By now, she might already have more than a hundred million soldiers and become the Lord of The Blazing Sun's trusted aide.

Even if she could not become the Lord of All Races in the future, she could definitely become a lord who dominated an area.

Now that she recalled,

the seat of the Lord of All Races could only be occupied by one Lord.

Even if she had the Dragonblood Queen, a top Epic-Tier Lord Talent that could summon wyverns, would he really be able to become the unattainable Lord of All Races?

Not to mention the Lord of All Races who came from top-notch bloodlines, even the Lord of All Races who came from top-notch bloodlines with top-notch Lord Talents.

As far as she knew, there were at least 100 human lords on the Cerulean Planet who had Lord Talents that were on par with her or even stronger.

In such an internal environment, it could be said that her chances of standing out and even becoming the Lord of All Races were very slim.

Then what was the point of her continuing to fight?

Should the other top Lords become stepping stones on the path of the Lord of All Races?

Since that was the case, he might as well properly position himself.

If he couldn't become the Lord of All Races, wouldn't it be good to be a top-notch Lord or a subordinate of the Lord of All Races and enjoy wealth and power at the level of a king?

At the very least, he was much more confident in doing this than ascending to the position of the Lord of All Races.

After figuring this out, the Dragon Lady Lord immediately felt much more relaxed. She even felt that the high continent's war-filled environment was a little adorable.

"Your Majesty, what can I do for you?"

The Dragon Lady Lord looked at the Lord of The Blazing Sun's god-like handsome face and said with a hint of infatuation in her eyes.

"How many wyverns do you have now?"

"How many wyverns can hatch in your wyvern nest in a day?"

Zhou Zhou went straight to the point.

The Dragon Lady Lord was extremely intelligent. She immediately figured out what His Majesty wanted to do.

However, there was no unwillingness in her heart. She immediately said,

"Your Majesty, I still have about 156 wyverns."

"As for my wyvern nest, it has just been upgraded to Diamond-Tier Elementary Grade with the territory. Currently, it can produce seven wyverns a day."

"However, if we invest some specified soldier type resources into the wyvern's nest, such as yellow gold, diamonds, jewelry, and other soldier types that the sub-dragons are interested in, my wyvern's nest can produce at most 20 wyverns a day."

Dragon Lady Lord said truthfully.

Zhou Zhou's eyes lit up.

Yellow gold, diamonds, jewelry?

He was not lacking in this aspect at all.

Previously, be it the King Of Yellow Gold or the Gold God Attendant, they had provided him with a large amount of gold, raw gold, and other mineral resources.

Not to mention that the treasure vaults of the kingdoms that he had conquered had also provided him with a large amount of Yellow Gold-Tier, diamonds, jewelry, and other resources.

"I can provide you with sufficient soldier type resources and let your wyvern nest produce wyverns with all its might."

"However, the 20 wyverns produced by your wyvern nest every day need to be transferred to me. In return, for every 20 wyverns you transfer to me, I will also provide you with a pure-blooded dragon."

"If you're willing to hand over all 156 wyverns in your hands to me, I'll also trade with you seven pure-blooded dragons in the same way."

"I'll give you the rest after you make up for the remaining four wyverns."

"However, let me make it clear first. This transaction is not indefinite. After a certain stage, I might not continue to buy your wyvern. At that time, this transaction might stop for the time being until I feel that I can do it again. Then, I'll continue this exchange. What do you think?" Zhou Zhou said.