In the Divine Battlefield, just as Zhou Zhou entered.

The Original Spirit Race team led by the True Lord also arrived.

The True Lord, who was wearing a silver-gray space-time robe and exuding space-time law fluctuations, was leading 16 members of the Original Spirit Race who were exuding various laws and flying at high speed on this land.

"Edith, how far are we from the Spiritual Maiden?"

The True Lord asked.

Not far behind "Him", even though Edith's strength was only at the Epic-Tier Elementary Grade,"He" was already the God of Mysteries and Divination. Upon hearing this, "He" immediately gathered tens of thousands of believers in "His" inner world and set up a large-scale Nine-Character Divination Mystery Array to begin divination.

Soon, "He" opened his eyes.

"His" voice was crisp and pleasant as he said respectfully, "Your Majesty, the Spiritual Maiden has already escaped into the body of a Spiritual Jade Deer 20 million kilometers away. She is currently grazing."

"However, if we continue to chase like this, the other party might very well move to another place through the means of the Master God-Tier such as the Divine Realm like before."

"Your Majesty, even if you use the Spacetime Path again, the other party will probably be able to escape again."

The True Lord frowned slightly.

"He" had immediately divined the location of the intelligent life form, a pseudo-True God-Tier divine artifact, through Edith since "They" arrived at this Divine Battlefield last night.

Then, they immediately went over and quickly met with the pseudo-True God-Tier divine artifact intelligent life form called Spiritual Maiden.

Even though the True Lord did not have the secret treasure in Zhou Zhou's hands that could reduce the Spiritual Maiden's strength,

"They" were from the Original Spirit Race. "They" had created a unique treasure that countered the Spiritual Maiden alone.

After a series of battles, the Spiritual Maiden fled in defeat while they pursued her.

In the end, this Spiritual Maiden was indeed the owner of this Divine Realm. She could almost teleport to any place in this Divine Realm.

In addition, "He" had created countless life forms over the past tens of thousands of years to cover "Him." They were actually helpless against this fellow for the time being.

"There's no other way. Looks like I have to pay a price and use a nomological secret technique to catch that guy."

"We have to capture this incomplete True God-Tier Divine Artifacts intelligent life form as soon as possible."

"This Spirit Nurturing Stone Seed is a True God-Tier Divine Artifact of the Law of Life. It will play a vital role in the creation and derivation of life in our internal world as long as we can obtain it."

"In the future, when we become Gods, we will also have a large number of strong believers." The True Lord said.

Most importantly, "He" had to subdue this fragment of the True God-Tier Divine Artifacts before that person arrived. Otherwise, once that person arrived, "They" would have no choice but to give up.

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

The other Original Spirit Race members said respectfully.

Just as the Lord was about to use his nomological secret technique to hunt down the Spiritual Maiden again…

The other Original Spirit Race member, whose name was the God of Space and Sealing, seemed to have received some news. His expression suddenly changed.

"He" immediately said to the True Lord,

"Your Majesty, I just received news that the Lord of The Blazing Sun has arrived outside the Divine Battlefield. He has already led 100,000 Legendary-Tier soldiers into the Divine Battlefield."

The expressions of the Original Spirit Race members immediately turned ugly.

"Your Majesty, we have to hurry. We have to subdue that intelligent life form of the True God-Tier Divine Artifacts before that human finds us."

Another Original Spirit Race member said.

"It's too late." Edith murmured.

"He" looked at the distant horizon.

A figure gradually condensed into a handsome human man in the Emperor Dragon Robe who was about to hang four divine weapons.

It was Zhou Zhou.

"He" looked at the Original Spirit Race before his gaze landed on the True Lord.

"True Lord—Adam, long time no see?" Zhou Zhou smiled, "His" voice was deep, dignified, and magnetic.

A terrifying aura that seemed to be able to suppress everything and suppress the heavens silently spread throughout this space, causing all the Original Spirit Race members present to feel a huge pressure.

Other than the True Lord, all the members of the Original Spirit Clan looked at this man in horror.

