The Blazing Sun Kingdom.

As soon as Zhou Zhou returned, he asked Bai Yun to immediately bring the soldiers to Mu Gu to clean up today's Ranchland Continent.

He had arrived on the High Continent for so long, but this was the first time he had cleaned up the Monster Ranch so late.

Then, he went to the Gate of Summoning alone and summoned the 18,800 people today.

Then, he looked at the professions of these Subjects and found that there were no special Professionals worth paying attention to. He chatted with them briefly and arranged for them to be assigned to the officials before leaving.

Then, he rushed to the Lord Shop.

"Old Zhou, what goods are you selling today?" Zhou Zhou asked directly.

At this moment, Zhou Chengmin was sitting on the latest eSports chair produced by the Blazing Sun Kingdom. He was wearing a virtual gaming helmet and swimming in the sea of games. He reluctantly came to the speechless Zhou Zhou when he heard the sound.

"Old Zhou, men can't be addicted to games every day. Everything in moderation." Zhou Zhou said.

"Your Majesty, not everyone is as ambitious as you every day."

"I'm just an old man guarding a shop. I sell goods every day and barely survive. I play games in my free time. What's wrong with that?"

"I don't have a large group of Subjects to manage. I can't be in a daze when I'm free, right? That will cause Alzheimer's." Zhou Chengmin said lazily.

Zhou Zhou was speechless.

He could not help but feel envious but when he thought about everything he had now, he felt a little relieved.

He had to pay the price for what he wanted; he did not regret his choice.

As the two of them spoke, Zhou Chengmin had already taken out three golden boxes from the counter and placed them on the counter.

Zhou Zhou opened them one by one and looked at them.

The first golden box contained a sky-blue heart.

Zhou Zhou looked over and realized that it was the bloodline of the Wind God Dragon from the original New Wind Demon Kingdom.

[Bloodline Name: Wind God Dragon Bloodline]

[Bloodline Level: True God-Tier Elementary Grade]

[Bloodline Effect: The user can obtain an Epic-Tier Advance Grade bloodline— Golden Dragon Bloodline. After absorbing it, The user will gradually awaken some Golden Dragon race abilities during their growth after fusing with this bloodline.]

The second golden box contained a shrunken Epic-Tier Advance Grade weapon.

Zhou Zhou took a look and realized that it was an Epic-Tier shield of the Yellow Gold-Tier God Attendant. He ignored it.

The third box contained a Divine Spark Fragment.

Zhou Zhou looked over and realized that it was one of Wu Xin's skills.

[Imperial Dragon!]

[Skill Name: Imperial Dragon]

[Skill Quality: Low-Tier Deity Level Intermediate Grade]

[Skill Description: Creatures who have mastered the ability to control dragons can sign a contract with a dragon-type creature, allowing the master of the dragon to grow together with a dragon-type creature. Moreover, as long as the master of the dragon doesn't die, the dragon controlled won't die either. At the same time, the dragon who signed the contract will never betray the master of the dragon.]

"This Imperial Dragon… is interesting."

"Not only can we grow together, but we can also let the dragons who signed the contract avoid the death tribulation when the master of the tamed dragon is not dead."

"However, which dragon should I sign a contract with?"

Zhou Zhou began to think.

This Imperial Dragon Contract was very special. It was extremely beneficial to both sides. However, correspondingly, the Imperial Dragon Master could only use the Imperial Dragon Contract to contract one dragon in his life.

Otherwise, even if you were the legendary Master God-Tier, you would not be able to use the Imperial Dragon Contract to contract a second dragon.

Of course, he could also use other contract methods to contract the Dragon Race.

For example, Summoners, Contractors, Secret Beast Masters, Spirit Pet Envoys…

They all had various methods to contract pets.

However, there were no benefits like the Imperial Dragon Contract.

The first thing that appeared in his mind was the Light Sacred Dragon—Ingesol.

As a legendary dragon, it was definitely qualified to be contracted by Zhou Zhou.

However, after some thought, he gave up on this idea.

He already had the bloodline of the Light Sacred Dragon. Contracting the Light Sacred Dragon might not necessarily bring him much improvement.

If he should contract, he should contract with a legendary dragon that he had never seen before, and it would be best if it was the strongest legendary dragon!

Zhou Zhou suddenly thought of something and his gaze landed on the Regal Sacred Dao Sword at his waist.

In terms of the strongest legendary dragon, Ao Zun, the Regal Dragon who had given him the Regal Sage Dao Sword, definitely had something to say…

"Are you there, Your Excellency Ao Zun?"

His eyes darted around as he tried to transmit his thoughts to the Regal Sage Dao Sword.

However, his thoughts were like stones sinking into the sea. He did not receive any response.

Zhou Zhou looked a little disappointed. It seemed that Ao Zun's main body was not on the Regal Saint Dao Sword so he could only wait.

Zhou Zhou made up his mind to meet Ao Zun in the future. If "He" did not agree to become his contract partner, it would not be too late for him to find another legendary dragon contract.

"How much are these three items worth?" Zhou Zhou asked.

"True God-Tier Elementary Grade Wind God Dragon Bloodline is worth 20,000 Legendary-Tier Mist Cores."

"The Epic-Tier Intermediate Grade Mountain Guardian Shield is worth 50 Epic-Tier Mist Cores."

"Low-Tier Deity Level Intermediate Grade Dragon Taming Skill, worth 1,000 Legendary-Tier Mist Cores." Zhou Chengmin said.

Zhou Zhou did not waste his breath when he heard this. He took out 21,000 Legendary-Tier Mist Cores and bought all the Wind God Dragon bloodline and Dragon Taming skills.

As for the Intermediate Grade Epic-Tier Mountain Guardian Shield, it was also bought by Zhou Zhou, who was a little obsessive-compulsive.

"Thank you for your support, Boss."

Zhou Chengmin chuckled and put away Mist Core. Then, he sat back on his eSports chair, put on his virtual gaming helmet, and continued playing the game.

Zhou Zhou shook his head.

However, he did not say anything this time.

He left with these three goods and returned to the Advance Grade Lord's Paradise. Then, he entered a cultivation room and directly absorbed this True God-Tier Elementary Grade Wind God Dragon bloodline.

Soon, a cool and free power was born in his heart and surged to various parts of his body.

Lines of text slowly appeared.

[You have absorbed one Wind God Dragon (True God-Tier Elementary Grade)!]

[Your Chaos Human bloodline has been unearthed with more potential!]

[Your Six Senses have been slightly strengthened!]

[You have awakened the True God-Tier Elementary Grade Wind God Dragon talent—Wind God Blessing!]

[You have awakened the True God-Tier Elementary Grade Wind God Dragon Talent—Son of the Wind God!]

[You have awakened the True God-Tier Elementary Grade Wind God Dragon talent—Elementalization (Wind)!]

[You have grasped the True God-Tier Elementary Grade Wind God Dragon Law Skill—Heavenly Wind Splitting God!]

[You have grasped the True God-Tier Elementary Grade Wind God Dragon Law Skill—Wind Source Break!]

[You have grasped the True God-Tier Elementary Grade Wind God Dragon Law Skill — Howling Wind!]

[You have grasped the Wind God Dragon Race's common knowledge inheritance!]

[You have grasped the secret inheritance of the Wind God Dragon Race!]

Zhou Zhou nodded slightly.

Even though the fusion this time did not improve his Low-Tier Deity Level Advance Grade bloodline further, he could feel that his Chaos Human bloodline was getting closer and closer to the Mid-Tier Deity-level Elementary Grade.