The Great One Lord still looked around in horror, afraid that the mysterious Chaos Human had not left even after Zhou Zhou left.

It was only when the surrounding Chaos Gods Race members were alarmed and ran over to ask what had happened that "He" hid the panic in his heart and said with a dark expression,

"A powerful enemy attacked me just now."

"The other party is powerful and is suspected to be a Chaos Human recorded in our ancestor's bloodline inheritance."

"Let's not stay here any longer."

"Let's leave this Divine Battlefield."

In the end, even though the Great One Lord was extremely unwilling, he could only make this decision.

The fragments of the True God-Tier Divine Artifacts might be rare, but they were not as important as "He" himself.

"He" was an existence that was about to become the Lord of All Races. "He" could not die here just because of a fragment of a True God-Tier Divine Artifact.

Furthermore, "He" had a guess in his heart that "He" didn't dare believe.

According to the information "He" had obtained, the Lord of The Blazing Sun, who was also the Common People's Regal, was suspected to be the possessor of the Chaos Human bloodline.

If one were to make a bold guess, the unknown Chaos Human who had attacked "Him" might be the Lord of The Blazing Sun himself.

If "His" bold conjecture was true, then "He" had even more reason to leave.

The Chaos Human might not necessarily have to kill "Him" even if it existed.

However, if it was as "He" suspected, that the Chaos Human was the Common People's Regal who was also a Lord of all races, the possibility of attacking "Him" would undoubtedly increase greatly.

The Great One Lord still knew himself well. "He" knew that he definitely could not deal with the Common People's Regal, who already had the combat power of a True God-Tier.

Therefore, no matter what, "He" had to leave this place.

"Chaos Human!?"

When the Chaos Gods Race heard that, their expressions changed slightly.

Some of the Chaos Gods Race members revealed looks of fear, some of them revealed looks of hatred, and some of them were unconvinced and looked like they wanted to fight…

It had been too long since the Chaotic Era.

Currently, the Chaos Gods were still afraid of the Chaos Humans due to their bloodline inheritance.

However, if they did not experience the era of being hunted, they would not realize how terrifying the Chaos Humans were.

The Great One Lord could tell what "He" was thinking at a glance.

"He" snorted coldly and pointed at his broken foot that was slowly recovering. "He" said coldly,

"The other party killed me with a single strike of the Chaos Flying Spear."

"Do you think you're stronger than me?"

"If 'He' can slash my foot with a Chaos Spear, he can shatter your Chaos Divine Spark with a single strike!"

"Hurry up and retreat!"

Towards the end, there was already some anger in the Great One Lord's voice.

"He" no longer had any reverence for them after being a peak race for so many years.

The Great One Lord, who was familiar with the rise and fall of many races, naturally knew that this was the beginning of the decline of the race.

As a Great One Lord who was determined to lead the Chaos Gods Race to the top of the myriad races, he had to wake them up.


The Chaos Gods Race finally did not dare to be negligent seeing the broken leg of their emperor and feeling his anger. They quickly packed up their base and prepared to leave the Divine Battlefield as quickly as possible.

"I have to ask the clan when I get back."

"Are there any signs of the Chaos Humans making a comeback recently?"

"Sigh, how troublesome."

"Our ancestors should have exterminated these Chaos Humans back then!"

The Great One Lord muttered.

Even though there were rumors that the Chaos Humans had already gone extinct among the top bloodline races, as an old enemy of the Chaos Humans, "They" actually knew that even though the Chaos Humans were almost extinct, there were still some direct descendants who lived in the myriad worlds in another form.

They had once tried to exterminate them, but how could the Chaos humans who could survive the changes of the era be so easily found and killed?

"They" tried a few times, but after returning empty-handed, they gradually gave up on this move.

In any case, the Chaos Humans were already extinct to the point where they could no longer be considered a race. They were no longer a threat to "Them".

At the same time, what the Great One Lord did not notice was:

Not far away, more than 10 Chaos Gods Race beings were pretending to tidy up their base while listening to what "He" was saying.

After hearing the Great One Lord's muttering, their eyes revealed strange expressions. Then, they continued to tidy up the base.

In the sky more than 50,000 kilometers away.

