When Nezha and the others heard this, they immediately looked over expectantly. Then, they held their breaths because of the few immortal artifacts and divine artifacts inside.

Their eyes lit up and their faces turned red, excited.

This was a divine artifact that truly belonged to them!

"From now on, Nezha, I also have a full set of Celestial Artifacts. Hahaha…"

Nezha was very happy and decided to fight his father, who did not love him, after returning to the palace.

Zhou Zhou smiled when he saw this. Then, he told "them" about the upcoming celebratory feast.

Hearing this, the three Immortal Gods immediately decided to participate in the celebration banquet with Zhou Zhou and the others.

Zhou Zhou and the others naturally had no objections. Then, they went to look for Zheng Fugui together. Even Zhou Chengmin, who was immersed in the virtual world and playing games, was pulled out by Zhou Zhou with a bitter expression. In the end, they participated in the celebratory feast together.

This celebratory banquet was held in the internal space of the 18 Galaxy spaceships. The banquet was held for all the Blazing Sun Kingdom Subjects who had participated in and contributed to the war.

With such a large banquet area, Zhou Zhou only found out after the celebration banquet began that the banquet had invited nearly ten billion living beings, including soldiers, generals, Lifestyle Professionals, God Spirits, and so on!

If not for the fact that the internal world of the Galaxy could accommodate a billion soldiers, 18 Galaxy spaceships would be more than enough to hold this celebratory feast. "He" would probably have to treat someone to a meal on the ground.

Wen Ya also told Zhou Zhou that it would probably cost nearly a million Legendary-Tier Mist Cores to hold such a huge and luxurious banquet, even if it was just once!

Zhou Zhou did not care about this at all. He even asked Wen Ya to do her best!

He was able to be so willful as someone who had just earned one billion Legendary-Tier Mist Cores!

At the banquet, a group of human immortals and immortals of the people of foreign races were watching the immortal banquet in front of them with their mouths agape.

Among them, the Nine Cauldron Immortal, a Grand Unity Golden Immortal Realm immortal, who had always been known as a glutton, looked at the rare divine-quality dishes in front of him with bright eyes and began to order them.

"This dish is lustrous and overflowing with a purple aura. It's mainly made of the Heavenly Dream Purple Fish. I think it should be a Grand Unity Golden Immortal Realm dish—Heavenly Dream Purple Qi Fish Soup."

"It's said that even if you only take a bite of this dish, it will increase your cultivation at the Grand Unity Golden Immortal Realm. It can also temporarily increase your comprehension of the laws."

"As for this pancake, its entire body is round and glowing with golden light. Its internal energy is circulating with a hazy jade dragon phantom. It should be the famous Golden Immortal Realm delicacy—Jade Dragon Auspicious."

"After eating it, it's said that it can increase some luck. When breaking through, it can increase the success rate of breaking through. It even has a certain support effect on Golden Immortal Realm cultivators breaking through to the Grand Unity Golden Immortal Realm."

"As for this soup, let me smell it first… Hiss! Why do I smell the smell of the Supreme Primordial Essence? That's a delicacy condiment at the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm that can only be obtained by Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals in the Chaos Mystic Realm. Could this be a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm delicacy!?"

The more the Nine Cauldron Immortal spoke, the more excited he became. His face turned completely red.

"He" had dominated the food world for tens of thousands of years, but this was the first time he had seen such a feast!

It was worth it living for so long!

When the surrounding Immortal Gods saw this old glutton, the Nine Cauldrons Old Man, say that these dishes were all precious divine grade dishes, their eyes widened.

These high and mighty Gods had rarely seen so many divine-quality dishes together, let alone Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm dishes!

Even His Holiness the Yellow Emperor and the others rarely ate it.

When the immortals thought of this, they silently raised their cutlery and began to eat.

In the beginning, they were still very calm, but gradually, they began to speed up their eating speed. Who would be polite to others when their future was at stake?

Zhou Zhou smiled.

This Nine Cauldron Immortal was indeed knowledgeable to be able to recognize so many God-Tier dishes.

