In the sky, Zhou Zhou raised his right hand and looked at his palm that was like a starry sky. The dozen or so Divine Kingdom stars had become much brighter, especially the Divine Kingdom stars that represented the Law of Time and the Law of Space. When they became especially bright, the corners of his mouth curled up into a smile.

"Even though I couldn't take down these Original Spirit Race beings… but since they made my Myriad Methods Star Palm a little stronger, I can be considered to have gained something."

Zhou Zhou put down his palm and looked at where the True Lords were previously.

"His" gaze was faint.

In fact, even if the True Lords' main bodies were here, Zhou Zhou did not intend to take their lives. At most, he would use Incite Defection to incite one or two Original Spirit Race members to become his subordinates.

And even though this outcome did not meet "His" expectations, Zhou Zhou wasn't too disappointed.

If "He" was weak, one or two Primordial Spirit clansmen might have made "He" very excited.

But now, "He" already had countless capable people under "Him". "He" could also use his various Lord Talents, divine artifacts, Book of The God Spirit, Hero Inheritance, and other treasures to create talented people with high potential.

Therefore, even if "He" added a few more subordinates of the Original Spirit Race, "He" wouldn't be too excited.

"We can't kill the True Lords yet."

"'He' is the supreme Holy Son of the Original Spirit Race. He is the Original Spirit Race's greatest hope in fighting for the Lord of All Races. If I kill 'Him', it will be equivalent to wiping out the Original Spirit Race's fantasy of the Lord of All Races."

"At that time, once 'They' go crazy, I won't be able to withstand the attack of this number one race in the Endless Heavens."

"I wouldn't be surprised even if this Original Spirit Race invited a Master God-Tier to kill me or even use a Supreme God Realm technique to kill me after all."

"Even if it's a punishment from the Supreme Will, the Original Spirit Race probably has a way to resist it." Zhou Zhou thought to himself.

"He" didn't want to face the pressure of the number one race in the myriad worlds for the time being.

Therefore, the True Lord could not die for the time being.

At the very least, he couldn't die at "His" hands.

Let's keep "He" alive first and let the enemy feel that "He" wasn't that threatening.

In any case, the True Lords were no longer a threat to him. They would not be able to catch up to him even if he kept them.

Zhou Zhou understood that with "Him" becoming a God Spirit, "His" true enemy was no longer the Lord of all races.

Instead, it was the civilization of the races and even the races behind the Lords of all races!

Unless he had the confidence to arm wrestle with these guys, otherwise, it would be better for him to develop silently for the time being.

Of course, it was not a problem for him to be a king among the Lords of All Races.

Just like just now, the True Lords did not even have the intention to fight him.

That was enough for now.

Then, "He" didn't stay any longer. "He" released "His" Divine Spark from "His" glabella. In the blink of an eye, "He" covered an area of more than a thousand kilometers.

"He" quickly discovered that some Lord factions were within the range of "His" Spiritual Force.

Among these Lord factions, there were Lord factions of all races and local Lord factions. However, "He" didn't fancy any of them, so "He" wasn't interested in looking for "Them."

Zhou Zhou, who had not found his target, was not discouraged. He flew directly southeast.

"He" had two Incite Defections today, so "He" was prepared to use them on these high-level bloodline races.

As for the pseudo-True God-Tier divine artifact intelligent life form, which was the Spiritual Maiden that the True Lord had mentioned, Zhou Zhou wasn't in a hurry to find "Him."

In any case, the Divine Battlefield was already in "His" hands.

Even if the Spiritual Maiden was found by other Lord factions and that fragment of the True God-Tier Divine Artifacts was taken away, Zhou Zhou was confident that he could take it back.

A moment later…

Zhou Zhou hid in the sky and looked at the group of lifeforms more than 300 kilometers away.

Their figures were in the form of terrifying black beasts, surrounded by dark chaotic airflow. After the abundant natural energy in the Divine Realm approached these black beasts, it was actually engulfed and absorbed by the chaotic airflow, making their strength aura steadily stronger.

"Chaos Beast… No, it should be called the Chaos Gods Race now."

"Back then, before the Chaos was divided, these wild beasts that the Chaos Humans hunted as prey actually became the peak race of the Endless Heavens."

"As for the Chaos Humans, they were nearly extinct."

"Humans have also become a race with lower-middle bloodlines." Zhou Zhou sighed.

If the Chaos Humans could be passed down to this day, they would definitely be a top bloodline race comparable to the Original Spirit Race.

Even if the current humans who came from the same lineage as the Chaos Humans could not be as glorious as the Chaos Humans, they would at least not be in danger of being exterminated at all times like now. Now, they could only retreat to the Primordial World when they encountered powerful enemies.

