Zhou Zhou did not dare to speak.

At this moment, "He" was also a little speechless. He did not expect that the root cause was actually the Lord's law.

Was this the supreme rule of a Lord?

You had to obediently come over and help me cast faith-type Divine Arts like the Great Resurrection Spell even if you were one of the 10 Master God-Tier God Spirits under the influence of the Lord's laws?

Rule and control!

The characteristics of these two Lords' laws were vividly displayed at this moment!

At this moment, Zhou Zhou had a deeper understanding of the Lord's laws.

At this moment, he suddenly saw the Goddess of Life looking at him with a smile.

The goddess's smile that existed in Mythical-Tier legends appeared in front of Zhou Zhou and company. Even Bai Yun, Carol Moeli, and the other women beside him were stunned.

Even though Zhou Zhou was not affected, he was secretly shocked when he saw this scene.

Such an existence who had grasped the complete laws was indeed terrifying. Every move he made made thousands of life forms bow down to him.

In front of the smile of the Goddess of Life, even a True God-Tier would probably be stunned for a few seconds.

"Lord of The Blazing Sun." The Goddess of Life chuckled. "I haven't seen you for a few days, but your comprehension of Lord's Law has already reached such a level."

"In the future, it won't be difficult for me to become a God Spirit with the Lord's Law, right?"

"Are you ready to advance to become a God Spirit? Are you prepared to use your Subject territory as the foundation of your faith? Or are you going to advance to become a Lord Law-type God Spirit in another way?"

"I'm getting ready."

"As for the foundation of faith… As the Lord of all races, I definitely have to use my Subjects and territory as the foundation of faith." Zhou Zhou said.

The Lord's Law had the dual characteristics of a Law Path God Spirit and a God Spirit who believed in the Law Path. Coupled with the power of the Lord's Law itself, once one became a God, they would be the strongest God Spirit of the same level.

Needless to say, Zhou Zhou had been working hard to comprehend the Extraordinary-Tier Lord Law Skill, King.

As for the path of faith, there were two conditions, which were the Believer and Believer territories mentioned by the Goddess of Life.

The former was related to faith, while the latter was extremely useful for the stability and development of faith.

Most importantly…

When a life form became a god, they needed to establish a Divine Kingdom immediately. The foundation of a Divine Kingdom in reality was actually the territory of the Believers.

The stronger the Believer's territory was, the stronger the Divine Kingdom would be. If the Believer's territory was invaded by the enemy, the Divine Kingdom would also become weaker.

This was also the reason why many God Spirits who walked the path of laws looked down on God Spirits who walked the path of faith.

His most important foundation to become a god was not in his hands, but in his immobile territory and weak Subjects. This was too unstable. Once he provoked a powerful enemy, the gods who walked the path of faith would not even be able to escape.

However, misfortune came with blessings.

Even though the God Spirits who believed in the path had such flaws, this path also had many merits that the gods who believed in the path of laws envied.

Firstly, it could become a God without looking at the aptitude of the person who became a God. As long as one had enough faith, they could become a God.

Secondly, it was very easy for Gods who believed in the path to comprehend their own faith-type Law Skills. Moreover, it was very simple to increase the level of their Gods in the future. They only needed to continuously expand their faith.

Thirdly, because the God Spirits who believed in the Dao path had the protection of their Believers and their own Law Skills, their combat strength and ability to protect themselves were often stronger than the God Spirits who believed in the Dao path. Therefore, very few Law God Spirits of the same level dared to provoke the God Spirits who believed in them.

Fourthly, according to some ancient records, if a God Spirit wanted to reach a higher level of the God Spirit Realm, they had to borrow the power of faith…

Some God Spirits believed in this advantage. Some God Spirits were skeptical. Some God Spirits disdainfully believed that these were just God Spirits who walked the path of faith and shamelessly touched gold on their faces.

However, Zhou Zhou, who had many bloodline inheritances, knew that this was true.

The most powerful piece of evidence was:

Each of the 10 Master God-Tiers had their own Faith Subject and Faith Territory!

Take Tritis, the Goddess of Life, for example.

As the Goddess who controlled the Law of Life, all living beings within the range of "His" faith could be considered "His" believers.

Even if this life form did not think that he had faith in the Goddess of Life, as long as he had life, he would tacitly acknowledge that he had the lowest level of faith.

That was because no life form would not cherish their lives. Even those who wanted to commit suicide were equally important in their hearts.

There was a saying in the myriad worlds.

God Spirits doted on all living beings.

Other God Spirits might not be the same.

However, the Goddess of Life would definitely love all living beings!

This was because all living beings were truly "His" believers. The Goddess of Life would naturally cherish and love them.

If not for the fact that the concept of life encompassed too many concepts and God Spirits that were derived from countless related concepts, such as fertility, medical treatment, reproduction, breeding, and even disease, suffering, gender, and war, these conceptual God Spirits that did not seem to be related to the concept of life, they would have divided up most of the beliefs of the Goddess of Life.

The Goddess of Life could easily break through the Master God-Tier bottleneck and become a God among Gods—Supreme God Realm—with the vast amount of faith from countless life forms!

And it was precisely because of these prerequisites and advantages of believing in the God Spirit.

Therefore, an Extraordinary-Tier profession like the Lord, who was born to lead the people (Believers) and territories (Believers' Territory), had been known as the most suitable Extraordinary-Tier profession to follow the path of the God Spirit since the appearance of the God Spirit!

The girl smiled when she heard Zhou Zhou's words.

Then, "He" didn't say anything else. After taking away the 500 Holy Spirit-Tier Faith Divine Crystals, "He" helped Zhou Zhou use the Great Resurrection Spell to revive Nezha.

When Nezha woke up, he looked a little lost at first. Then, he reacted. After knowing that he had been revived, he immediately jumped up in joy. However, in the next second, "He" was pressed down by a strong hand. At the same time, a voice sounded in his ear.

[Don't do anything rude. The Goddess of Life is here.]

Zhou Zhou sent a voice transmission.

Nezha's young face stiffened.

"He" turned his head and indeed saw the Goddess of Life's amiable, mysterious, and dignified face.

"Nezha greets the Saint." Nezha said respectfully.

Tritis, the Goddess of Life, smiled and nodded.

"He" naturally knew that the name "Saint" meant Master God-Tier in the cultivation civilization of the Qi Practitioners.

After "He" helped Zhou Zhou revive another Low-Tier Deity Level Intermediate Grade God Spirit and a Mid-Tier Deity Level Intermediate Grade God Spirit, Zhou Zhou left with 1,050 Holy Spirit-Tier Faith Divine Crystals.

After Zhou Zhou and the others sent this goddess off respectfully, Nezha and the other two immortals looked at each other. Then, they turned around and bowed to Zhou Zhou.

"Thank you, King of the Blazing Sun, for saving my life."

"The three of you are too polite."

"This was originally agreed upon with everyone before the battle began. It's not considered a favor."

Zhou Zhou waved his hand.

Then, he took out three Spatial Rings and handed them to Nezha and the others. He said, "These are your rewards for last night's battle, including the rewards for killing enemies and dying in battle. The three of you can take a look."