Bai Yun smiled.

"You haven't been here long, so you might not know that His Majesty has long established an inheritance application called the Myriad Races Inheritance Tower in our Blazing Sun Kingdom's official app."

"It records a large number of inheritances of ordinary and high-level bloodline races. A small portion of them were collected by us from the Lord forces we captured, but most of them were personally provided by His Majesty."

"The inheritance of the Nine-Headed Nightmare Realm Demon God is also inside. It is on the 1,062nd storey. As long as you have enough authority and spend the military credits needed to unlock it, you can check the bloodline inheritance of this race."

"You can even spend some military merits to learn some race secret techniques that are not exclusive to your bloodline."

"Oh yes, the inheritance of the Original Spirit Race is also among them." Bai Yun added.

Yuan Cong looked at Zhou Zhou blankly.

Zhou Zhou coughed and nodded.

"When you have time in the future, feel free to take a look." "He" said.

These legacies were recorded and uploaded by "Him" in order to exchange for answers from the Bodhi Supreme. Later on, "He" tidied them up and added them to the Blazing Sun Kingdom's official app. It became the official app for the Myriad Races Inheritance Tower.

The other goal was to increase the knowledge of the Blazing Sun Kingdom's officials. It was to prevent them from being ignorant so that they would not know the immensity of heaven and earth after winning a few battles.

Now, it seemed that the effect was not bad.

"He" had yet to see the officials of the Blazing Sun Kingdom show any overly proud emotions or atmosphere.

Facing the arrogance of the high-blooded race that Yuan Cong had unintentionally revealed just now, everyone was neither servile nor overbearing. That was good enough.

"Why not?"

Yuan Cong was at a loss.

"He" decided to take a look at the so-called Myriad Races Inheritance Tower as soon as the meeting ended.

In addition…

In the future, he would probably have to work hard to accumulate military merits and increase his authority.

Zhou Zhou ignored the Yuan Cong's reaction and looked at Bai Yun.

"Call the members of the Star Alliance, including the Dragon Lady Lord and the kings of the 10 affiliated kingdoms."

"Then, we'll use Incite Defection together to instigate all of 'Them' to become our subordinates."

At this point, "He" smiled.

The Incite Defection was first used on the army. Then, through a certain percentage, it was determined how many soldiers could be incited.

However, if he used it to incite a few units, he could definitely incite at least one of them.

If the goal of the Incite Defection was only one unit, then this Incite Defection would definitely succeed.

This was because the lowest limit of the number of enemies who could instigate Incite Defection was one unit!

It could not be lower than one unit!

This also meant that if it only worked on one unit, it could 100% Incite Defection on one unit!

Under such circumstances, Holy Spirits, fanatic believers, and other factors that reduced the probability were useless.

This was because the Incite Defection came from the Lord Talent, and the Lord Talent came from the supreme law of the Lord!

"He" always had the highest priority!

Unless another stronger Lord Talent holder fought against the Lord's Law, the Incite Defection could be cracked.

There might be such a possibility, but the probability was extremely low.

Bai Yun's eyes lit up.

Why didn't I think of that?!

"I understand. I'll contact the Lords of the Star Alliance!"

Bai Yun immediately entered the Kingdom Channel. In the Star Alliance's Lord chat group, she gathered all the Lords and briefly explained the reason.

The Lords and kings were excited when they heard that.

They could also have God Spirits?!

They didn't even waste any time in the group before setting off immediately, using the Spatial Teleportation Array to arrive at the Blazing Sun Kingdom.

Zhou Zhou could not help but smile when he saw how busy Bai Yun was.

This way, not only could he greatly increase the number of God Spirits under his command, he could also allow the Lords of the Star Alliance under his command to quickly possess their own God Spirit-level combat power and become his pillar of strength.

He could not be the only pillar, he needed these Lords of the Star Alliance to become stronger wings to help him so that he could fly higher!

Without thinking further, Zhou Zhou looked at Zheng Yuanqi.

"Prime Minister, how is the development of our Homeland Defense Army?" He asked.

The Homeland Defense Army was the army that was responsible for protecting the Blazing Sun Kingdom's territory other than Zhou Zhou.

This army was specially recruited by Zheng Yuanqi from the territory's Subjects.

Even though they did not have as many opportunities to participate in the war as the four armies under Zhou Zhou, it was not a problem for them to increase their strength by cleaning up the fog monsters around their territories and combining them with the Blessing of the War God. However, compared to the four armies, the speed of improvement was relatively slow.

Speaking of which, this was also one of the differences between the Blazing Sun Kingdom and other Lord factions.

Most of the soldiers from other kingdoms were recruited from their own citizens. They chose men, Military Professionals, and Combat Professionals to form their own army of Lords.

As for the four armies under Zhou Zhou's command, almost all of them were recruited by "He" through "His" Incite Defection or through the recruitment books of the soldier types.

"He" had not even given any orders regarding conscription.

Only Zheng Yuanqi had mentioned in previous meetings that they needed to establish a Homeland Defense Army. When the Lord led the army out to fight, the Homeland Defense Army would protect the territory of the Blazing Sun Kingdom.

Zhou Zhou felt that it was reasonable, so he agreed directly and handed it over to Zheng Yuanqi.

But then again, this was because the Blazing Sun Kingdom expanded its territory from the periphery to the outside.

So far, other than being ambushed by those God Spirits last night, there had never been a war where the territory was invaded.

Most of the invading enemies were wiped out by Zhou Zhou and the soldiers of the army from afar.

It was also because of this that this Homeland Defense Army rarely had the chance to participate in war.

There were both good and bad aspects to this.

The bad thing was that the Homeland Defense Army lacked real combat experience and had only received internal combat training similar to war exercises.

Once a war broke out, it was very likely that they would be flustered, at a loss, and lose.

The good thing was…

Due to the fact that the Homeland Defense Army's war pressure was low and they had more contact with the Subjects, even the Subjects in the country rarely felt the pressure of war outside their territory. Coupled with the abundance of material resources, the citizens of the Blazing Sun Kingdom lived extremely blissfully. They did not look like territorial Subjects who lived in an environment where all races competed for supremacy.

If outsiders came here, they would probably suspect that they were no longer in the high continent and had come to a peaceful world.

Zhou Zhou had also heard recently that due to the gradual expansion of the flying business and private aircraft in the various territories of the Blazing Sun Kingdom, there was even a trend of tourism among the citizens of the Blazing Sun Kingdom recently. Many citizens began to take the civilian Black Ghost or the mechanical chocobos they bought (flying versions) to travel to various regions of the Blazing Sun Kingdom.

The current Blazing Sun Kingdom's territory covered a radius of 10 billion kilometers!

Such a huge territory had given birth to countless tourist areas. Even if these Subjects lived for more than a thousand years, they would probably not be able to see all of them.

Even though Zhou Zhou felt that this phenomenon was a little strange, he felt that it was quite good.

The happiness of a Subject's life also meant that he was a competent Lord.

At the same time, it would be easier for the territory to give birth to highly loyal Subjects, fanatic believers, and Holy Spirits.

Therefore, Zhou Zhou did not intend to stop such a thing. Instead, he wanted to encourage and reward this cause that could increase the happiness of the Subjects.

However, the lack of combat strength of the Homeland Defense Army soldiers had to be changed.

They were related to the final safety bottom line of the people.

Zhou Zhou definitely couldn't ignore it.

"Currently around 536 million."

Zheng Yuanqi answered immediately without thinking. It was obvious that he had memorized it.