Zhou Zhou was not in a hurry to go down and took his time to admire this beautiful and cold empress.

"He" first sized up the surrounding environment of the Divine Battlefield.

On the huge battlefield, there was a grayish scene that looked like a black-and-white television.

The sky was filled with a thick gray fog filled with death aura and resentment.

The fog rolled endlessly, and from time to time, terrifying fog monsters that looked like ghosts would appear.

Even though there were not many of them, they were all strange and terrifying.

Furthermore, every fog monster had a divine power aura surging from their bodies. Even if they were not comparable to God Spirits, they were much stronger than ordinary Legendary-Tier experts.

This fog monster was naturally not a Scarlet Fog monster, but a fog monster born from the death aura and resentment produced after the death of a God Spirit.

Their expressions were filled with resentment and the will to fight, as if they were filled with resentment towards this world, but they were firmly locked in the fog of this battlefield and could not transcend.

"Even though these monsters formed by death aura and resentment can be much stronger than ordinary Legendary-Tier experts with their divine power,

"But it's only equivalent to an empire-level soldier type."

"The 100,000 Violent Storm Spirits and Yellow Talisman Dao Soldiers I brought should be able to crush these death aura monsters."

Zhou Zhou still had the time to make a judgment.

Even though "His" Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier was also an empire-level soldier type, with the help of the military merit exchange system, "He" had mastered many non-professional skills and even talent abilities.

Therefore, even if their combat strength was inferior to the Divine Kingdom soldier type, they were still much stronger than these deathly aura monsters that could control divine power.

As for the Violent Storm Spirit, even though 1v1 was indeed no match for these death aura monsters, they were the backline damage professions.

Want to kill the Violent Storm Spirit?

Sure, they would pass the Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier test first.

As long as it couldn't pass, the Violent Storm Spirit would be in no danger.

Then, "He" looked at the Lords.

"He" took a look at the Lord of All Races, but he didn't find any powerful high-level bloodline races.

Moreover, among the forces left behind, their strength was very low. Most of them were below the Extraordinary-Tier, and there were only a few above the Extraordinary-Tier.

"Lords of all races with high bloodlines and those above the Extraordinary-Tier level have probably already entered the Divine Battlefield to search for fragments of True God-Tier Divine Artifacts."

"From the looks of it, these Lord of All Races who stayed outside should know that not only will they not be able to obtain the divine artifact fragment after entering, but they might even cause danger for themselves. That's why they stayed outside."

Zhou Zhou did not pay much attention to the Lords of the myriad races. His gaze landed on the local Lords.

However, he realized that most of these local Lord factions were only at the Extraordinary-Tier level. There were only more than 100 Epic-Tier existences in total.

"The local Lords should have entered too." Zhou Zhou thought.

Then, "He" flew down and landed in front of Elizariel.

"Greetings, Your Excellency Common People's Regal." Elizariel said respectfully.

Zhou Zhou sized up Elizariel and smiled.

"Congratulations on your ascension, Your Majesty."

"He" remembered the last time he met Elizariel. At that time, even though Elizariel's strength also gave him an unfathomable feeling, she had indeed not become a God Spirit.

Unexpectedly, they had both become God Spirits when they met again.

"Recently, I traced my bloodline and discussed techniques with my ancestors in my bloodline. I occasionally had some comprehension and advanced to the level of a God Spirit."

"It can't compare to Your Excellency advancing to the legendary Regal rank as a human."

Elizariel didn't feel proud at all. Instead, she said respectfully to Zhou Zhou with a cold expression.

Zhou Zhou looked at "Him" in surprise.

There were very few legacies passed down by Lords.

However, Her Majesty the Empress seemed to have some understanding of the name Regal.

As expected of the original elves, their foundation was indeed not something ordinary races could compare to.

"Is there anything worth paying attention to among the Lords who came this time?" Zhou Zhou smiled and asked.

"Among the Lord factions that came this time, there are three that are worth paying attention to," Elizariel said in a deep voice. "They are the Mustard Moth Empire, the Blood Venomous Insect Empire, and the Ghost Lizard Empire."

"These three empires are all high-level empires, and the empires behind them all have members of the Vopolius Pantheon Group."

"Among them, the True God-Tier behind the Mustard Moth Empire is the True God of Aging and Illness, Vopolius himself."

"Every time the Divine Battlefield opens, 'They' will come to stop us from obtaining the fragments of the True God-Tier Divine Artifacts. The reason for this is because Vopolius is afraid that Your Excellency Octavel will regain the complete True God-Tier Divine Artifacts and launch a counterattack against 'Their' divine system."

"If it weren't for these opposing gods, we would have retrieved this divine artifact fragment for Your Excellency Octavel a long time ago."

"Oh," Zhou Zhou replied.

It seemed that the Elven Empire and the Vopolius Pantheon Group had similar forces. That was why after so many years, the fight for this fragment of the True God-Tier Divine Artifacts had never ended.

Thus, Elizariel found "Him", the person who broke the stalemate, to break the stalemate.

"Your Excellency, are you going to enter the Divine Battlefield later?"

Elizariel asked.

"I naturally have to prepare to enter since I'm here."

Zhou Zhou said indifferently. Then, he asked curiously, "But why did Your Majesty come here personally?"

"Why shouldn't I be, since you're already here?"

Elizariel smiled bitterly.

If one's status was so noble, which God Spirit could compare to this Common People's Regal who had become a Regal among Gods?

Some time ago, the Regal Dragon was probably born because of This Excellency.

Elizariel muttered to herself.

The appearance of the Regal Dragon some time ago had indeed attracted the attention of many super experts.

At that time, "They" had many guesses about the birth of the Regal Dragon and had already suspected that a Regal had probably descended into the world.

Now that the name of the Lord of The Blazing Sun, Common People's Regal, had spread, many existences would probably be like "Him" and guess that the Regal Dragon had been born because of this Lord of The Blazing Sun.

Many thoughts flashed through Elizariel's mind as she said seriously,

"I came here mainly to protect the gods and Legendary-Tier experts who entered the Divine Battlefield and return to the Elven Empire safely."

"Otherwise, they would have already experienced a series of battles in the battlefield of the gods. With injuries on their bodies, once they are exposed to the enemy, it's very likely that they would be ambushed on their way back to the Empire."

"If such a thing really happens, even our Elven Empire will suffer a huge loss."

Zhou Zhou nodded.

That made sense.

The Elven Empire had been preparing to advance to the Divine Kingdom.

It was best to be as steady as possible at this time.

"Can I ask why you took such a huge risk and insisted on taking back such a True God-Tier Intermediate Grade fragment? Is it just because you want to repair the True God-Tier Divine Artifacts?"

"If it's inconvenient for you to say, pretend that This King didn't ask."

Zhou Zhou asked.

"To promote the Elven Empire to a Divine Kingdom."

Elizariel hesitated for a moment before speaking.

Zhou Zhou nodded and did not ask further.

"The Lords of the Original Spirit Race, the Chaos Gods Race, the Shepherds God Race, and other high-level bloodline races have also sent people over, right?" "He" asked.

This was related to the fight for a fragment of a True God-Tier Divine Artifact. It was rare even in the entire High Continent.

As long as these top Bloodline Lords knew, they would definitely send people over.

As expected, Elizariel immediately nodded in affirmation.

"Those top-notch Lords sent their clansmen not long after the Divine Battlefield opened."

When Zhou Zhou heard that, he grinned.

"It's been a long time since I've seen these dear enemies."

"I have to take a good look at how 'They' have improved since The Final Battlefield."

"Don't disappoint me."