High Continent, in the starry sky.

An illusory passageway that emitted the brilliance of thousands of laws appeared from space. Then, a dignified figure in the Emperor Dragon Robe that emitted nine-colored divine light walked out.

It was none other than Zhou Zhou!

The psychedelic passageway behind "Him" also disappeared after "He" walked out.

"This is the first time I've come to such a high place…"

Zhou Zhou looked at the night sky and stars around him, and a smile appeared on his face.

He remembered that when "He" had just grasped the ability to fly, "He" had once relied on it to fly high in the sky.

In the end, not long after they flew, they couldn't withstand the dangers at higher altitudes, including air pressure, low temperature, fog monsters, exotic beasts, and many other factors. They were forced to stop flying and return to their territory.

"He" could rush out of the High Continent with the Chaos Sacred Body that had advanced to the God Spirit level even if "He" didn't do anything. "He" could come to the boundless starry sky outside the High Continent and ignore most external dangers.

It felt like it was only yesterday when he was fantasizing about becoming a God Spirit.

"I've completely grown into a true expert."

"Even if I can't be said to be a top-notch expert, I can already be considered invincible among the Lords of All Races."

"I can also exchange the top civilizations of the myriad races for one." Zhou Zhou smiled.

After knowing that "He" already had the combat power of a regular True God-Tier, the civilizations of the myriad races that wanted to deal with "Him", no matter how unwilling they were, would probably have to reconsider their attitude towards "Him."

"He" swept his gaze across the cosmos before his gaze landed on a star that emitted nine-colored light.

The star was incomparably huge, with a diameter of 90 million kilometers!

The diameter of Earth was only 12,000 kilometers, and the diameter of the sun was only 1.4 million kilometers.

This nine-colored star had a diameter of 7,500 times that of Earth and 64 times that of the sun!

From this, it could be seen how huge "He" was!

"Is this the projection from my Divine Kingdom Star onto the world?"

"It's alright. It's quite bright and obvious."

Zhou Zhou touched his chin, feeling very satisfied.

"From now on, I will be one of the stars in the world."

"When living beings in the myriad worlds look up at the starry sky, they will also discover the location of my star."

"Most importantly…"

"The Divine Kingdom stars are the same as the God Spirits. They are eternal."

"Not only does it not have a lifespan limit, it will also affect the operation of the laws of the heavens."

"Wherever the Divine Kingdom Star shines, my 'concept body' will even appear in the myriad worlds. It will create all kinds of Legendary-Tier legends in the myriad worlds and spread my Mythical-Tier stories."

"To Gods who don't believe in the path of God Spirits, this is only increasing their reputation in the myriad worlds."

"However, for a God like me, who has become a God with laws and beliefs, this can greatly increase the number of my believers. It can allow me to quickly accumulate Chaotic Sacred Power and speed up the advancement of a higher level of God Spirit."

"It's just that this process requires a lot of time."

"Therefore, there is also common sense among the God Spirits."

"The more ancient a God Spirit is, as long as they can spread their faith normally over a long period of time, 'They' will often be extremely powerful." Zhou Zhou muttered to himself.

Then, "He" shook his head and smiled, not minding it.

"He" had the Blessing of the War God. Until "He" reached the Master God-Tier stage, this powerful Lord Talent would continue to work.

Therefore, "He" didn't need such a slow advancement method at all.

Creating the Legendary-Tier of the Myriad Worlds through concepts and accumulating the faith of the Myriad Worlds was actually not necessary for "Him" to advance to a God Spirit.

"He" closed his eyes and sensed the projected star of the Divine Kingdom.

Soon, "He" felt as if "He" had transformed into a huge star that was spinning in the starry sky. At the same time, "He" was orbiting the two supreme stars, the Lunar Star and the Solar Star, in a unique and profound orbit.

Its starlight illuminated the myriad worlds. It could even sense the living beings in the myriad worlds who had faith in "Him".

These living beings who believed in "Him" had a thread of faith between "His" main body and the projected stars.

Through this thread of faith, Zhou Zhou could accept their power of faith and increase the upper limit of his divine power to slowly increase his God Spirit realm.

As a deity who accepted faith, Zhou Zhou could also sense the state of his believers through this thread of faith and use it to bless them.

The higher the level of faith a believer had, the more powerful God Spirits "He" would bless them.

Believers at the Holy Spirit level could even use the "God-Descend Technique" to make "Him" descend on the Holy Spirit in the form of a clone or his main body. From there, the Holy Spirit would have the strength of a God Spirit. Then, it could perform miracles, create a sect, and even fight with enemy God Spirits to stabilize its faith.

However, this method was harmful to the Holy Spirit's body, and the Holy Spirit was the main force that provided faith. Therefore, unless it was absolutely necessary, ordinary God Spirits who believed in Gods were unwilling to use this divine descent technique.

"Let me see… how many people in my territory believe in me, and how many Subjects are qualified to advance to the Holy Spirit…"

Zhou Zhou was looking forward to it.

However, "His" expression changed slightly not long after "He" investigated.

This was because "He" discovered that among "His" believers, there were a large number of faith threads from the Blazing Sun Kingdom's believers who suddenly lost their vitality and looked ordinary.

At the same time, souls flew over from the High Continent, wanting to follow the direction of the thread of faith to "His" Divine Kingdom and become "His" Subjects.

"This is… my believers are collectively dead?"

"He" pondered for a moment and temporarily rejected these believers from going to the Divine Kingdom. "He" also ordered them to temporarily guard their bodies and wait for the Small Resurrection Spell to revive.

After the souls of the Believers went deep into the Divine Kingdom, they could follow the God Spirits and live forever.

However, there was also a huge flaw.

That was to lose the ability to grow independently.

Unless the believers who ascended to the Divine Kingdom were injected with the divine power of a God Spirit and forcefully increased their strength, it was impossible for them to improve further in their entire lives. They could only stay at the strength stage before they died.

This was not what Zhou Zhou wanted to see.

Therefore, Zhou Zhou would only allow them to ascend to the Divine Kingdom and continue to follow "Him" as a Pilgrim if they really could not be resurrected. (Pilgrim: After death, one would ascend to the Divine Kingdom and obtain eternal life as a believer. He would have the obligation to protect his God and even participate in the battle of Gods.)

Zhou Zhou knew that his Subjects could be resurrected, so even though he knew that the Blazing Sun Kingdom was in danger, he wasn't in a hurry. Instead, he chose a soul that was preparing to return to the Blazing Sun Kingdom and communicated with it with his divine sense.

[Zhao Da, what happened in the Blazing Sun Kingdom? How long has it been since I left the Blazing Sun Kingdom?]

Zhou Zhou asked this Devout Believer named Zhao Da.

[Your Majesty!]

When Zhao Da's soul heard Zhou Zhou's voice, he immediately became excited. He knelt on the ground and said respectfully and angrily, "You have only left for less than an hour. Not long after you left, three scarlet True God-Tier God Spirits suddenly descended outside our kingdom with more than 100 God Spirits."

[Our soldiers of the Blazing Sun Kingdom, the soldiers of the other armies, and the Worshiped God Spirits immediately counterattacked after discovering these invaders!]

"However, even though the number of enemies is not many, all of them are powerful God Spirits. It's difficult for the army's group attack to be effective against them. Moreover, the number of our God Spirits is far inferior to theirs. In addition, not all of our God Spirits have attacked. This makes it difficult for us to injure them when facing more than 100 scarlet God Spirits."

At this point, Zhao Da's face was filled with shame.