The five human empires were the most obvious examples!

Even an Empire-Level Lord faction like "Them", which had a True God-Tier God Spirit, found it rather difficult to withstand the fearless attacks of billions of Scarlet Army soldiers.

Not to mention the Lord of Cerulean Planet, who had just developed on the high continent and did not even have a God Spirit.

According to the Yellow Emperor, Patriarch Lu, and White River,

At this point, there were already a large number of weaker bloodline races and even more Lords of the myriad races who were destroyed in this terrifying calamity.

On the surface, the King of Ten Thousand Kings' event this time was to ask the Lords of all races to help the local Lords repel the attack of the scarlet forces.

But in reality, the number of deaths of the Lords in charge of assisting them was much more than that of the local Lords.

They were too weak and had not accumulated any foundation after all. If they were implicated, they would suffer heavy casualties.

"After this event."

"The number of Lord of All Races will probably decrease by half."

"But on the contrary…"

"I'm afraid none of the Lord of All Races who survived this King of Ten Thousand Kings event are simple."

Zhou Zhou thought to himself.

He shook his head and stopped thinking about it.

No matter how the outside environment changed.

Focusing on developing and expanding his Lord power would always be the right choice.

After that, Zhou Zhou and Bai Yi chatted for a while. Then, Zhou Zhou asked, "Has Mu Gu already started nurturing new soldier types?"

"After the mist monster designated by His Majesty was sent to the Ranchland Plane, Lord Mu Gu officially began cultivating it." Bai Yun said respectfully.

"Let's go take a look."

When Zhou Zhou heard this, he stood up and went to look for Mu Gu with Bai Yi.

A moment later…

Ranchland Plane.

Zhou Zhou looked at this world that was completely different from the previous Ranchland Continent.

Firstly, the Ranchland Continent was still there, but it was four to five times larger than before.

Next, there were also a few small continents around this Ranchland Continent.

Even though these continents were small and there were not many of them, there were only four to five small continents in total.

However, it already vaguely had the concept of a Planar Galaxy.

Finally, Zhou Zhou could clearly feel that in this Ranchland Plane, there was a plane consciousness.

It should have just been born. Its consciousness was still very young and blurry, but it could already help Mu Gu manage the laws of this small plane.

Zhou Zhou nodded.

If Mu Gu's Ranchland Continent continued to develop like this, it was indeed very possible for it to become a Small World, Middle World, or even a Boundless Universe.

"Mu Gu, how's the arrangement of the new soldier type?"

Zhou Zhou asked Mu Gu, who was waiting respectfully beside him.

"Your Majesty."

"The new soldier type, the Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier, has been replaced with the Yellow Gold-Tier God Attendants according to Your Majesty's request. It has been nurtured in the Monster Ranches, leaving only some Yellow Gold-Tier God Attendant Fog Monsters to be reared as backup ranch monsters."

"When dawn comes, the first batch of Yellow Talisman Dao Soldiers can be nurtured."

"Currently, among the 1,000 Monster Ranches under my management, a total of 600 Monster Ranches are nurturing empire-level soldier types—Yellow Talisman Dao Soldiers. 200 Monster Ranches are nurturing Kingdom-level soldier types—Violent Storm Spirit. The remaining 200 Monster Ranches are still nurturing Mechanical Fear Falcons, Iron-Eating Bears, and Withered Trees." Mu Gu said respectfully.

"Bring me there."

Zhou Zhou nodded slightly and said.

"Your Majesty, please wait a moment."

Mu Gu said respectfully and turned to look at the road ahead.

In the next second, countless fantastical scenes seemed to flash in "His" eyes, as if they reflected the countless locations and scenes in this Ranchland Plane.

Immediately after, Zhou Zhou and Bai Yi realized that the surrounding space had suddenly changed. Then, the two of them realized that they had already arrived in front of the door of a Monster Ranch.

Bai Yun clicked her tongue in wonder.

The spatial conversion was so natural. Was this the Lord of the Plane?

Zhou Zhou was not surprised.

The three of them walked into the Monster Ranch. Soon, they saw that inside the Monster Ranch, balls of Scarlet Fog were condensing and forming. Then, Yellow Talisman Dao Soldiers were born.

Zhou Zhou's gaze landed on a Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier.

Even though this Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier had just been born, its strength was also at the Yellow Gold-Tier Elementary Grade. However, even with this strength, it was considered the lowest in this Monster Ranch. Zhou Zhou could not even see the White Silver-Tier and White Silver-Tier ranch monsters at a glance.

It could be seen that the current monster ranch was indeed much stronger than the monster ranch at the beginning.

A text notification appeared.

[Monster Name: Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier]

[Strength Level: Yellow Gold-Tier Elementary Grade]

[Monster Description: The Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier comes from the Yellow Heaven Spirit Race civilization. It is a famous empire-level soldier type.

Empire-level soldier types that had been changed by the Spirit of the Yellow Heaven were born with extremely high comprehension and were especially good at comprehending the power of laws. As a result, it was easier for them to advance to God Spirits.

Yellow Talisman Dao Soldiers were good at using the power of yellow talismans. They could allow themselves to obtain and use various nomological powers in advance before becoming a God Spirit.

Their battle characteristics are that they are strong in close combat and have strong bodies. Although they are not good at other aspects, their battlefield performance is enough to be ranked among the top among the many empire-level close combat soldier types.]

[Loots Drop Rate: 20 Yellow Gold-Tier Mist Cores (Drop Rate: 100%), 20 Origin Crystals (Drop Rate: 100%), one Yellow Gold-Tier Elementary Grade equipment Yellow Talisman Dao Technique—Heavenly Spirit Body (Drop Rate: 30%), one Yellow Gold-Tier Elementary Grade skill book "Heavenly Spirit Protection Talisman" (Drop Rate: 20%), one Yellow Gold-Tier Elementary Grade skill book "Heavenly Spirit Talisman—Hundred Miles Wind Talisman" (Drop Rate: 20%), one Yellow Gold-Tier Elementary Grade skill book "Heavenly Spirit Consolidation Talisman" (Yellow Spirit Talisman: 10%)

Zhou Zhou nodded in satisfaction.

When the sun rose.

His soldiers could have a new empire-level soldier type—Yellow Talisman Dao Soldiers.

This was the first empire-level soldier type that could be nurtured in large quantities in his territory!

As an empire-level soldier type that specialized in close combat, it could definitely replace the Golden God Attendant that specialized in close combat.

This was also why Zhou Zhou allowed Mu Gu to use the Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier to replace the Yellow Gold-Tier God Attendant.

He even planned to change all the Yellow Gold-Tier God Attendants in the King of the Blazing Sun's country to Yellow Talisman Dao Soldiers after the Class Change Certificate of the Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier was released, maximizing the strength of his soldiers.

"Let your Plane Consciousness of the Ranchland Plane nurture the Ranch Monsters on its own today."

"Come with me. Let's go to The Shelter of the Goddess of Life first. Then, we'll hold a celebratory feast with the other immortals and our people who came to help. Although you didn't appear today, you contributed greatly to the victory." Zhou Zhou smiled.

Without the ranch monsters nurtured by Mu Gu, even if he had a divine skill like Incite Defection, he could not have so many soldiers in such a short period of time after coming to the high continent.

All the generals and God Spirits, including Zhou Zhou, understood that Mu Gu, who was usually silent, was actually the one who had contributed greatly. He was just unwilling to fight for credit and show off.