Zhou Zhou looked a little surprised after reading it.

"This Purple Star nomological law is quite impressive and it feels quite compatible with my Lord's law." Zhou Zhou muttered to himself.

He had also seen Gods who had comprehended the Laws of the Stars.

For example, Bai He's disciple Rob Allen, the Silver Meteor Knight, was a God Spirit who had comprehended a branch of the law of the stars—the Law of the Meteor.

Compared to the Purple Star nomological laws comprehended by the Yellow Talisman Dao God, the nomological laws he comprehended were completely insignificant.

The Purple Star Law was much stronger than Rob Allen's Law of the Meteor.

"There's also a gap between laws."

Zhou Zhou shook his head inwardly then he looked at Zhou Chengmin.

"How much are these three goods worth?" Zhou Zhou asked.

"Mid-Tier Deity Intermediate Grade Law Skill Book, Yellow Sky Secret Book—Purple Star Arctic Taihuang Star Daoist Robe, worth 50,000 Legendary-level Hearts of Things."

"Mid-Tier Deity Intermediate Grade Law Skill Book, Yellow Talisman Dao Technique —Purple Star Emperor Dao Divine Sword is worth 30,000 Legendary-Tier Mist Cores."

"As for the Yellow Talisman Dao Technique—Purple Star Divine Light of Providence—which is also a Mid-Tier Deity Intermediate Law Skill Book, it's worth 90,000 Legendary-Tier Mist Cores." Zhou Chengmin said slowly.

Zhou Zhou was speechless.

It's so expensive.

However, he did not say anything. In fact, he acknowledged the value of these three items. Hence, he obediently handed over 170,000 Legendary-Tier Mist Cores.

If it were in the past, he would not even be able to take out so many Legendary-Tier Mist Cores, let alone feel heartache.

But to the current Zhou Zhou, it was just so-so.

"Thank you for coming, Your Majesty."

After Zhou Chengmin took the Mist Cores, he ran back to his seat, put on the virtual gaming helmet again, and continued his gaming journey.

When Zhou Zhou saw this, he turned around and walked towards the army camp.

By the time he found Bai Yun at the army base, Bai Yun had already tidied up the army and prepared to go to the Ranchland Plane to clean up the Monster Ranches as usual.

Seeing this, Zhou Zhou followed him to the Monster Ranch to clean up the monsters.

Half an hour later, the one billion ranch monsters produced by the Monster Ranch were all cleared by Zhou Zhou's soldiers.

Zhou Zhou obtained 1.8 billion "Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier Recruitment Books", 1.8 billion "Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier Class Change Certificate", 600 million "Violent Storm Spirit Recruitment Books", and 600 million "Violent Storm Spirit Class Change Certificate".

He looked at the 4.8 billion Class Change Certificates and recruitment books in the King's Treasure Box and a smile appeared on his face.

He would finally have his first imperial-level soldier type from today onwards!

In the future, when he faced the enemies of those empire-level Lords, he would not have to use his Kingdom-level soldier type against them.

Even though his Kingdom-level soldier type was not inferior to an empire-level soldier type in terms of combat strength, it was naturally better to have stronger empire-level soldier types.

He first handed the 1.8 billion Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier Class Change Certificate to Wu Xin and asked him to order all the Yellow Gold-Tier God Attendants in the territory to change their professions to Yellow Talisman Dao Soldiers without another word.

Immediately after, he came to the Gate of Summoning and threw all 1.8 billion Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier recruitment books and 600 million Violent Storm Spirit recruitment books into the Gate of Summoning. Then, he spent 100 Extraordinary-Tier Mist Cores to summon them all at once and changed the locations they summoned to the internal worlds of the three Galaxy ships.

All of a sudden, in the empty inner worlds of the three Galaxy ships that Zhou Zhou had designated, 1.8 billion Yellow Talisman Dao Soldiers and 600 million Violent Storm Spirits appeared.

When Zhou Zhou saw this scene through the virtual screen provided by Wen Ya, a faint smile appeared on his face.

Even though these 2.4 billion soldiers were all new recruits, it still allowed his military strength to reach 9.6 billion, or even close to the total number of 9.7 billion soldiers!

If he included the 1.7 billion soldiers of the Star Alliance (Dragon Lady Lord and the other affiliated kingdoms), the total number of soldiers under his command had already reached a terrifying 11.4 billion.

"My soldiers have passed the 10-billion mark."

Zhou Zhou lamented.

10 billion soldiers!

