At this moment…


The Sword of Xuan Yuan and the Regal Sage Dao Sword at Zhou Zhou's waist suddenly emitted sword hums.

At the same time, Zhou Zhou slowly opened his eyes.

His eyes actually emitted incomparably dazzling nine-colored divine light. They were like two pillars of light that pierced through the sky and shot towards the Regal Dragon in the starry sky.

When the Regal Dragon saw this, it roared angrily and left the starry sky. From the distant starry sky, it turned into a golden dragon pillar of light and rushed towards Zhou Zhou on the ground. In the blink of an eye, it split into two and threw them into Zhou Zhou's body and the Regal Sage Dao Sword at his waist.

The four of them quickly fused together. After fusing, Zhou Zhou's body had an additional supreme aura. The surface of the Regal Sage Dao Sword also had an incomparably noble aura.

Zhou Zhou's body slowly floated up and finally stopped in the sky above the small Blessed Land. He scanned his surroundings.

The entire small Blessed Land was glowing with golden light, making this space look very sacred.

Zhou Zhou came to a realization.

This small Blessed Land sensed that its Lord was about to advance to a God Spirit and was already prepared to evolve itself into a complete Divine Kingdom at any time.

Zhou Zhou smiled faintly and looked up at the starry sky.

From now on, he would also become a member of the stars!

And this was only the beginning!

A divine light flashed in his eyes. Then, he followed the golden pillar of light left behind by the Regal Dragon and shot into the starry sky. In the blink of an eye, he fused into the starry sky and disappeared.

When the civil and military officials on the ground saw this scene, their eyes were filled with excitement and desire.

Only the gods and spirits were a little shocked.


Back when they became God Spirits, there was no such earth-shattering phenomenon.

What kind of god was His Majesty going to become!

At the same time, the world phenomenon of the Regal Dragon's descent also shocked the super experts of the high continent and even the Endless Heavens.

"They" looked at the Regal Dragon's body from afar, feeling shocked and puzzled.

As the most mysterious dragon, this legendary dragon rarely appeared in front of the world.

What had happened in the Blazing Sun Kingdom to actually attract this existence's true body?

They did not even think that someone had become a God.

Only an extremely ancient existence could tell that the Regal Dragon was congratulating a certain existence on becoming a god.

However, it was precisely because of this that the shock in their hearts was even greater than those existences who did not know the inside story.

What kind of life form would attract a Legendary-Tier existence like the Regal Dragon to congratulate them when they became gods?

Even the number one race in the world, the Original Spirit Race, or those unique special lifeforms, or even the legendary dragons who were born to become Master God-Tier gods, had never seen this existence appear.

Blazing Sun Kingdom… The Lord of The Blazing Sun…

Could it be… A guess that they did not want to believe appeared in their minds.

In a special space, Zhou Zhou, who was wearing the Emperor Dragon Robe, was looking at this world in a daze.

This was a world where it was raining heavily.

However, the rain here was not water droplets. Instead, they were specks of light that emitted gorgeous light.

"Where… is this?"

Zhou Zhou was at a loss.

Wasn't "He" about to use the foundation of the Divine Kingdom to evolve his own Divine Kingdom?

Under normal circumstances, shouldn't he enter the deepest part of the interlayer of space and choose a secret place to build his Divine Kingdom and officially become a God Spirit?

Why did he come here as soon as he entered the starry sky?

But fortunately…

At this moment, he could feel that all his strength was still on him, including the King's Treasure Box, divine artifacts, race divine artifacts, and so on.

He looked at the light spot in front of him and hesitated for a moment. Then, he reached out to take it.

A pink dot landed on his palm.

A sliver of nomological insight suddenly appeared in Zhou Zhou's mind.

The name of this law was the Law of Longevity.

This comprehension of the Law of Longevity allowed "He" to understand how to extend his lifespan, some spells that could extend the lifespan of other life forms, and an incomplete Law Skill called the Longevity Law.

Zhou Zhou was stunned.

He looked at the light spots that covered the entire world in front of him. Suddenly, an unbelievable guess appeared in his mind.

He immediately went to pick up another gray dot.

When this speck of gray light landed in his hand, he immediately understood that this speck of light represented the law comprehension of the Corrosive Laws.

Then, as if he had gone crazy, he rushed into the place where the rain was the densest.

At that time…

A large number of nomological light spots landed on him.

Law of Light, Law of Divination, Law of Overturning, Law of Grass, Law of Ink, Law of Suffering, Law of Misfortune…

All sorts of unbelievable law comprehensions appeared in his mind.

The law comprehension contained in every drop of rainwater was enough for a lifeform to comprehend a path to becoming a god.

Zhou Zhou was shocked and confused.

What exactly was this place?

It could actually give birth to such a magical rain?

Could it be that this was the source of the Laws?

At this moment, a pure white light suddenly appeared in the sky, then slowly condensed into a pure white eye.

Zhou Zhou was stunned and immediately reacted. This was the Supreme Eye's phenomenon manifested by the Supreme Will. Hence, he hurriedly said respectfully,

"Greetings, Supreme Will!"

[Lord of The Blazing Sun.]

A gender-neutral and indifferent voice sounded.

[This is not the land of the origin of laws, but my Supreme Domain.]

[You can understand it as 'you have come around me'.]

Zhou Zhou's heart skipped a beat, but he didn't say anything. Instead, he listened to the supreme will continue.

[Even though you came around me, you are not in the same dimension as me, so you can't see me.]

[You don't have to see me for the time being.]

[As you are the first living being among the Lords of the myriad races to become a God Spirit with the Lord's Law, I have specially bestowed you with a Divine Kingdom in my Supreme Domain.]

[The endless nomological rain in front of you is only a small ability that my Supreme Domain shows. However, even so, it can greatly accelerate the growth of your Divine Kingdom after you establish your Lord's nomological path Divine Kingdom.]

[Lord of The Blazing Sun.]

[Build your Divine Kingdom here.]

The Supreme Will said.

'Yes, Your Excellency.'

Zhou Zhou said respectfully.

Then, his expression turned serious. The nine-colored light on his body shone brightly, and he said softly,

"I am… the King of all living beings!"

As soon as he finished speaking, a nine-colored light, surrounded by the phantom of a small Blessed Land, suddenly appeared from his glabella. Then, it left his body and flew into the rain before floating in midair.

It was the Seed of the Law Skill, King!

"Divine Kingdom… founded!"

Zhou Zhou raised his right hand and tapped the seed gently.

A vast amount of divine power surged out of his body and fused into the Law Seed.

At the same time, the Supreme Domain seemed to have sensed it too.

A vortex sea that emitted countless lights appeared in the sky. Then, like a celestial river pouring down, endless divine power descended and surged into the Seed of the Law, King.

Under the influx of the double divine power, the Seed of the Law, which was originally only the size of a fist, began to expand at a visible speed!

His Divine Kingdom was born!