"Yes, Your Majesty." Gaga agreed as usual, but felt a little regretful.

As a smart strategist, it naturally knew that by following the King, it could rely on its ability to argue and scheme to gain the King's recognition the fastest.

However, since the King didn't need him now, he could only use his ability to open the way.

Fortunately, he was confident in his ability.

There were also benefits even though this would be slower. It was safe and did not attract gossip.

At the same time, Zhou Zhou also opened Gaga's attribute list. He took a rough look and realized that they were all strategists' common skills such as "assessing the situation", "inciting", "encouragement", "military planning", "planning", and "policy coordination".

There were also Spellcaster-specific skills such as eloquence, sophistry, expression analysis, psychological estimation, and shouting to stop.

He roughly read through it. After understanding Gaga's abilities, his gaze landed on the most important skill.

Incite Surrender!

[Skill Name: Incite Surrender]

[Skill Quality: Special - Legendary-Tier Advance Grade]

[Skill Description: A unique derivative ability bestowed by the Lord Talent, Incite Defection. Only Spellcasters

created by this Lord Talent can master and use it.]

Spellcaster, who had Incite Surrender, could be sent into the enemy camp by his Lord to carry out Incite Surrender.

During the Incite Surrender mission, Spellcaster had a 10% chance of making all the members of the enemy Lord's camp his loyal subordinates!]

[Note One: Currently, Spellcasters can at most recruit Lords below the Legendary-Tier Advance Grade in the main territory. This ability will increase as Spellcaster levels up.]

[Note Two: After Spellcaster uses Incite Surrender, he will be allowed to rest for up to seven days a day. The exact cultivation time depends on Spellcaster's mental endurance.]

[Note Three: The Lord can increase Spellcaster's Incite Surrender success rate by increasing the 'bargaining chips' in his hands.]

[Note Four: Incite Surrender is risky. You have to be careful when using it.]

After reading it, Zhou Zhou raised his eyebrows slightly.

He looked at Gaga.

"What's the bargaining chip to increase the success rate of Incite Surrender?" He asked.

Gaga smiled and explained.

"Your Majesty."

"The chips are divided into tangible and intangible."

"There are many tangible bargaining chips, such as valuable treasures, Mist Cores, divine weapons, beauties, rare materials…"

"There are also many intangible bargaining chips. For example, whether our Lord's power is strong or not, how much official position we can give to the living beings who have been instigated by the Incite Defection, or how much psychological pressure we can give to the other party…"

"Simply put…"

"If Your Majesty needs me to instigate the Incite Defection, just tell me how many benefits you can give the other party within the scope of my authority."

"I will naturally act according to my ability. On the premise that I can win the other party over to our side, I will try my best to save the chips that our side will pay through my intelligence, eloquence, and professional ability."

"If I encounter some stupid enemies, I can even use my intelligence and eloquence to recruit the other party's troops and war resources without paying any price. I can make a deal of 'Incite Surrender without bargaining chip'."

"I see."

Zhou Zhou came to a realization.

Isn't this a scam? I like it!

"Then what's the risk of Incite Surrender?"

Zhou Zhou asked, even though he already had a guess.

"In most cases, the Incite Surrender requires Spellcaster to go alone. There may be accidents during this process. For example, if the Incite Surrender fails, it will bring about a fatal disaster. Another example is if we encounter difficult enemy subordinates during the Incite Surrender process. This is the risk that Spellcaster and I might encounter during the process of using the Incite Surrender."

"But in this world, how can there be no risk in doing anything?"

"You might even get sick from eating and drinking the most ordinary food."

"His Majesty is facing billions of enemies every day. The risk is billions of times greater than mine."

"So you don't have to worry about my safety, Your Majesty."

"You just need to get your subordinates to make the corresponding preparations when I undergo Incite Surrender."

"I only hope that there will be no worries."

"Leave the rest to me." Gaga said sincerely.

"Don't worry about that."

"This King will specially send a group of professionals to help you so that you won't have any worries."

Zhou Zhou immediately said.

"Thank you, Your Majesty!"

"Actually, if I can become a Spellcaster under a powerful Lord like Your Majesty, I'll naturally have a huge advantage when I carry out Incite Surrender in the future. It'll save me a lot of effort."

"I think the Incite Surrender process should be very smooth and effortless in the future." Gaga smiled.

Zhou Zhou chuckled and chatted with Gaga for a while about the specific usage of Incite Surrender before Gaga took his leave.

Not long after he left, Aliya came over and said that Bai Yun wanted to see him.

When Zhou Zhou heard this, he asked the other party to meet him in the study.

"Your Majesty, these are the total gains after today's war, as well as the overall report on the improvement of our soldiers' strength."

"This is the corpse of all the Scarlet God Spirits and Legendary-Tier fog monsters."

Bai Yun clicked on her personal terminal and projected the report in front of the two of them. Then, she handed a Spatial Ring to Zhou Zhou.

When Zhou Zhou saw this virtual projection, he praised it in his heart.

This was a new function that his personal terminal had just updated today. It could be said to be very practical.

It had to be said that as his Machina race clone continued to send Wen Ya all kinds of new technological information from the Machina race's territory, the technology level of the Blazing Sun Kingdom was developing rapidly at every moment.

He stopped thinking about it and looked at the general report.

In the past two days, they had first eliminated the one billion fog monsters of the New Wind Demon Kingdom. Then, they had helped the Saha Empire eliminate about 900 million fog monsters. Then, they had fought with the allied forces of the Scarlet Army. After eliminating a total of 3.3 billion fog monsters, they had finally eliminated the one billion ranch monsters in the Ranch Plane!

In total, they had killed a total of 6.2 billion fog monsters!

If it was not someone who was personally involved, it was hard to imagine that this was the result of only two days.

However, firstly, Zhou Zhou only used his advantages to crush the opponents in most situations. There would not be a situation where he could not win the battle for a long time.

Secondly, with the Galaxy, a super spaceship that could travel quickly, chase, and bring its own super radar, it saved a lot of traveling time and time to chase after the enemy.

Thirdly, the top combatants on Zhou Zhou's side could often kill the enemy's top combatants first, thus lowering the enemy's morale. Not long after the war began, the ordinary soldiers of the enemy lost the confidence to win. This was the prerequisite for a quick victory.

Coupled with the abundance of war resources, the high individual combat quality of the soldiers, and the suppression of the combat strength of the God Spirits, it resulted in the magnificent feat of Zhou Zhou's four billion soldiers destroying an army of more than six billion fog monsters in two days!