Zhou Zhou, who was the closest, only took a casual breath and circulated the Chaos Origin Manual slightly to absorb a huge amount of promotion energy.

This promotion energy was even comparable to the promotion energy given to him by killing more than ten Yellow Gold-Tier enemies.

Zhou Zhou's eyes widened.

My God.

So much promotion energy?

Didn't this mean that as long as he had enough potential, coupled with a set of self-cultivation cultivation techniques that could absorb the energy of advancement,

Even if the other party did not kill any life form, he could easily advance to the Yellow Gold-Tier and White Platinum-Tier. Over time, it was not impossible for him to reach the Diamond-Tier and Extraordinary-Tier.

"Could this spatial passageway be…"

Zhou Zhou had a guess as he looked at the spatial passageway.

At this moment, the text notification finally appeared.

[Congratulations, your Advance Grade Lord's Paradise has successfully been upgraded to an Epic-Tier Elementary Grade building and advanced to a small Blessed Land!]

[Your territory has been upgraded to Yellow Gold-Tier Elementary Grade!]

[Your Extraordinary-Tier Advance Grade Five Elements Amplification Array has successfully been upgraded to the Epic-Tier Elementary Blessed Land Myriad Formation.]

[Territory Stone Tablet Endurance increased to: 30 billion / 30 billion!]

[Your territory has expanded to 1,000,000 km x 1,000,000 km x 100,000 km!]

[All fog monsters within the territory of the new territory have been expelled!]

[Scarlet Fog will not appear in any of your territories!]

[You have received an upgrade reward: Basic Construction Blueprint Treasure Chest (Extraordinary-Tier Elementary Grade)!]

[Lord Talent Notification: The upper limit of the enemy lord's faction that you can induce Incite Defection has been increased to the Intermediate True God-Tier Grade!]

[Lord Talent Hint: Your Monster Ranches can be upgraded!]

[Lord Talent Hint: Your Mysterious Caravan faction has increased!]

[Lord Talent Hint: The strength of the clergy in your Goddess of Life's shelter has increased!]

The next second, an even more dignified and loud voice sounded.

[Cerulean Planet World Channel Lord Announcement: Congratulations to the Lord of The Blazing Sun, becoming the first Lord to upgrade his territory to Diamond-Tier. Reward: Supreme Treasure Chest +1, Reputation Rating +1, unique title of the race: Glory of the Pioneer VI has advanced to Glory of the Pioneer VII!]

[Cerulean Planet's entire channel's Lord Announcement: Congratulations to the Lord of The Blazing Sun…]

[Cerulean Planet's entire channel's Lord Announcement: Congratulations to the Lord of The Blazing Sun…]

Zhou Zhou heaved a sigh of relief before a smile appeared on his face.

Even though it took a long time to upgrade the territory this time, fortunately, in the end, he still obtained this advanced title.

The obsessive-compulsive disorder was satisfied.


He was not in a hurry to look at the rewards after upgrading his territory. Instead, he opened the World Channel and all the Camp Channels.

As expected, almost all the Lords of Cerulean Planet were discussing the matter of his territory advancing to the Epic-Tier.

Zhou Zhou smiled. He was no longer as excited and excited over such a small matter as before.

Of course, he was definitely happy.

Then, he first replied to his friend's congratulatory message and opened the latest title message.

Title: The Glory of the Pioneer VII]

[Title Quality: Unique Title of The Race]

[Title Effect One: You are famous among the Cerulean Planet Lords. More people admire your reputation and yearn to join your territory. The number of subjects you can summon through the Gate of Summoning everyday +700%. Professional talents of the same level as the territory among the subjects summoned +8!]

[Title Effect Two: Same as before.]

[Title Effect 3: When you become the first Cerulean Planet Lord to have an Epic-Tier Elementary Grade territory, this title will be upgraded to Founder's Glory VIII and unlock more title effects!]

[Title Introduction: Same as before!]

Zhou Zhou nodded in satisfaction.

"The number of basic Subjects summoned by his Gate of Summoning would double again every day from tomorrow on!"

"Moreover, the number of professional talents at the same level as the territory will increase to 8!"

