou Zhou's saber!