It was about the same amount of humans in all five human empires and the many human Lord factions.

If he was a little crazy, he could even rely on these soldiers to fight the entire human race.

Of course, this was only a metaphor for his total military strength.

Zhou Zhou naturally wouldn't do that to his clansmen who had done him a lot of favors.

He looked at Bai Yun.

"Let the soldiers rest for the morning. We'll start training in the afternoon."

"I only have one request, and that is to conquer at least 36 Beginner Kingdoms within this afternoon."

Zhou Zhou said in a deep voice.

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

Hearing this, Bai Yun agreed without hesitation.

Conquering 36 Beginner Kingdoms in one afternoon?

It sounded unbelievable, but after the battle last night, Bai Yun only felt that it was a small matter.

She could use this opportunity to increase the reputation of the God Spirits and heroes under her as well as the Heroes' Reputation Rating while conquering these 36 Beginner Kingdoms.

In the past, Legendary heroes seemed unreachable. However, as their strength increased, it was very easy for them to obtain some ordinary Legendary heroes, for example, heroes that could lead an army to attack a kingdom.

Zhou Zhou nodded and did not say anything else. He walked towards the Knight Temple.

A moment later…

In the Knight Temple.

In the conference room of the Supreme Council.

Bai He and Zhou Zhou sat on the seats of the fifth and sixth speakers respectively.

Not far away, there were two High-Tier Deity-level God Spirits from the Knight Temple.

At this moment, the two High-Tier Deity-level God Spirits of the Knight Temple looked at Zhou Zhou, who was sitting beside Bai He and chatting happily with him. A hint of reverence flashed across their eyes.

The change in Zhou Zhou's status in the past few days had shocked them.

When he first came to the meeting room of the Supreme Council and participated in the meeting, he was not even a Councilor.

In the end, after that meeting, not only did Zhou Zhou become a Councilor, but he also skipped many higher-ups of the human race and directly became the sixth Councilor, second only to True God-Tier members like the Yellow Emperor, Patriarch Lu, and Bai He.

In the end, only a day had passed. When Zhou Zhou came here again, the other party had already become a Speaker-level existence comparable to the Yellow Emperor and the others.

This speed of advancement, if Zhou Zhou said he was second, no one would dare to say he was first in the entire history of the human race.

Moreover, he was afraid that no one would be able to do it again.

He wondered what kind of astonishing achievements the Sixth Speaker would have in the future.

The two of them sighed in their hearts.

At the same time…

"Are we going to call a meeting of the Supreme Council now?"

Bai He asked Zhou Zhou.

"Sure." Zhou Zhou nodded.

Seeing this, Bai He nodded, summoned a virtual screen, and pressed the button to convene the meeting.

Not long after he clicked, the figures of the upper echelons of the human race appeared in their seats.

Soon, Zhou Zhou saw the Yellow Emperor and Patriarch Lu.

The three of them looked at each other and smiled.

When all the higher-ups of the human race arrived, the Yellow Emperor said, "This meeting officially commenced. The Sixth Speaker will preside over the entire meeting because this meeting is mainly about the war with the allied forces of the Crimson Kingdom outside the Blazing Sun Kingdom. Now, let's invite the Sixth Speaker to talk. After the Sixth Speaker finishes his discussion, I'll announce another matter."

As soon as he finished speaking, all the higher-ups of the human race applauded in unison. At the same time, all kinds of gazes landed on Zhou Quan.

There was envy, yearning, desire, respect, and the envy of a few higher-ups of the human race.

Zhou Zhou's expression did not change as he stood up.

"Actually, I don't have much to say about last night's war. I've already sent the war video and the outcome of the war to everyone in advance. I believe everyone has already seen it in advance."

"That's why I want to talk about some of the country's trade matters in my Blazing Sun Kingdom."

Hearing this, the upper echelons of the human race were interested.

It was normal for human countries to have business dealings with each other. In fact, important business dealings were more related to the future development of the human race.

Therefore, it was not against the rules of the Supreme Council to mention this matter at the Supreme Council meeting.

Coupled with the rapid rise of the Blazing Sun Kingdom, there was definitely a secret behind it that they did not know. Therefore, they wanted to see what goods the King of the Blazing Sun would take out to trade.

"First of all, I recently obtained a batch of equipment and skill books."

"This batch of equipment and skill books range from Green Bronze-Tier to Legendary-Tier, so I want to sell this batch of skill books and equipment to the humans." Zhou Zhou said.