Zhou Zhou looked at the two black hearts flying towards him.

Amidst the majestic taboo laws, "He" could vaguely see the shadows of the two Forbidden Archmages.

"They" looked at Zhou Zhou with a sinister smile, as if they had already seen the dawn of victory.

"I see."

"First, you'll sacrifice yourselves. Then, after killing me, You'll use the nutrients from my corpse to be reborn."

"Not only did these two hearts accumulate all the powers of these two Forbidden Archmages, they also contain the energy of the two Chaotic Blade Qi that I just released."

"Once they explode, it will be earth-shattering."

Zhou Zhou was not afraid of this scene. Instead, he commented calmly.

Then, "He" smiled.

"Just as well."

"I'll show you my newly comprehended Lord Law Skill in the supreme domain's nomological rain."

"Lord's Law Skill—Uniting All Laws, Controlling the Stars!"

"He" thought to himself. Then, "He" softly chanted the name of this Law Skill.

"He" suddenly raised "His" right hand and struck out with "His" palm, aiming at the two Forbidden Archmage hearts that were flying towards "Him."

In the next second, the palm phantom "He" pushed out and quickly expanded to 30 to 40 million kilometers in size.

At this moment, "His" palm seemed to have transformed into a vast starry sky, with endless stars hanging high in it.

Furthermore, those were not ordinary celestial bodies and stars. They were actually Divine Kingdom stars!

Every Divine Kingdom star represented a nomological law so this starry sky was shockingly filled with endless laws!

If God Spirits saw this scene, they might even recognize this place as the origin of laws.

Otherwise, which God Spirit in the world could comprehend all the endless laws on this palm?

Speaking of which, after Zhou Zhou released his palm, it quickly collided with the two black hearts that were filled with strange taboo laws.


There was a buzzing sound, and then the world strangely fell silent.

Right on the heels of that, the two sides that collided suddenly split into two, breaking into two completely different scenes.

On the left was the vast starry sky filled with Divine Kingdom stars. On the right was the figure of a Forbidden Source that was illuminated by the scarlet sun. It was wearing a dark cloak and its face could not be seen clearly.

The two sides wrestled with each other, not giving in to each other.

However, both sides controlled this power perfectly and did not shatter this temporary small world.

But soon, the palm that controlled the stars was quickly devouring the power of the forbidden laws in the two black hearts, causing the power aura of the two black hearts to decrease rapidly.

Meanwhile, the strength of his palm was rapidly increasing.

Thick spatial power erupted, forming a spatial passageway with endless suction behind it, directly sucking it into the spatial rift.

The remaining flesh and blood consciousness of the Forbidden Archmages in the two pitch-black hearts immediately panicked.

"They" still wanted to use this move of mutual destruction to kill Zhou Zhou and use the nutrients in Zhou Zhou's divine body to be reborn. "They" might even have a chance to advance further with the world-famous peerless talent body of the Lord of The Blazing Sun.

Who would have thought that the two forbidden law attacks that they had jointly created that were comparable to True God-Tier Intermediate Grade attacks were actually unable to do anything to each other.

This was a Low-Tier Deity Level Elementary Grade God Spirit that had just become a God Spirit?!

They roared in despair.

However, no matter how angry they were, it could not change their ending.

When this earth-shattering palm completely absorbed the taboo laws and energy in the two pitch-black hearts, the remaining flesh and blood consciousness of the two Forbidden Archmage completely disappeared from the high continent.

Zhou Zhou retracted his right palm and saw that the 3,000-kilometer-tall starry palm had also become transparent before disappearing.

"He" looked at his right palm and revealed a smile.

"My Law Skill—Uniting All Techniques, Controlling the Stars. After absorbing the taboo laws of these two Forbidden Archmages, it actually strengthened a little."

"What a pleasant surprise."

Zhou Zhou was satisfied.

His newly comprehended Lord Law Skill did not disappoint "He".

Be it offense, defense, or absorbing laws to increase one's growth, they were all top-notch.