Originally, they looked down on the other party as a human with an inferior bloodline since they were a member of the Original Spirit Clan born as a World God.

Even if the other party later surpassed them and even became a Regal, "They" were very unwilling to believe that it was an achievement that a human could achieve. It must have been obtained through dishonorable methods.

However, looking at the Regal standing there and giving them supreme pressure, no matter how unwilling they were to believe it, they had to admit that this man from the human race in front of them might have reached a height and achievement that they would never be able to reach in their lives.

Compared to the other members of the Original Spirit Race, the True Lord who was also very surprised by Zhou Zhou's appearance at first quickly calmed down.

"Your Excellency Regal." "He" said respectfully.

Zhou Zhou smiled and nodded. Then, he sized up the original Spirit Race members and raised his eyebrows slightly.

"Past Dharmakaya?"

"Your Excellency, you have good eyesight." Adam nodded. "I knew that even if we mobilized all of us, we wouldn't be a match for Your Majesty, so I used this Space-Time Law Skill and used our original Past Dharmakaya to explore this Divine Battlefield for the current situation."

"From the looks of it, I didn't master this Law Skill for nothing."

"A Past Dharmakaya…" Zhou Zhou sighed. "This is a Space-Time Law Skill that can only be grasped at the True God-Tier level. You're only at the Legendary-Tier Elementary Grade now, but you've already grasped such a Law Skill in advance."

"Coupled with the Exile the World you used previously which reverses time and space, your attainments in the nomological laws of space and time are probably not comparable to some True God-Tier, right?"

"No wonder I heard from Yuan Cong that you ascended to the position of the Original Spirit Race's Supreme Holy Son from the day you were born."

"You're indeed talented."

If I hadn't appeared out of nowhere, you would probably be the most likely Lord to obtain the position of Lord of All Races in this Lord of All Races Competition." Zhou Zhou nodded and praised.

When "He" saw through Adam's Space-Time Law Skill, "He" knew that "He" couldn't do anything to them.

This was because these Original Spirit Race beings in front of them were not the true bodies of the Original Spirit Race at all. They were only their Past Dhammakaya.

Even though death would also affect their strength to a certain extent, it would not hurt their foundation at all.

Adam didn't say anything.

They were all Lords of the myriad races participating in the battle for supremacy, but this fellow commented on "Him" with a condescending attitude and even praised "Him" for his peerless talent…

Usually, only powerful seniors or seniors in the clan had the right to say such words.

However, not only did the True Lord not feel that something was wrong, he even felt a little happy.

This was because the other party was indeed qualified to judge "His" talent and strength.

He was already a Common People's Regal that was comparable to a True God-Tier after all.

"He" didn't even have the right to say that "He" was arrogant.

"Thank you for your compliment, Your Excellency." The True Lord said respectfully.

"He" even had to thank him!

"Then I'll send you off first." Zhou Zhou smiled and said.

Then, "He" pushed out "His" right hand. In the next second, "He" saw a nomological palm that was like the starry sky, containing endless stars, descending from the sky and covering the True Lord and the other Original Spirit Race beings.

The True Lord had a bad premonition upon hearing that.

When the Myriad Methods Star Palm descended from the sky, the True Lords' expressions suddenly changed. They never expected that this Excellency would still attack them even if they were only Past Dhammakaya?

Isn't it just a matter of a word from you if you want us to leave this place? Why do you have to be so determined?!

Does he want us to suffer the losses after our Past Dharmakaya died?

The losses are not something we are willing to bear though…

In the blink of an eye, these thoughts flashed through their minds. Then, all kinds of nomological fluctuations erupted from their bodies, emitting all kinds of Law Skills that bombarded the Myriad Methods Star Palm.

However, what made them feel disbelief and despair was…

The Law Skill that they regarded as their ultimate move was actually useless in front of this majestic palm that was like the starry sky.

Not only was it unable to break the attack, the power of the laws in their attacks had even fused into the star palm, increasing its power.

"This is the Lord's Law?!" This was the only thought in the True Lord's mind before he died before his clansmen and "Him" perished.