In order to revive these 22 God Spirits, Zhou Zhou needed to invest 6,080 Holy Spirit-Tier Faith Divine Crystals!

For the sake of these Holy Spirit-Tier Faith Divine Crystals, Zhou Zhou had to spend all the savings he had accumulated previously.

Fortunately, after this battle, he directly obtained 12,500 Holy Spirit-Tier Faith Divine Crystals.

The God Spirits who had died in battle were revived after all. He could still have 8,000 or 9,000 left as reserves.

And in order to resurrect the fallen gods, the Cardinal-level clergymen in The Shelter of the Goddess of Life were so tired that they were about to faint.

But even so, they probably wouldn't be able to revive for a while.

The consumption of the Great Resurrection Spell was too terrifying, and it was very difficult to use it frequently.

When Zhou Zhou saw this, he thought for a moment and decided to go over later.

After all, he also had the Great Resurrection Spell. He could also contribute to this and let those gods who had sacrificed themselves for this battle revive as soon as possible.

However, there was no hurry for now.

Zhou Zhou continued to look at the war consumption list in front of him.

Other than the cost of Faith Divine Crystals, there was also the cost of various equipment, Mist Core, potions, war machines, and materials…

In total, it was worth hundreds of millions of Legendary-Tier Mist Cores.

War was indeed a competition of finances.

Zhou Zhou sighed with emotion after reading the list of losses.

In the past, he didn't care about small fights.

After experiencing a huge battle today, he realized that he had not earned enough!

In order to cope with more war expenses in the future, he had to constantly earn Mist Cores and Divine Crystals.

In addition to the above expenses, Zhou Zhou had also fulfilled his previous promise to the divine spirits. According to the results of their respective battles, he gave them all the divine artifacts they deserved.

However, even so, they had only given out more than 300 low-level divine artifacts.

To Zhou Zhou, it was not worth mentioning.

Then, he looked at the Spatial Ring in his hand and entered it with his consciousness.

In the huge Spatial Ring, there were a total of 201,366 Legendary-Tier fog monsters and the corpses of 106 scarlet God Spirits.

When Zhou Zhou saw this, his breathing could not help but become heavier.

Most of the Legendary-Tier and above treasures on these enemies could directly become three God Spirit-level treasures under his King of Loots!

After he extracted all these treasures, the total number of God-Tier treasures he had would increase by at least a hundred times!

At the thought of this, Zhou Zhou no longer hesitated. He directly used his will to extract their spoils of war from his Spatial Ring.

At this moment, Zhou Zhou discovered another benefit of his Will-like Light realm.

That was, he could easily rely on his will to extract a large number of corpses at once.

Otherwise, if it was in the past, he could at most extract the spoils of war from hundreds of corpses at once.

Unlike now, where 30,000 to 40,000 corpses collapsed into countless Loots with a thought.

In less than a minute, the 200,000 corpses were all extracted.

It was extremely convenient and fast!

Zhou Zhou immediately looked over.

In the Spatial Ring at this moment, there was a dense amount of God-Tier resources.

Among them, were more than 35 million Divine Crystals from Low-Tier to High-Tier Deity-level!

There were also more than 3,000 True God-Tier Elementary Grade Divine Crystals evolved from High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade Divine Crystals!

In addition, there were more than 3.6 million divine artifacts that ranged from Low-Tier to High-Tier Deity-level!

There was also a total of about five million Divine Spark Fragments, God-Tier medicinal herbs, God-Tier ingredients, God-Tier ores, God-Tier blueprints, and other treasures!

After Zhou Zhou finished reading, there was only one thought left in his mind.

This was too crazy!

Even an elementary Divine Kingdom Lord faction would probably not have as many divine artifacts as him, right?!

At this moment, Zhou Zhou even wanted to use these resources to challenge the Divine Kingdom's Lord faction!

However, after a while, Zhou Zhou calmed down.

The greatest reliance of a Divine Kingdom Lord was naturally those True God-Tier existences who had lived for countless years!

He had only obtained a batch of low-level divine artifacts, yet he wanted to use them to subvert the forces of the Divine Kingdom's Lords. Wasn't this a little too whimsical?

He should just focus on developing himself.

Don't do things that are beyond your ability, or you will only invite disaster.

Then, he looked at the war report again. His gaze fell on the 8,050 billion skill books and 1.68 billion equipment.

"With so many war resources, I only have 70 soldiers under me now. I definitely can't digest them."

"With so many war resources, I only have 70 soldiers under me now. I definitely can't digest them." Zhou Zhou thought to himself.

Then, he divided these equipment and skill books into two categories.

The first was rare Fine Grade Skill Books and Fine Grade Equipment.

Zhou Zhou had a total of 200 billion items left and threw them into the military merit exchange system for the soldiers and God Spirits to exchange for.

The second type were non-Fine Grade Skill Books and non-Fine Grade Equipment.

For these less precious and important resources of war,

Zhou Zhou opened the Marketplace and threw in 100 billion pieces of equipment and 100 billion skill books.

In the end, he realized that the two billion copies of the King Of Yellow Gold Class Change Certificate, two billion copies of the Violent Storm Spirit Class Change Certificate, 100 billion copies of various skill books, and 100 billion pieces of various equipment that he had thrown into the Lord Shop had already been sold.

The result of the transaction also surprised him.

[Trade Result: About 1,060,000,000 Legendary-Tier Mist Cores!]

There were more than a billion Legendary-Tier Mist Cores!

Good God!

There were more than a billion Legendary-Tier Mist Cores!

Zhou Zhou looked at the results of his Big Brother's transaction and suddenly felt…

Don't stop! I can still fight!

Let the allied forces of the Scarlet Legion come on more fiercely!

I want to fight 10 more times!

After a long time, he finally calmed down his warlike mood.

Then, he opened the World Channel and looked at it for a while. He even spoke on the World Channel, asking the Lords of Cerulean Planet how much they accepted this batch of goods.

Most of the Lords' replies were surprisingly the same!

That was to make this kind of war commodity more violent!

But even so… Zhou Zhou could tell that everyone was no longer as enthusiastic about war resources like equipment, skill books, and class advancement books.

Zhou Zhou estimated that if he were to sell equipment and skill books worth 200 to 300 billion, the market for the Lords of Cerulean Planet would probably be saturated.

As for the soldier type Class Change Certificate?

This thing would probably be saturated if it was sold for another 20 to 30 billion.

There were only two to three billion human Lords left on the Cerulean Planet after experiencing the calamity of the myriad races for the past nine days after all.

This was also because Zhou Zhou controlled a large number of top-notch human Lords on the Cerulean Planet and ordered them to gather and protect the other human Lords on the Cerulean Planet. In addition, he kept selling top-notch war goods to the Marketplace, indirectly increasing the strength of the human Lords on the Cerulean Planet.

Otherwise, this number would only be lower.