There are even unexpected gains?

Zhou Zhou's eyes lit up when he saw the reward roar for the Faction Quests.

He thought that the mission this time would probably only give him one billion faction points and no other rewards.

He didn't expect that there would actually be a treasure like a human race divine artifact?

"This exclusive race divine artifact of the human race should have been created by the mission itself to reward me, not because the Yellow Emperor and the others originally planned to reward me."

"Otherwise, it's impossible for him not to inform me in advance about something as important as giving away a race divine artifact." Zhou Zhou pondered.

Speaking of which, "He" had yet to hear of any divine artifacts of the human race.

Well, he could ask when he had time. With his current status, it was too easy for him to understand these things.

As for the increase in the reputation of the human race and the favorability of the upper echelons of the human race, it was also an excellent reward for "Him."

After all, the humans were forced to migrate because of "Him". It was a good opportunity to use the faction rewards to dissipate the resentment of the humans and the higher-ups.

Then, "He" sent someone to gather the high-ranking generals and officials in the territory. Together, they held a meeting of the Blazing Sun Kingdom's high-ranking officials in the meeting hall of the Blazing Sun Palace.

In the meeting hall,

After everyone had arrived, Zhou Zhou looked at Bai Yun and said directly,

"Bai Yun, you will lead all the soldiers of the Blazing Sun Kingdom on the Galaxy and head to the human territory. For the time being, you will listen to the Yellow Emperor's orders and protect the humans as they retreat to the Primordial World."

"I will go to the Divine Battlefield that the Elven Empire mentioned alone and retrieve the fragment of the Divine Battlefield's Intermediate Grade True God divine artifact. Then, I will return to your place and protect you from True God-Tier God Spirits or treasures."

This time, the strength "He" stopped wasn't the Lords of the myriad races, but the various races and civilizations that had existed for countless years.

These civilizations and factions that wanted to stop the humans from retreating to the Primordial World might not be as powerful as the civilizations and factions that came to destroy the humans, but they had existed for countless years after all. Who knew what trump cards they had?

Therefore, Zhou Zhou had to complete the Faction Quests in the Divine Battlefield as soon as possible. Then, he would protect "His" soldiers and God Spirits from any accidents.

As a Low-Tier Deity Level Elementary Grade God Spirit with conventional True God-Tier combat power,

with a super expert like "Him" around, as long as the other party didn't use methods at the level of a top True God-Tier or even a Master God-Tier, they shouldn't be able to threaten "Him" and "His" subordinates.

"Yes, Your Majesty." Bai Yun immediately said respectfully, "But Your Majesty, aren't you going with the soldiers?"

"That Divine Battlefield can only allow one Lord to bring 100,000 life forms at most. Moreover, they are only life forms below the Legendary-Tier Advance Grade."

"A battlefield of that level is enough for me alone." Zhou Zhou said calmly.

Even if "He" suppressed "His" strength to the level of Legendary-Tier Advance Grade and did not use the nomological skill of "King" to increase "His" realm, with the Chaotic Sacred Power and the Myriad Methods Star Palm, "He" could unleash combat strength comparable to a Mid-Tier Deity-level.

Even so, it was enough to sweep through the many Legendary-Tier enemies in the Divine Battlefield, as well as the pseudo-True God-Tier divine artifact life form whose strength would be suppressed to the lower level of a Low-Tier Deity-Level Elementary Grade.

"Your Majesty, since you can bring more people, it's better to bring the soldiers to full capacity," Bai Yun advised. "You might encounter many things in the battlefield of the gods, such as collecting the spoils of war on the battlefield and capturing the fleeing enemies. These soldiers can't be personally done by Your Majesty, so it's better to leave them for the soldiers to do."

"That works too."

"Then bring 100,000 Legendary-Tier soldiers."

Zhou Zhou thought for a moment and agreed readily.

After "He" arrived at the Divine Battlefield, if nothing went wrong, there should be many Legendary-Tier Advance Grades like "Him".