"Moreover, there are eight Epic-Tier and Elementary Grade talents."

"Even though I don't lack Epic-Tier talents now, who doesn't like freebies?"

A smile appeared on his face.

Then, he looked at the Supreme Treasure Chest.

He first opened it and found a purple pearl the size of a human head.

Zhou Zhou looked over curiously.

A text message appeared.

[Treasure Name: Gorlos' Potential Blessing Orb]

[Treasure Grade: Diamond-Tier Elementary Grade]

[Treasure Effect: After fusing it into the territory stone tablet, it can slowly increase the upper limit of the potential of the life form in the territory until it reaches the Epic-Tier Elementary Grade.]

[Treasure Introduction: Gorlos is a master craftsman of the elves. Born with low potential, his greatest wish is to create a treasure that can eliminate the difference in talent.]

He believed that the reason why the world was in constant war was because the potential of the life forms was uneven in all aspects, causing the distribution of classes to be uneven. If the life forms were at the same height of potential, the life forms would grow to the same height in the end. That way, there would naturally be no difference between high and low, and there would be no motivation to fight for benefits. Without internal conflicts among the life forms, internal peace would appear, and the war would naturally end.]

[Do you want to fuse?]

"There's such a treasure?"

Zhou Zhou's eyes lit up.

Regardless of whether Gorlos's opinion was reliable or not, the effect of increasing his potential indeed surprised Zhou Zhou.

This could be upgraded to the Epic-Tier Elementary Grade!

Moreover, it was an increase in the entire territory!

Based on the number of Subjects Zhou Zhou currently had, "He" could at least be effective against nearly 12 billion Blazing Sun Kingdom Subjects!

Most importantly, "He" did not overlap with other items that increased potential. In other words, the effects between them could be stacked!

For example, the effect of the Sword of Xuan Yuan's racial divine artifact that increased the potential of a large class, it could cause a large number of Subjects with at least Legendary-Tier Elementary Grade potential to appear in the Blazing Sun Kingdom!

"What a treasure!"

Zhou Zhou's eyes lit up as he looked at the purple orb.

As expected of a product of the Supreme Treasure Chest!

They were all divine items among divine items!

Gorlos' Potential Blessing Orb was no longer inferior to a general-purpose race divine artifact like the Lucky Star!

The only drawback was that the speed at which it could increase its potential would be a little slow.

However, it was already not bad if he could increase his potential. There was no need to be picky.

Zhou Zhou solemnly put it away and prepared to fuse it into his kingdom's golden monument in a while.

He looked up at the teleportation passageway of the Blessed Land in the air and opened the next requirement for the territory to level up.

Then, he sighed helplessly.

[Construction Upgrade: 20 trillion units of wood, 20 trillion units of fine sand, 20 trillion units of metal, 20 trillion units of stone, 10,000 Epic-Tier Mist Core, 10 million Origin Crystals, 100 million units of basic elemental gems, 50 million units of Thunder Element Gems, 50 million units of life elemental gems, 50 million units of death elemental gems, one Epic-Tier city, 100 Epic-Tier Lifestyle Professionals, 1,000 Epic-Tier Military Professionals, 20 race heroes, one Epic-Tier Territory Token!]

"Basic materials, Mist Core, Origin Crystal, Basic Element Gems, Thunder Element Gems, Epic-Tier Lifestyle Professionals and Combat Professionals, Epic-Tier Territory Tokens and Territories, and Human Heroes. I have all of them."

"But the life elemental gems are still inferior to the death elemental gems."

Zhou Zhou shook his head.

After upgrading his territory, he still had more than 10 million life elemental gems and more than 30 million death elemental gems in his hands. He still needed nearly 40 million life elemental gems and nearly 10 million death elemental gems to continue upgrading his territory.

"Fortunately, we don't need much."

"Let Bai Yun conquer the Crimson Kingdom more in the next two days. I should be able to collect it in a day or two. At that time, I can upgrade my territory again."

At the thought of this, Zhou Zhou could not help but laugh.

With his strength comparable to an empire-level Lord, it would be much simpler to collect the resources needed to upgrade the kingdom.

The speed at which his territory increased would probably be very fast until he advanced to an empire-level Lord faction.