After saying that, Zhou Zhou took a deep breath. Immediately after, Elizariel and the other members of the Elven Empire felt Zhou Zhou's aura rapidly decrease. Soon, it fell from the Low-Tier Deity Level Elementary Grade to the Legendary-Tier Advance Grade.

After doing this, Zhou Zhou flew back to the Galaxy and gave an order. Then, the members of the Lord factions watching Zhou Zhou were shocked to see a total of 100,000 Legendary-Tier experts fly out of the Galaxy and fly into the gray fog of the Battlefield of the Gods with Zhou Zhou. In the blink of an eye, they disappeared, as if they had entered another world.

After Zhou Zhou and company disappeared, the various Lord factions fell silent for a while. Then, as if they had been awakened, they began to discuss.

100,000 Legendary-Tier experts!

It was a force that needed to be taken seriously even for an empire-level Lord faction.

"I didn't expect Your Excellency, the Common People's Regal, to have 100,000 Legendary-Tier experts following him."

A beautiful female elf wearing a secret starry sky robe walked over from Elizariel's side.

It was the Astrologer Morton who had failed to monitor Zhou Zhou's movements because of the Void Mask.

"Your Excellency has been famous since the Battle of Demon Flame Sacred Mountain, after defeating the Scarlet Alliance Army."

"Later on, Your Excellency killed three True God-Tiers alone and froze a hundred scarlet God Spirits with one move after becoming a Regal!"

"Your rise has reached an unstoppable stage!"

"With such strength, he naturally has the qualifications to possess these experts." Elizariel said indifferently.

"Common People's Regal… shouldn't have appeared on the High Continent!"

"'He' is already comparable to a true True God-Tier. If a powerhouse of this level interferes in the Lord of All Races Tournament, who can stop 'Him'? 'He' will destroy this Lord of All Races Tournament!"

"Doesn't the Supreme Will care?" Astrologer Morton said indignantly.

"Are you questioning the rules of the Supreme Will with your wisdom?" Elizariel gave Morton a cold look.

"I wouldn't dare!" Morton quivered and quickly lowered her head to apologize.

Elizariel no longer looked at her. She turned around and her gaze landed on the Divine Battlefield in the distance.

"Since His Excellency Common People's Regal can stand here, it means that 'His' growth is within the range of the rules set by the Supreme Will."

"The most terrifying thing is that 'He' is probably one of the few non-True God-level powerhouses in the High Continent who can reasonably use True God-Tier combat power without being punished by the Supreme Will!"

"Unless those few appear, there's probably no one in the High Continent who can restrain 'Him' in terms of individual combat strength."

"The High Continent has become "His" stage."

"None of the Lords of All Races can face 'Him' head-on. Even the most mysterious True Lord is the same."

"The only interesting thing now is whether this Common People's Regal can take the lead in this King of Ten Thousand Kings event."

"You might not be good at completing activities just because you're strong after all."

"This event is not a test of one's strength alone."

"The strength and influence of the Lord is the key to obtaining a high ranking in this event."

"I'm looking forward to it."

"I just don't know if Your Excellency, the Common People's Regal, will still rise rapidly like today when he walks out of the High Continent and participates in the competition of the myriad worlds."


"As soon as he left the High Continent, he was killed by a Master God-Tier existence."

After Elizariel finished muttering to herself, she turned around and walked towards the palace not far away.

Morton heaved a sigh of relief when she saw this.

At this moment, a faint voice sounded beside her ear.

"Morton, jealousy has ignited in your heart. This evil flame will destroy you in the future and implicate my empire."

"You are no longer suitable to be the chief Astrologer of our Elven Empire."

"Hand over your duties to Astrologer Silo, you should rest for a while."

As soon as she finished speaking, Morton's face instantly turned pale, and she almost lost her balance.


A figure flew out of the thick fog and floated in the sky.

It was Zhou Zhou.

"He" looked at the real Divine Battlefield in front of him with a hint of surprise in his eyes.

According to "His" conjecture, as the Divine Battlefield, this should be a bloody battlefield filled with ruins and corpses.

In the end, "He" saw a paradise-like scene.

The grass was long and the orioles were flying, the forest was lush, and all living things were competing for freedom.

All kinds of creatures walked freely on this land filled with vitality.

Abundant promotion energy filled this space. If ordinary life forms cultivated here, they would probably absorb enough promotion energy to advance to the next level before long.

Even if there was a limit to his potential, with the help of the abundant promotion energy here, he could probably easily break through the bottleneck of his potential and reach the next level.

Zhou Zhou took a deep breath and closed his eyes to sense the size of the Divine Battlefield. Then, he opened his eyes and muttered,

"A super continent with a diameter of 90 million kilometers…"

"That's right. With such a large area and this unbelievably abundant promotion energy, this must be the territory of the High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade region…"

"It turns out that back then, the two god organizations fought until both sides suffered heavy losses. In the end, they still couldn't take down this territory. Instead, a fragment of intelligent life from the True God-Tier Divine Artifacts benefited from it."

"I'm afraid that the many corpses of the gods that died back then have also contributed greatly to the ecological evolution here."

"Really…" "He" chuckled.

He could only say that it was interesting.

"He" waved "His" right hand, and 100,000 Legendary-Tier soldiers were moved out of "His" inner world. They stood neatly in front of "Him" and floated in the air.

"Start searching in all directions. Search for the locations of all the Lord factions and the most important pseudo-True God-Tier divine artifact intelligent life forms."

"Send a message to This King through the army interface if you find them. Don't be afraid when you encounter danger that you can't fight against." Zhou Zhou said.

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

The 100,000 Legendary-Tier experts said respectfully in unison, their voices shaking the world.

Zhou Zhou acknowledged.

The next second, the 100,000 Legendary-Tier experts disappeared.

When Zhou Zhou saw this, he did not follow suit. Instead, he sat cross-legged in the void and placed his hands on the Regal Sacred Dao Sword. He closed his eyes and meditated quietly.

After a while, Zhou Zhou opened his eyes and a faint smile appeared on his lips.

"Indeed, this so-called Divine Battlefield can't restrict my Lord Rules at all."

"I can still display the normal Low-Tier Deity Level Elementary Grade strength here. I don't have to worry about being expelled from the mystic realm by the repulsive force of this domain."

"That makes sense also."

"How can there be a subject who restricts the emperor's path?"

"Wouldn't that be treason?" The corners of Zhou Zhou's lips curled up.

At that moment, after "He" knew that "He" could use True God-Tier-level means normally, "He" immediately felt more confident.

However, "He" did not recover his strength as a Low-Tier Deity Level Elementary Grade. Instead, "He" continued to walk in this High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade area with the superficial strength of a Legendary-Tier Advance Grade.

He quietly watched the changes in the wind and clouds.