Nadia hesitated when she heard that.

Zhou Zhou struck while the iron was hot.

"As you can see, my current potential and strength are known to all races. It's very likely that I can establish an empire or even a Divine Kingdom in the future."

"Furthermore, my territory is extremely helpful to the growth of my subordinates."

"You can only be an ordinary Epic-Tier hero with the Fate Level in the Elven Empire. But with me, I can instantly give you the potential of a High-Tier Deity-level or even a True God-Tier."

"In the future, becoming a God Spirit or even becoming an Ancestor might not even be a problem."

"Furthermore, we met when I was still young and weak. I still haven't forgotten the strange encounter we had in the Time Ruins," Zhou Zhou said sincerely from the bottom of his heart. "I hope that this strange encounter can continue. When the myriad worlds are at peace in the future, we can sit down and talk about the past with smiles and emotions."

"I don't want to suddenly hear that you died in battle elsewhere at some point in the future."

"And now I have the power to keep you safe."

"Will you come to me?"

Zhou Zhou's words were sincere.

Hearing this, Nadia was moved and blushed slightly.

She pursed her lips. How could she not know that what Zhou Zhou said was true?

She was not an outstanding elven hero to begin with.

If not for the fact that Her Majesty the Empress valued her past relationship with Zhou Zhou, she would not even be qualified to be a diplomat standing here.

On this side, could be a bright future ahead of her. On the other side, there was a high chance that she would die in battle in the future…

Just by looking at it, it seemed like everyone knew what to choose.

However, Nadia remained silent for a long time before she finally said softly,

"I was saved from the River of Time by Her Majesty."

"Because of this, I swore in front of the Elven Mother Tree that I would fight for the Elven Empire for the rest of my life, without regrets."

"Your Excel… Zhou Zhou, I can't promise you that."

Zhou Zhou nodded as usual. Then, he said in a half-serious and half-joking manner,

"Looks like I can't obtain everything even if I'm comparable to a True God-Tier."

Then, "He" casually waved "His" hand, and a High-Tier Deity-level "Hero Inheritance Secret Manual" and "Book of The God Spirit" appeared out of thin air in front of "Him". They flew towards Nadia and eventually floated in front of her.

"Nadia, as a friend, these are two small gifts for you. The paths in these two books are very suitable for you. Take them."

Zhou Zhou said.

"He" could tell that Nadia was still a hero at Epic-Tier. Her strength was only at the Epic-Tier Advance Grade.

Without external help, "He" might have ended up like this for the rest of "His" life.

It could be said to be quite difficult if she wanted to break through by herself.

That was why Zhou Zhou gave these two gifts.

Nadia looked at the two Hero Inheritance manuals and the Book of The God Spirit in shock. She could not help but swallow her saliva.

As the person involved, she naturally knew the importance of these two precious books to her better than Zhou Zhou.

If he had these two precious books, his future would be bright. It would not be a problem for him to become a High-Tier Deity-level in the future.

Unlike now, just breaking through the Legendary-Tier bottleneck could become a problem that troubled her.

She looked conflicted and finally said in a low voice,

"It's too expensive. I can't take it."

"This is nothing to me. Just accept it." Zhou Zhou shook his head.

To the current "Him", the High-Tier Deity-level Hero Inheritance and the Book of The God Spirit were only so-so in value.

True God-Tier and above Hero Inheritance Secret Manual and Book of The God Spirit were more interesting.

Only the Master God-Tier level was considered precious!

Therefore, these two books were really nothing to Zhou Zhou.

Before Nadia could say anything, she heard Zhou Zhou say with a smile,

"Take these two books as my investment in you. How about that?"

"When you become a High-Tier Deity-level, you can think of a way to repay me."

"Don't be so wishy-washy about this matter as a Blood Fire Arrow Elf."

Zhou Zhou pretended to despise her.

"Thank you."

Nadia finally accepted the two books.

Then, she took her leave.

After she left, Zhou Zhou sighed softly in the empty hall. Then, he straightened his expression and flew out of the island space, returning to the real world.

It was already morning. When Zhou Zhou saw this, he went straight to the Gate of Summoning. After spending 100 Epic-Tier Mist Cores to accelerate, he summoned all 28,800 new Subjects from the Gate of Summoning.

When the Gate of Summoning was upgraded to the Epic-Tier Elementary Grade, even the cost of summoning Subjects had increased by 10 times.

Fortunately, this bit of Mist Core was nothing to Zhou Zhou.

"Greetings, my lord!" x28800

The 28,800 new Subjects said respectfully in unison.

"Welcome to the Blazing Sun Kingdom."

Zhou Zhou smiled and nodded.

Then, "He" got all the Professionals to stand up and realized that he had summoned a total of 700 Professionals this time.

He summoned 92 more Professionals than usual.

Among them were an Epic-Tier Demon Warlock, an Epic-Tier Aerial Spirit Master, an Epic-Tier Array Master, an Epic-Tier Alchemist, an Epic-Tier Iron Guard, an Epic-Tier Chef, an Epic-Tier Succubus Warlock, and an Epic-Tier Divine Artifact Forging Apprentice!


Zhou Zhou's gaze landed on the last Divine Artifact Forging Apprentice.

This Divine Artifact Forging Apprentice looked to be about 17 or 18 years old even though his real age was already more than 100 years old. However, he looked very timid. When Zhou Zhou's gaze landed on him, he actually shrank his neck in fear and did not dare to meet Zhou Zhou's gaze.

"What's your name?"

Zhou Zhou asked.

"My name is Jacker," Jacker said fearfully.

"You're a Divine Artifact Forging Apprentice. You should become a divine artifact forgers in the future, right? Why don't I see a single divine artifact blueprint in your ability list?"

Zhou Zhou glanced at the other party's skill list and asked.

"My teacher said that he will let me study the divine artifact blueprint only after I become a God Spirit."

"Understanding knowledge that shouldn't be learned at this stage in advance will only be harmful to myself and not be beneficial. It will develop a bad habit of having low standards."

Jacker said.

Zhou Zhou stroked his chin.

That seemed to be the case.

Divine artifact forgers needed a God Spirit-level combat profession to master the abilities of a divine artifact forgers.

Otherwise, those who were not at the God Spirit level would not be able to inscribe nomological engravings on divine artifacts. Naturally, they would not be able to forge divine artifacts.

"Your teacher should be a Divine Artifact Forger, right? Can you tell me what level he is?"

"True God-Tier," Jacker whispered. "My teacher is the Heavenly God of Forging and the Sun, Orofa."

Zhou Zhou was stunned.

A Heavenly God?

Wasn't that a born God Spirit authorised by the Heavens?

It was equivalent to the connate life forms of the Immortal World. They were born with powerful strength and ability.