Zhou Zhou, who was flying, looked at the text notification in front of him.

[Prompt: You have activated your Lord's exclusive talent, Incite Defection!]

[Incite Defection has taken effect!]

[Lord Talent Notification: A total of eight Diamond-Tier Chaos Gods Race members and four Extraordinary-Tier Chaos Gods Race members have betrayed their lord's faction and become your loyal subordinates!]

"He" nodded slightly in his heart.

He had Incite Defectioned 12 Chaos Gods Race beings at once!

Zhou Zhou remembered that there were only about 30 Chaos Gods Race beings around the Great One Lord.

This wave directly incited half of the Chaotic Gods to join Incite Defection.

Great One Lord…

Don't sleep too soundly in the future!

Zhou Zhou thought maliciously.

Just as "He" was about to search for his next target, "He" suddenly heard something and raised his brows slightly.

"The Chaos Humans are not extinct? There are still bloodlines left behind?"

"He" muttered.

Then, a smile appeared on his face.

He did not expect the Chaos Gods Race to send him such important news after he had just Incite Defection.

"When I have time in the future, I can ask Bodhi Supreme where the Chaos Human bloodline is now."

"With my identity as a Chaos human, I might be able to pull them over to be my helpers." Zhou Zhou thought.

Then, "He" continued to search for other high-level bloodline races.

A moment later…

Zhou Zhou, who was about to continue flying to an area that had not been searched, suddenly froze and turned to look in the east.

An emerald-green divine light soared into the sky, dyeing the surrounding hundreds of kilometers green.

In the green light, there were billions of life forms crying out in unison, as if they were angry about something…

"This is… the aura of True God-Tier Divine Artifacts…"

"Looks like the Spirit Nurturing Stone Seed has been discovered."

Without any hesitation, Zhou Zhou changed directions and flew rapidly towards the emerald green light.

On a huge grassland,

a tall and beautiful jellyfish-like creature with dazzling colors floated in the air.

"He" was the Myriad Spirit Race's Lord—the Spiritual Venerable Lord—who was currently ranked fifth on the faction points leaderboard, second only to the three peak races and Zhou Zhou!

Behind "Him", a group of strange life forms that looked strange but had their own unique charms followed "Him" respectfully.

It was the Spiritual Venerable Lord's Subject of the Myriad Spirit Race.

Among them were the spirits of the mountains, the spirits of nature, the spirits of the totems, the spirits of the stars…

The Spirit Race could also be called the Myriad Spirit Race.

They were nurtured in the myriad substances of the world, even in illusory concepts. They could only be born after experiencing countless years or various miracles.

For example, the mountain that had experienced tens of thousands of years, the spirit of the mountain that was born…

For example, the mountain that had experienced tens of thousands of years, the spirit of the mountain that was born…

For example, the magnificent clouds that gathered in the distance at dusk, the spirit of the purple mist that was born…

For example, on the battlefield of Sword Principle, it inadvertently absorbed the sword intent of countless Sword Principle experts and gave birth to the spirit of the sword grass…

They had no parents. They were born from the accumulation and precipitation of the spirituality of all things in the world, so they called themselves the Spirit Race.

Many Spirit Race beings gathered together and became the Myriad Spirit Race.

And this Spiritual Venerable Lord was even more extraordinary.

If there were other Myriad Spirit Race beings, they would be the representatives of all kinds of spirituality in the world.

In that case, a Spiritual Venerable Lord was a spirit born from the concept of spirituality. Their status was comparable to the Son of Law!

Therefore, "He" had used the name "Spiritual Venerable" from the moment "He" was born.

He was even protected and doted on by the various experts of the Myriad Spirit Race. Not long after he was born, he was conferred the title of the young patriarch of the Myriad Spirit Race. After that, he was secretly appointed as the future patriarch of the Myriad Spirit Race!

At this moment, the patriarch of the Ten Thousand Spirit Race was holding a young girl in an emerald green dress in both hands. She held an emerald green fruit basket in her hand and had an emerald green head scarf tied around her head.

It was a pseudo-True God-Tier divine artifact intelligent life form—the Spiritual Maiden!

The Spiritual Maiden had fallen into a deep sleep because of the Spiritual Venerable Lord.