It was not in vain that "He" had comprehended the Lord's laws for so long in the supreme domain despite the rain of laws.

Furthermore, "His" palm could not only absorb the enemy's nomological attacks to strengthen "His" body and perfect the Divine Kingdom star in "His" palm.

Furthermore, as more and more Subjects comprehended laws in his territory, "His" nomological comprehension would naturally fuse into "His" palm, making "His" second Lord Law Skill stronger and stronger.

Its domineeringness and growth were not inferior to "His" number one Lord's Law Skill, King!

"The 'King' is used to increase my strength."

"Unify all techniques and control the stars to supplement my combat methods!"

"With an escape-type Lord Law Skill, my Lord God Spirit's combat system will be simple to build."

"In addition, the name 'Uniting All Methods and Controlling the Stars' is a little too long. Let's call it the Myriad Methods Star Palm, or the Myriad Countries Shocking Palm…"

As Zhou Zhou pondered about his future development direction, he waved his right hand. He saw the two black hearts that had lost their laws and energy being collected by him. Then, "He" waved his hand again, and the corpse of the Devil Lord was also collected by him.

"Fortunately, I have two hearts. I can barely extract the Loots."

"As for this Devil Lord… Even if you want to die, you won't do it this way."

Zhou Zhou shook his head and began to extract the corpse.

Each of these three True God-Tier Elementary Grade Scarlet God Spirits had three to four High-Tier Deity-level divine artifacts and more than 10 Mid-Tier Deity-level divine artifacts on their bodies.

Other than that, there were also more than 30 High-Tier Deity-level materials and more than 1,000 Mid-Tier Deity-level and God Spirit materials.

Other than High-Tier Deity-level divine artifacts and materials that could be extracted and turned into True God Divine Artifacts and True God-Tier materials that were worth looking at,

Zhou Zhou frowned as he looked at the other items.

So poor. To think that you guys are True God-Tier God Spirits.

After Zhou Zhou extracted them, he directly stored the 33 True God-Tier Divine Artifacts and 96 True God-Tier materials into the King's Treasure Box.

As for the other divine artifacts, Zhou Zhou planned to directly throw them into the military merit exchange system and let the immortals under him earn military merits to exchange for them.

Now that he had many Immortal God subordinates, he had also prepared something suitable for them to exchange.

Then, "He" took a look at the battered small world and didn't mind. "He" turned around and left.

To the current Zhou Zhou, such a small world could be casually created by "Him". Furthermore, "He" could create it quite perfectly. "He" could even give birth to racial life forms.

"He" was a God Spirit formed by the Lord's laws after all. In terms of controlling the endless laws, even if "He" wasn't as meticulous as the laws of Chaos, it wasn't a problem for "Him" to do it.

If it really didn't work out, "He" could nurture a subordinate of a Chaotic Law God Spirit in the future. Then, "He" could control the other party. That way, "He" would know what the Chaotic Law God Spirit knew.

As for whether he understood it or not, it was not important as long as he knew how to use it…

In reality, above the Blazing Sun Kingdom.

Zhou Zhou controlled the spatial laws and instantly transmitted to the sky above the Blazing Sun Kingdom.

"He" looked at the scarlet God Spirits who were still fighting with the Blazing Sun Kingdom's God Spirits and didn't waste any time. He raised his right hand and used his True God-Tier Dharmic powers to activate the Lord's Law Skill, Myriad Methods Star Palm, and control the spatial Law Skill, Spatial Sealing—the profundity of the word 'Seal'!


As soon as he finished speaking.

These hundreds of scarlet God Spirits were all sealed in place and did not move.

Their eyes were filled with shock, but they could not move at all.

How could a group of scarlet God Spirits at the highest High-Tier Deity-level resist a True God-Tier existence on the Lord's Law Path?

No matter how many there were, they were just ants.

"Capture them all."

"Those who surrender will stay, and those who don't will be killed."

"After you're done, come back and see me."

Zhou Zhou left a sentence and returned to the Blazing Sun Kingdom alone.