"530 million, not bad…"

Zhou Zhou nodded.

He was not surprised.

Now, there were about two billion ordinary Subjects in his territory, and this number was increasing almost every moment.

Furthermore, because the Blazing Sun Kingdom encouraged Subjects to become Professionals, they often gave the Subjects free Class Change Certificates to implement this policy.

As a result, almost all the citizens of the Sun Kingdom were Professionals!

When the Yellow Emperor came previously, he was shocked when he saw this scene.

After hearing the reason, they all praised the inconceivability of the Blazing Sun Kingdom.

Therefore, it was indeed not difficult to draw 530 million Subjects from so many Professionals and Subjects to establish the Homeland Defense Army.

"In the future, let the soldiers of the Homeland Defense Army and the soldiers of the four legions under me rotate frequently."

"They cannot have less combat experience."

"At the same time, let those who have contributed to the four legions have a chance to rest."

Zhou Zhou asked.

"Yes, Your Majesty."

Zheng Yuanqi said respectfully.

Actually, even if His Majesty didn't say it, he had the same intention.

Now that His Majesty had said so, he did not say anything else.

"How many refugees can our Blazing Sun Kingdom accept every day?" Zhou Zhou asked casually.

Recently, "He" hadn't paid much attention to such matters.

"Reporting to Your Majesty," Zheng Yuanqi said respectfully. "As the tribulation of the myriad races intensified, more and more refugees are coming to our Blazing Sun Kingdom every day."

"Other than the human refugees, there are hundreds of other races that have recently come to our Blazing Sun Kingdom and want to become Subjects of our Blazing Sun Kingdom, including the goblin race, the flower elves, the Tanker Dwarves, the dwarf race, the half-human race, the orc race, the goblin race, the Half-Sheep race, the Night Dream race…

"Through Legion Commander Wu Tu's Heavenly Map Army and the Starfire Mercenary Team, I investigated their general origins. According to Your Majesty's request, after confirming that most of their identities were innocent, I eliminated a small number of people with ill intentions and immorality. The rest were all taken into our Blazing Sun Kingdom and became our fellow Subjects."

"Among these races, our human race has accepted about 200 million human refugees today. As for the people of foreign races, we have accepted a total of about 500 million."

"Over the past few days, this number has been increasing."

"I guess that this number will continue to increase after the Tribulation of Ten Thousand Races event ends."

Zhou Zhou nodded slightly.

To a Lord, the tribulation of all races was a challenge, a crisis, and a celebration.

However, to those ordinary Subjects, this calamity was a complete disaster.

It was unknown how many families of the various races' life forms would be displaced or even destroyed because of this war that affected all races.

They were clearly not the ones who started the war, but they had to bear the greatest consequences of the war… death and destruction.

At this thought, Zhou Zhou shook his head.

In fact, "He" had no right to say anything because "He" was also a participant in the war.

"He" was just feeling emotional.

In this chaotic world where all races fought for supremacy, "He" could only do his best to ensure that the Subjects under his protection could live a safe and happy life.

Other than that, it was very difficult for "Him" to save others.

Unless he could become the Lord of All Races one day and personally end this mess.

However, that was still a little far for the current "Him".

Zhou Zhou did not want to think so far ahead for the time being.

He should work hard to become stronger first.

"He" pondered for a few seconds and said to Zheng Yuanqi,

"After the three days are over, there should still be a large number of Human Subjects in the human territory who can't make it to the Primordial World in time and are forced to stay in the human territory."

"When the time comes, Prime Minister, you can use the free Galaxy in your territory to transfer all these humans to the territories of the three original human empires under our management and settle them down."

"I don't want the enemies of the people of foreign races to take advantage of the situation and kill our human race. It's as if our human race doesn't have a True God-Tier existence to protect us."

"Apart from that, after the Human Subjects retreat to the Primordial World, Prime Minister, you must send someone to take over the territory of the original three empires."

"Those self-built buildings that were left behind, try your best to arrange the corresponding blueprints so that these buildings can be restored to blueprint buildings and restore their original functions."

"By the way, are there enough Building Blueprints?" Zhou Zhou asked.

"Don't worry, Your Majesty."

"Since the last few wars, we have had abundant architectural drawings."

"The purpose of those invading forces should be to expand the territory of the Crimson Kingdom and the Crimson Empire behind them on the high continent. They might even build a new Crimson Kingdom or even the Crimson Empire."

"Therefore, 'His' army carried a huge amount of building materials and other construction materials, including a large number of Building Blueprints."

"Even if these Building Blueprints can't restore all the self-built buildings in the human territory, it's not a problem to restore 70% to 80% of them."

Zheng Yuanqi smiled.

Zhou Zhou acknowledged, at ease.

As long as there were enough Building Blueprints, "His" Blazing Sun Kingdom would be able to restore at least 30% of humanity's productivity at its peak.

"Each of the three human empires has at least a hundred billion people. The number of city buildings created by these hundreds of billions of people can be said to be endless."

"Now that we have the resources to restore the function of the city buildings, how do you plan to solve the problem of the lack of manpower, Prime Minister?"

Zhou Zhou asked again.

"I've already discussed this with the other higher-ups of the human race."

Zheng Yuanqi already had a plan in mind. He said calmly, "In the end, we decided to adopt Ms. Wen Ya's suggestion. By creating a large number of robot manufacturing factories in various human territories and mass-producing city service robots to make up for the missing population, we will help us manage and control the remaining buildings in these cities."

"In the future, we also plan to transform the three human territories into the territory of the human civilization, which is half technological civilization and half Extraordinary-Tier civilization, with His Majesty's ultimate Lord avatar as the main and Lady Wen Ya as the support!"

"The future of the human race will be rewritten in our hands!"

Towards the end, even with Zheng Yuanqi's experience and shrewdness, his eyes could not help but light up as his blood boiled.

He had never thought about it.

He was an old man who had retired a long time ago. One day, he would actually have the chance to come into contact with such a great undertaking!

As long as "He" succeeded in this matter.

Even if it was just a supporting role, in the future "He" was destined to have a pivotal position in human history!

The descendants of the human race in the future would praise His Majesty and their achievements!

At his age, actually, wealth, status, and beauty were not that important anymore.

Leaving his name in history was what he was willing to spend his life pursuing!

This possibility was already in his hands.

How could he not be excited!?