Then, "He" stopped thinking about it and looked at the Chaos Beasts and realized that "They" seemed to be searching for traces of the Spiritual Maiden. However, the clues had been cut off, so "They" were resting here.

"Very good."

"It's not a Past Dharmakaya or any other substitute technique. It's her true body."

"That's convenient."

Zhou Zhou smiled.

"He" placed "His" right hand in the Sword Of New Dimension Creation and tapped gently.

An invisible Spatiotemporal Region suddenly spread out and surrounded Zhou Zhou, hiding all traces of "His" aura.

Following that, "He" condensed a Chaos Spear in the Spatiotemporal Region and threw it gently. The Chaos Spear shot straight at the other party.

At the same time, the place where the Chaos Gods Race was resting.

A three-legged Golden Crow with three legs and a pitch-black body that emitted golden light was floating in the Chaos Gods Race with its eyes closed. At the same time, it was releasing its perception to search for the Spiritual Maiden.

It was the Great One Lord of the Chaos God Race!

At this moment, "He" was also pondering as "He" surveyed "His" surroundings.

"The Subjects outside have already told me that the Common People's Regal has also come to the Divine Battlefield."

"I have to obtain the True God-Tier Divine Artifacts fragment of the Spirit Nurturing Stone Seed before 'He' does."

"A divine artifact fragment of this level is considered a good resource even for me."

At this moment…


A Chaos Spear descended from the sky and shot towards "His" face.

After seeing this Chaos Spear, the Great One Lord's face revealed obvious fear.

A fear that seemed to come from the depths of "His" bloodline suddenly surfaced in "His" heart.

"The Chaos Spear Technique!" "He" cried out in horror.

"He" immediately spat out his intrinsic true fire—the True Sun Fire—in a panic, wanting to burn the Chaos Spear.

In the end, when "His" True Sun Fire landed on the Chaos Spear, not only did it not burn it, but it also made it look sharper on the surface. Its power had clearly increased.

When the Great One Lord saw this scene, his heart could not help but turn cold and tremble.

That's right.

Only the Chaos Spear Technique of the Chaotic Human Race from the Chaotic Era could restrain the intrinsic spells of the Chaos Gods Race.

Almost half of the offensive spells created by the Chaos Humans were specially created to kill the Chaos Gods Race after all.

It might not have this effect on other races but it was a force to be reckoned with against their Chaos Gods Race!

"Regardless of whether you're using the Chaos Spear Technique cast by the Chaos Humans, we're no longer the Chaos Beasts of the past!"

The Great One Lord let out an angry roar, followed by a sharp cry. Thousands of stars appeared around "He" and slowly revolved around the phantom of the supreme star above "His" head, the Sun Star.

The next second, tens of thousands of stars actually reversed the rhythm of the rotation and began to spin in other chaotic directions.

The supreme law of the stars—Star Defying Deflection!

The Chaos Spear that was enveloped in thousands of stars actually became unstable and seemed to fly in other directions.

Zhou Zhou, who was in the Spatiotemporal Region, raised his brows slightly when he saw this. However, he did not do anything and only watched this scene quietly.

"Don't underestimate my Chaos Spear Technique." "He" said softly.

At the same time, the Great One Lord was delighted when he saw this. He immediately spat out a mouthful of blood essence and scattered it in the starry sky.

"His" blood essence contained the powerful power of the Star Laws. After landing in the starry sky, "He" immediately increased the power of the Law Skill, Star Defying Deflection.

However, at this moment, the power of this Chaos Spear Technique suddenly increased strangely again. It actually broke through the restraints of the starry sky and shot straight at one of the Great One Lord's black bird feet, shattering it and disappearing.

After the Great One Lord lost a foot, the aura on his body immediately weakened greatly.

"He" looked at his disappearing bird feet in disbelief. "He" couldn't accept the fact that "He" hadn't blocked the spear.

Could the Chaos Gods Race be still unable to escape the fate of being hunted down by the Chaos Humans after so many years?

They were clearly much stronger than before.

At this moment, a faint voice sounded in "His" ears.

"As a descendant of the Beast of Primordial Chaos, you have indeed improved compared to your ancestors."

"It's a pity that the improvement is not so much."

When the Great One Lord heard this, his expression immediately froze.

In the sky, in the Spatiotemporal Region.

Zhou Zhou looked at the notification in front of him that the Incite Defection had succeeded. He smiled and turned to leave.

These Chaos Beasts were already powerful. Just like the Original Spirit Race, they could not be moved easily for the time being.

He would first plant some spies and learn about the internal intelligence of this group of Chaos Beasts through them.

To the current Zhou Zhou, a living Beast of Primordial Chaos was more valuable than a dead one.