As for this God-Tier dish, it was naturally not made by the chefs in "His" territory. Instead, he had specially sent someone to invite it over from the Knight Temple.

It was a pity that the other party was not a true God Spirit-level chef. He only had some experience in handling God-Tier ingredients. He could skillfully make fake God-Tier dishes according to the way ordinary Extraordinary-Tier dishes were made.

Even though it was a little wasteful, there was nothing he could do. After all, it was difficult for the entire human race to find a true Divine Chef.

Fortunately, Zhou Zhou had obtained a lot of divine-quality ingredients through the King of Loots, so he did not care about this consumption at all.

After the feast, the host and guests were all happy.

At this moment, the sky was already bright.

After these immortals finished eating, they came in front of Zhou Zhou and bade him farewell.

It was not that they did not want to stay any longer, but the calamity of the myriad races had not passed. As the champions of their respective human factions, they needed to return to the human camp they were guarding quickly to protect the humans from the outside world.

When Zhou Zhou saw so many God Spirits bidding farewell to him, he understood what they were thinking. He also sent out five Galaxy ships to send these God Spirits back to their respective human encampments.

The immortals had a good impression of Zhou Zhou, the human Lord with potential, strength, appearance, and style of doing things.

Now that he had experienced Zhou Zhou's appropriate and thorough arrangements, his good impression of Zhou Zhou immediately improved.

"Lord of The Blazing Sun, if you need our help again in the future, don't stand on ceremony. I, Old Sun, will definitely be the first to come and help."

Sun Wukong walked over and said.

At this moment, after seeing Zhou Zhou display his might on the battlefield, this unruly Great Sage's attitude was no longer as casual as before.

"That's for sure."

"But this signature…"

Zhou Zhou stretched out his right hand and a pen and paper appeared in his hand. He looked at Sun Wukong with a smile.

Sun Wukong: "…"

"He" scratched his monkey head. Why couldn't "He" get over the matter of the signature?

What to do, "He" had no choice but to take it. "He" grabbed a pen and wrote "His" name very seriously on the signed paper.

After signing, Sun Wukong heaved a sigh of relief.

The process of signing an autograph made "Him" feel more tired than beating up three Yang Jian.

However, when Zhou Zhou took it and looked at it, a strange smile appeared on his face.

This handwriting was a little difficult to explain in a few words…

Forget it, forget it. He was the Great Sage. Why should he care about such trivial matters?

"Thank you, Great Sage." Zhou Zhou smiled.

"It's a small matter, just a small matter." Sun Wukong smiled and waved his hand.

At this moment, Yang Jian and Nezha walked over.

"Thank you, Your Majesty Blazing Sun, for saving my little brother's life. Yang Jian is extremely grateful!"

"In the future, if Your Majesty has any requests, you can send a message to the Great Xia Empire's River Entrance or the Heavenly Barbarian Empire's River Entrance in the Primordial World. Yang Jian usually cultivates in these two places. As long as Yang Jian knows that Your Majesty needs Yang Jian, he will definitely come to help immediately." Yang Jian cupped his fists respectfully.

"So is Nezha. If Your Majesty needs anything, feel free to ask Nezha." Nezha followed closely behind.

"Senior Immortal and Marshal Zhongtan are too polite."

"Then I'll do as you say." Zhou Zhou said.

Then, he also asked Yang Jian and Nezha for their autographs. They clearly knew their influence in the myriad worlds, so even though they were a little surprised, they still autographed for Zhou Zhou readily.

After Zhou Zhou looked at the signatures of the two deities and compared them to the Great Sage's signature, he could not help but smack his lips…

The difference was a little big…

Forget it, forget it. He's the Great Sage…

After the immortals left, Zhou Zhou turned around and was about to eat nearby when he saw a shadow descend from the sky and land in front of him.

It was a mighty and domineering black-red dragon more than 10,000 meters tall!

It was surrounded by black-red magma and smoke. A pair of red eyes were hidden in it, like a dragon god in flames staring at all life forms.

It had an ancient flaming crown on its head like a volcano, and its body was covered in a black-red ferocious and domineering Dragon God armor.

It was Nezario, which had finally become a God Spirit!