It was a good opportunity for these 100,000 Legendary-Tier soldiers to do odd jobs for "Him."

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

Bai Yun said respectfully.

"By the way, how are the hundred or so Scarlet God Spirits? Are any of them willing to surrender?" Zhou Zhou asked.

"Reporting to Your Majesty." Bai Yun looked helpless. "I've already used many methods, but none of these Scarlet God Spirits are willing to surrender. I even want to use some methods to trick them into joining the Blazing Sun Kingdom, but it won't work. Their faith in the Crimson Overlord is very firm, but I'll try to use more methods to make them willingly join our Blazing Sun Kingdom."

"No." Yuan Cong, who was not far away, shook his head and said, "Our Original Spirit Race has been studying the Scarlet God Spirit for almost 100,000 years."

"Through our research, we discovered that these Scarlet God Spirits are at least fanatic believers of the Crimson Overlord. Some are even Holy Spirit-Tier believers of the Crimson Overlord."

"All of them believe in the Crimson Overlord."

"In the face of these lunatics of faith, ordinary methods of forcing them to surrender are impossible to make them surrender."

"We can only use some special methods."

"For example, our Original Spirit Race has a race's secret technique called the Ten-Star Divine World's Holy Spirit Technique. It can seal a Holy Spirit-Tier Believer of another race through ten Small World cores and our own bloodline.

"Through the Bloodline Secret Technique of the Ten-Star Divine World's Holy Spirit Technique, we can make it abandon its original faith and rely on us from head to toe. It can completely transform into an Original Holy Slave that can be enslaved by our Original Spirit Race."

"However, because the price to pay for using this bloodline mystic technique is too high, our Original Spirit Race will usually only use it on low-level to High-Tier Deity-level God Spirits with extremely high potential."

"We have cheaper alternatives for those below the Legendary-Tier."

"As for the True God-Tier God Spirits, because their divine soul imprints have already been branded into every portion of divine power, the Ten-Star Divine World's Holy Spirit Technique is no longer useful. Only the higher-level Hundred Transformations Thousand Stars Overturning Technique can reverse the faith of such Holy Spirit-Tier Believers and make 'Him' completely submit to our Original Spirit Race."

"It's unrealistic to use this method at the moment, so I have to find another way."

Yuan Cong stopped talking at this point.

"His" expression was calm, without any hint of arrogance.

However, everyone could feel "His" pride for his race.

Everyone looked at each other and smiled. They were not surprised by this.

Yuan Cong was stunned when he accidentally saw this scene.

According to "His" original thoughts, after hearing what "He" had said, even if these people didn't directly praise the great heritage of the Original Spirit Race behind "Him," they should at least praise "Him" on the surface, right?

What is with this attitude?

"I've long heard of the Original Spirit Race's 'Ten-Star Divine World Holy Spirit Technique' and 'Hundred Transformations Thousand Stars Overturning Technique'." Bai Yun nodded. "The bloodline mystic techniques of the nobles are indeed exquisite. Unfortunately, the price is a little high and not very practical."

Yuan Cong looked at Bai Yun in shock.

Bai Yun replied calmly,

"As far as I know, the Nine-Headed Nightmare Realm Demon God's Weaving Nightmare Realm Technique and the Great Nightmare Dream Realm can change a Holy Spirit-Tier's faith in a life form. It just takes a longer time."

"There are new changes in our territory every day. Even though this method is more practical, it's not suitable for us."

Yuan Cong frowned slightly.

"The Nine-Headed Nightmare Realm Demon God isn't a special lifeform, but it's close to one."

"Even our Original Spirit Race has very few records of "His" inheritance. Where did you learn of this?" "He" admitted and asked.

He was a little indignant.

"He" had lived for so long, but this was the first time "He" had encountered someone who dared to compete in the knowledge of their race in front of an Original Spirit Race God Spirit.