Zhou Zhou had just returned to the Blazing Sun Kingdom when he sensed a familiar aura. It was not far from the original small Blessed Land and was currently resting.

It was the first generation Blood Fire Arrow Elf— Nadia!

Zhou Zhou was stunned. He subconsciously calculated in his heart and then reacted.

It was actually the 11th day of the King of Ten Thousand Kings' event.

When "He" accepted the Faction Quests of the Elven Empire, Elizariel said that the Divine Battlefield would take at least 10 days to absorb enough life force and death energy for the entrance to open up.

Now, it seemed that Elizariel must have sent Nadia to look for him after the Divine Battlefield opened.

Zhou Zhou smacked his lips.

"He" still remembered that the Faction Quests of the Elven Empire was to let "He" lead his troops into the Divine Battlefield and obtain a fragment of a True God-Tier Intermediate Grade divine artifact called "Spirit Nurturing Stone Seed."

A True God-Tier Intermediate Grade divine artifact was just a fragment…

To "Him", who had 77 True God-Tier artifacts, this was really uninteresting…

Thinking of the Faction Quests, Zhou Zhou habitually opened the [Lord faction points ranking].

[First place: Original Spirit Race—True Lord—2,010,000,000 faction points!]

[Second place: Human Lord of The Blazing Sun - 1,899,000,000 faction points!]

[Third place: Shepherds God Race—Heaven Chasing Lord—1,460,000,000 faction points!]

[Fourth place: Chaos Gods Race—Great One Lord—1,360,000,000 faction points!]

[Fifth place: Myriad Spirit—Spiritual Venerable Lord— 860,000,000 faction points!]

"As expected, they've caught up."

Zhou Zhou was not surprised to see that he was overtaken by the True Lord.

The other party had combined the strength of the entire race and even the people of foreign races to collect faction points after all.

As for himself, he was still alone and had yet to accept the help of the human race. The name list of the Eye of The Heaven's Anger was still under investigation and had not been officially processed.

Under such circumstances, even if he had the combat power of a regular True God-Tier, he could not create faction points out of thin air.

Under such circumstances, it was certain that he would be surpassed.

Fortunately, the gap was not big. There were still nearly 20 days left. He should be able to catch up easily.

"Your Majesty!"

At this moment, excited voices came from afar. Zhou Zhou turned around and saw at least a hundred people flying towards him.

Bai Yun, Chi Xuantian, Feng Luo, Luo Sheng, Zhao Changshou, Zheng Yuanqi, Mu Gu, Carol Moeli…

God Spirits, upper echelons of the territory, army generals, heroes… They were all among them.

After "They" arrived in front of Zhou Zhou, "They" looked at Zhou Zhou, who was emitting endless divine might and looked even more dignified and unfathomable. "They" immediately knelt on one knee excitedly.

"Congratulations on becoming a God Spirit, Your Majesty!"

"Congratulations on becoming a God Spirit, Your Majesty!"

"Congratulations on becoming a God Spirit, Your Majesty!"

The subordinates said respectfully and excitedly.

At this moment, Bai Yun, one of her subordinates, said in shame, "Your Majesty, during the period when you established the Divine Kingdom, I was at a disadvantage in defending the country. I allowed these Scarlet God Spirits to invade the territory of the kingdom and kill wantonly in our army. Your Majesty, please punish me!"

"Your Majesty, these Scarlet God Spirits launched a sneak attack first, and they are powerful and numerous. Even though they caused many casualties to our army, it's not the fault of Legion Commander Bai alone. I have also protected them and suffered disadvantages. I'm willing to accept punishment." Vicky stood up and said.

"I was unable to discover the traces of the arrival of these scarlet God Spirits before they descended. As a result, I only reacted when they barged into the kingdom and began to wreak havoc and slaughter. I'm muddle-headed and incompetent. Please punish me, Your Majesty!"

Wu Xin was also ashamed.

The other God Spirits, soldiers, and upper echelons of the territory also voiced their mistakes and asked Zhou Zhou to punish them.

After this incident, they realize that their power was actually so laughable in front of powerful external enemies without His Majesty around.

The enemy could actually come and go as they pleased.

In fact, the Immortal God team of the Blazing Sun Kingdom could not be said to be weak.

There were already 18 God Spirits, and there was no lack of High-Tier Deity-level or Immortal Gods with combat power comparable to High-Tier Deity-level after all.

The reserves of the deities of some weak empire-level Lord factions were only so-so.

However, in front of enemies at the True God-Tier level and a large number of enemy God Spirits, it was still somewhat insufficient.

Only when His Majesty, a powerful Lord with True God-Tier combat power, was around could they truly ensure the safety of their territory and Subjects.

However, as His Majesty's subjects, they actually needed the protection of their Lord. This made them feel rather humiliated and ashamed.

Zhou Zhou felt a little helpless when he saw this scene.

To be honest, the battle just now was indeed the most thrilling battle in the history of the Blazing Sun Kingdom.

If "He" did not return, the three True God-Tiers and the hundred scarlet God Spirits might really cause great trouble for the Blazing Sun Kingdom.

However, firstly, the other party was led by a True God-Tier. With more than a hundred scarlet God Spirits launching a sneak attack, even if the Scarlet True God-Tier did not attack and only acted as a deterrent, there was still a gap in strength. It was normal that he could not defeat them.

Secondly, the Blazing Sun Kingdom had only been established for a short period of time. Although its development was extremely fast, it was precisely because of this that the kingdom had huge flaws that needed to be made up for.

It was understandable that he could not discover the other party's attack.

Therefore, Zhou Zhou had no intention of blaming everyone.

However, he still had to warn them.

"He" thought for a moment and said calmly, even though this battle was not won smoothly, I know that it's not your fault. It's just that we developed too quickly, causing some things to not catch up."

"But it does reveal some problems."

"The main problem is that even though we have a 10 billion-strong army, this 10 billion-strong army will only have a numerical advantage against enemies below the Legendary-Tier.

"However, there's nothing I can do against a God Spirit-level enemy."

"The individual strength of a God Spirit is far from what a soldier of a God Spirit can compare to."

"To the God Spirits, it will be very simple for them to take the head of an enemy general from an army of ten thousand."

"No matter how many ordinary soldiers there are, they can't threaten 'Them'. They will cause a little trouble for 'Them' at the very most."

"In the face of such a predicament, we mainly rely on two methods."

"First: Increase the number of God-Tier powerhouses we have."

"However, this kind of thing can only be done slowly. We can't force it."

"Second: Enhance the way ordinary soldiers deal with God Spirits, so that ordinary soldiers can also deal with God Spirits."

"As for this method, the most important thing now is to rely on military formations."

"Bai Yun, Wu Xin, Feng Luo, Jiang Kai, Qian Xiaoxun, Zheng Wanjun…"

Zhou Zhou began to call out names.

The generals he called out were all talents who controlled the Small God-Sura Myriad Spirit Army Formation and the Weapon God Army Formation.

After "They" stood up one by one, Zhou Zhou said,

"From today onwards, all of you have to do your best to nurture generals who have mastered these two God Spirit-level military formations. Try to get our Blazing Sun Kingdom to have 100 generals who have mastered God Spirit-level military formations as soon as possible."

"This way, if we encounter the situation just now again, we will at least be able to deal with it to a certain extent."

"And as long as you can nurture such a God Spirit-level military formation talent, the Blazing Sun Kingdom will also reward you with enough surprises. They won't let your hard work go to waste."

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

The generals said respectfully.

They had all gone through this before, so they were not unfamiliar with this process and had some confidence in their hearts.