When the Yellow Emperor heard Zhou Zhou agree, a faint smile appeared on his face.

As such…

Zhou Zhou had obtained the huge territory of the human race, and the human race had also obtained a trillion pieces of equipment, skill books, and a large number of Empire-level soldier type Class Change Certificates for free. This was undoubtedly a good outcome for both sides.

The matter that he was most concerned about had been properly resolved. At this moment, even though the Yellow Emperor knew that from tomorrow onwards, most of the humans would live in the Primordial World and their future potential would be damaged, "He" still felt much more relaxed. "He" was even in the mood to tease Zhou Zhou.

"In a while, you can send someone over to interact with the officials in charge of this aspect of the human race and take over the human territory we gave up."

"When you completely digest these human territories one day, you and your territory will definitely be able to increase greatly!"

"At that time, I'm afraid no Lord of All Races can surpass you in terms of development speed."

"At that time, even if the civilizations behind the Lords of the myriad races take the opportunity to attack you, as long as the other party doesn't dare to violate the supreme agreement and deal with you crazily, you should have a certain amount of ability to deal with them."

"I really want to see what their expressions will be like when the time comes."

The Yellow Emperor smiled.

The other upper echelons of the human race could not help but laugh when they heard this. The resentment in their hearts from being forced to move had even dissipated a lot.

"I hope so."

Zhou Zhou was not overly proud. His expression remained calm.

When the other higher-ups of the human race saw Zhou Zhou's attitude, even though they did not say anything, they clicked their tongues in wonder.

This Sixth Speaker… was indeed extraordinarily steady and calm!

If they had such potential and had a strong army, they would probably dare to touch the top civilization behind the Lords of all races, let alone the Lords of all races.

And this King of the Blazing Sun was actually so neither arrogant nor rash?

Such a heart that could withstand loneliness was truly rare in the world.

"By the way, Your Excellency."

"Is the Primordial World really that magical that all the experts of the people of foreign races can't detect the location of the Primordial World?"

Zhou Zhou thought of this and asked curiously.

From the tone of the Yellow Emperor, it was as if once they entered the Primordial World, they could ensure that the human race was fine.

Could it be that the Primordial World could even block the detection of True God-Tier and even Master God-Tier?

"Haha, it's that magical. After all, that's the Primordial World created by Regal Pangu."

"Regal Pangu is the person with the highest comprehension among us humans. He even created more than one Master God-Tier nomological secret technique when he was still a True God-Tier."

"One of the Master God-Tier World Secret Techniques is called the Void Illusion Realm Secret Technique. It can hide the entire Primordial World. Even Master God-Tier can't discover the location of the Primordial World."

"If not for this Master God-Tier world secret technique…"

"It would be impossible for Regal Pangu to have been seriously injured for so many years and not see any enemy who can find 'He'."

Patriarch Lu smiled.

"That's right."

"In fact, even we don't even know the true location of the Primordial World. Our channel to the Primordial World is just an exclusive passageway specially left for us humans by Regal Pangu before he fell asleep."

Bai He added.

"The Primordial World is actually so safe…" Zhou Zhou exclaimed. Then, he asked, "But this time, we're sending most of the Subjects of the Human Race to the Primordial World. Among so many Human Race Subjects, there must be spies from the people of foreign races."

"What if they use some treasures to leak the location of the Primordial World after entering?"

"Don't worry."

The Yellow Emperor smiled and said, "The exclusive passageway left for us by the Regal is to block all suspicious people with disloyal identities from entering the Primordial World."

"It's a good opportunity to use this human migration to cleanse the traitors of our human race."

Zhou Zhou nodded and did not ask further.

The conversation between the Speaker ended.

A black-robed man with a cold and dignified face and a ghostly cultivator body stood up and looked at Zhou Zhou obsequiously.

"Your Majesty, Sixth Speaker, I would like to order five Galaxy ships from your Blazing Sun Kingdom. Do you have time to build them?"

"He" also knew that the Sixth Speaker would probably be very busy in the coming days.

Zhou Zhou looked at him and his information appeared in his mind.

Lord Yin Luo.

He was one of the Grand Unity Golden Immortal Realm cultivators of the human race. Moreover, he had attained the Grand Unity Golden Immortal Realm through the Dao of Ghost Cultivators. It could be said that it had not been easy for him to come this far.

It was said that the other party's high-level kingdom was not on the surface. Instead, it was in a place deep underground where more than a billion ghostly cultivators gathered.

From the looks of it, if it was a normal human country, it could actually establish an empire.

If not for the fact that the other party could not break through to the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm because of the Ghost Immortal's body and the various limitations of the Netherworld Ghost Domain,

The human race might even have the Sixth Empire now.

Furthermore, among the human God Spirits who had come to support him the night before, there was this one in front of him. Therefore, Zhou Zhou had a good impression of "Him".


When Zhou Zhou heard the other party's words, he agreed without hesitation. Then, he explained, "However, Lord Yin Luo, you have to wait for a day or two. You can only start working after I complete the order in my hand."

"In addition, you have to pay for the materials, manufacturing costs, patent fees, transportation fees, and a series of other fees and materials."

"If you're willing, we can add each other's contact details first. Then, you can contact the official personnel in charge of this matter in the Blazing Sun Kingdom."

"Sure." King Yin Luo was overjoyed.

The speed of the Galaxy was seen by all the immortals and gods. It was really top-notch!

As long as it was given sufficient energy, any ordinary life form could control it with their voice and allow it to unleash the speed of a True God-Tier.

Most importantly, the internal world of the Galaxy was huge and could accommodate a billion life forms. If it was a ghost cultivator, it could even accommodate ten billion ghost cultivators.

In that case, "He" could completely transfer "His" Ghost Realm Kingdom to the Galaxy, and "He" would no longer be bound by regions.

Therefore, "He" naturally wanted such a top-grade spaceship very much.

Upon hearing that the deal between Zhou Zhou and Lord Yin Luo had ended so easily, the other upper echelons of the human race could not sit still anymore. They hurriedly spoke, wanting to sign a deal with Zhou Zhou to order the Galaxy.

Zhou Zhou naturally did not reject any of them.

After the upper echelons of the human race discussed the specific share of the deal with Zhou Zhou, he did a rough calculation and realized that he had accepted nearly 200 Galaxy deals in a short period of time!

If not for the limitations of the spaceship's materials, this number would probably be more than doubled.

Zhou Zhou grinned inwardly.

This list would probably take a long time to complete.

He had to let Wen Ya build more spaceship manufacturing factories so that he could speed up the manufacturing process.

Then, Zhou Zhou thought of something and gradually frowned.


The Yellow Emperor noticed the change in Zhou Zhou's expression and asked worriedly.